Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 14

The Prodigal

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2008 on Syfy

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  • WOW! That was the best episode when comes to action. The action was fast pace and I couldn't take my eyes off the TV. I felt like I was watching a mini movie.

    OMG! That was sooooooo good! Lots of action! Love it! I love Rodney and John racing the RC cars. Very cute. But....the action with Michael and his hybrids invading Atlantis....was just.....WOW! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The stun shield (or.....stun bubble ) was genius. I loved the fight with Ronon and Michael. Awesome! When Ronon fell....I screamed.

    Then.....Michael wanting to take Teyla's child.....and threatening to blow up Atlantis. I truly believed that Michael was gonna take Teyla's child.

    Then.......OMG.....the fight on the ledge with Michael and John. That was just intense. Then....I love how Teyla showed up to John.....and then....shoved Michael off the edge. So......Michael is......dead. WOW!
  • Great episode. I love the episodes where we see a foothold situation. Always exciting.

    This episode was especially exciting for me since i always thought Michael was a good villain. I thought they let him go a little to easy.. i mean i was atleast expecting him to take someone out with him but the part where tayla forced him to his fall was very dramatic and emotional since he had always been closer to her. You almost feel bad for him during his last remaining moments. But they didnt actually show him die or anything and it looked like he was heading towards water.. so if this wasnt the last season (makes me horribly sad) i bet he would come back. This episode was awsome though it had everything that makes Stargate what it is. Comedy (which there was quite a bit of with mckay this time haha and him and sheppard like always) througout the episode, plenty of action, very good scenery and effects, Ronin kickin some butt and then getting owned. Dont cancel this show damnit! >< Or atleast keep it going with dvd movies like sg-1
  • And so ends another storyline.

    Finally!! Michael is dead! One of the biggest pains in the a** of Atlantis is gone for good. I really like the idea of Michael dying in Atlantis, where everything began. To be honest I didn't expect that this will happen - every minute of the episode I thought that he will escape: when he and his hybrids went down to the jumper I thought that they will escape and when Teyla had to choose whether to step on Michael's fingers or to save him, I was afraid that she will help him...but thank God she ended it once and for all.

    Connor Trinneer did a wonderful job portraying Michael. But all villains must pay the price for the evil they have done. Rest in peace Michael...
  • See Summary

    The Prodigal was a fitting title for this episode of Stargate Atlantis. In this episode we saw the return of Michael, the Wraith-Human Hybrid that Beckett had initially created. Thought to have been destroyed with his hive ship, Michael took Atlantis by surprise. It was interesting to see the different uses of technology we've recently encountered. Teyla is a mother lioness and really kicks it when she needs too. Michael was very scary looking, almost reminding me of Azazel or Yellow Eyes from Supernatural. He came to take Terron, Teyla's Baby. In the end he did not succeed and Teyla saw to it that he will never threaten her child, herself, or Atlantis ever again. This episode was packed with action, and we saw some key growth in the characters.
  • Entertaining episode!

    While there were plot holes, this was an entertaining episode! The return, and the conclusion of the Michael saga, which fittingly ends on Atlantis and with Teyla finishing him off. Here are some thoughts:

    Nice fight scenes between Michael and Ronon, and then with Michael and Sheppard and Teyla with a great view on the edge. Also, Sharon Taylor can really fight!

    There were difficult choices for Sheppard and Teyla, with Sheppard doing a kamikaze run and Teyla potentially sacrificing Atlantis.

    Michael shows once more what he's capable of - shutting down all of Atlantis' power. And yet again, another area-wide wraith stunner weapon was used - they have to figure out a way to neutralize it!

    Great interaction and banter throughout - Sheppard/McKay car scene and suicide decision, Ronon/Woolsey, Teyla/Michael, McKay/Zelenka.

    Ronon's mission report was succinct!

    Zelenka was useful again, which was good to see.

    Overall, a nice and entertaining episode!
  • Great ending for great storyline

    Oh, Michael has been a very influential char who has accomplished much and most of that is bad but that doesn't make the storyline worse - it has been always action packed, exciting episodes and this one is not a different - Michael does something that we think is impossible - he takes over the control of Atlantis all to get Teyla's child. So this can be said is Teyla's episode as she does have some really hard decisions and when Michael arms self destruction, what she decides... and the end, she having the final blows and revenge. I think she was worth it.

    And we have some fun moments between McKay and Sheppard.. all those stairs.. and two years not fixed jumpers.. and Zelenka.. I most say this episode had spending chars around, doing what they all do best..
  • A good episode but a few plot holes

    Now; I do love this show and really wish they weren't canceling it, but there are a few things I just don't get with this episode. The return of Michael and how it was done was very cool. I'd say they're milking the stun grenade/stick deal a bit; Todd just pulled the same in First Contact.
    What my problem is; if you plan to blow all of Atlantis up anyway, why not just kill everyone to begin with? The stun grenade could've been set to kill and a lot of their problems would've been solved. It could've been remedied by just having the group stunned, not moved and disarmed. Perhaps something to do with a time constraint, have Woolsey and Ronin separated by the "Stun bubble". Instead Michael's people took the time to relocate them, just so they could die later
    when the self-destruct was armed. Why not just kill them where they fell. Other than the show needing it's characters that is.
    Ultimately the battle with Shephard and Michael on the Tower and Teyla's factoring into it was cool. Though I know I'd have a team searching for a body until it was found.
  • Predictable plot, better characterization

    Despite my reaction to the season premiere, I'm not sure I was ever convinced that Michael was dead. I think it was more a reaction to the notion that he was being treated as dead again; I liked him better as an active villain. This episode demonstrates why Michael is such a potent adversary, especially in the wake of the previous episode.

    One item that Team Atlantis could not defend themselves against during the Coalition "trial" was Michael's creation and subsequent reign of terror. Michael never would have existed without the ill-advised experiments on Atlantis, after all, and while it's hard to say that they dropped the ball on taking Michael down given their efforts, they bear some responsibility for his subsequent actions.

    Michael manages to take over Atlantis (as so many others have) for the purpose of abducting Teyla's child so he can continue his work. The plot doesn't get much more complicated than that. Sheppard and McKay work to find a way to counter Michael's control of Atlantis' systems, Ronon attempts a more straightforward counterattack, and Teyla desperately tries to keep her conveniently quiet child out of Michael's clutches.

    In other words, the story is quite predictable. There's even a moment where Teyla tries to hide from Michael, scrambles into the functional equivalent of a closet, and the baby makes the requisite cooing noises. And of course, it's the only time the baby makes those noises in the entire episode! It couldn't be more of a cliché, and that's the problem with 90% of the episode.

    Thankfully, there are some shining moments. Michael wants Teyla to understand his motivations, but he has serious drawbacks in his moral justifications. It's fascinating to watch him struggle with the notion that Teyla doesn't see that he's the victim, and that he's doing the right thing. And of course, he fails at every chance to show true compassion or mercy, which simply underscores the threat that he has become.

    Which makes it that much better for Teyla to make the decision that Michael must die. Michael spoke to the fact that Teyla had been the most compassionate member of the team during his time with them, and it comes full circle when she makes the choice to kill him. It's played as the brutal choice of a mother protecting her son, but this calls back to her initial role as the "warrior queen". Teyla doesn't wear the stylish leather bustiers for nothing.

    So, surprisingly, the character aspects of the episode made up for the lack in the plot. I'm not sure Michael is dead this time either (he is resilient, after all), but if he is, perhaps it's for the best if he is. With the end of the series swiftly approaching, there's nothing wrong with tying up the loose ends. And, as Teyla mentioned in the episode, without Michael, there's always someone else waiting in the wings.
  • not that good

    So, first off, I really hate Michael and all of his story lines. I'm pissed off they decided to bring him back again. Second, I don't really like Teyla and I hate her baby story lines so...naturally...I didn't like this episode. However, it was bearable. The action scenes were pretty good and there was some good humor... The story was just average. Even if it was about Michael or Teyla, it's classic someone taking over Atlantis and the gateroom and everyone else trying to find a way to stop them. It wasn't original at all. Overall, not a good episode and I hope Michael is gone for good.
  • Why do all the bad guys like to stun people, and all the good guys like to kill people?

    Seriously, this episode had more holes in it than a termite colony.

    Last I checked, Michael is a bad guy, so why didn't he just kill everyone in the gateroom when he arrived, rather then put them in a room with a poorly locked door and just assume they won't try to escape?

    I mean come on, he wanted to blow up Atlantis. So clearly making people suffer wasn't high on his agenda, since an explosion of that magnitude would kill anyone before they had a chance to feel any pain. If he had killed all those people rather than do the bad guy standard of just stun them, his chances of winning would have been almost a certainty.

    Teyla wouldn't have gotten away due to Ronon's interference and thus Michael wouldn't have been delayed and they most likely would have escaped.

    Also explain to me how the destruction of the jumper turned off the self destruct system, when there was never a mention of any link between the two and infact it was the main console in the gate room that was hacked by hand, not through the jumper's systems?

    On another point, if you look closely you can see that Teyla was running with her baby before the remote controlled cars got in her way at the beginning of the show. Not sure if that is a particularly good 'mum' moment right there.

    In summary this was a pathetically written episode, where once again the bad guys don't like to kill anyone, they just talk about it. Whilst the good guys like to chase unarmed people down corridors shooting at them with oversized guns, before stepping on their fingers whilst they dangle over very high buildings.

    Bad guys do the later...not the good guys.

    In my mind, the 'Atlanteans' as they call themselves are the true bad guys in this series and you only need to watch how they have treated the replicators over the series to see this in action. They betray their trust and lock them in a time bubble, lie to them constantly, betraying every one that has ever attempted to pursue peace. Then they finally wipe out the entire species by destroying their planet.

  • Painfull so painful

    Season 5 episode 14
    I hope that is the last time we will See Michel.
    Wery boring episode i turnd to a nother chanel boring.
    I know this si the last season of stargate atlantis but come on u can do bether than this bad writing every thing was just bad in this episode.
    One gir know kikboxing the only thing was Ronan said ggod to know. Way not have her to help in the kkontrollroom.
    I realy hop that next episodes that remains of stargate atlantis go oute with a boom.
    I am realy sad to say that Stargate Atlantis is on its last season but if the rest of the episodes is the same. Then its god it is the last season.

    Sorry my speling ( Talking is one thing but writing is a nother )