Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 8

The Queen

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 12, 2008 on Syfy

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  • The best episode about wraith.

    So the wraith might not be defeated. But they might be cured of their need to feed! As Michael said: It will be the downfall of the wraith (not destruction). I really hope that this is exactly how the Wraith storyline will end.
    Now more about the episode itself: Teyla looked very cool as a queen though her chin was a bit funny. Then - Apollonia Vanova was THE best looking wraith queen EVER. It's a shame that she had less than 5 minutes in this episode. Also "Todd" was great as always. We saw more "human" in him this time. I also hope that he will survive the series and be cured of feeding. So... let's wait for the end and see how it turns out for the wraith.
  • Good Episode

    I liked this episode. It was back to the wraith story and learning a little more about their ways. Teyla is back in the fold, making herself useful with her wraith DNA - it's been a while since she was this useful! Reminds me of the Star Trek TNG:Face of the Enemy episode with Troi as a Romulan. Here are some other thoughts:

    Todd - as manipulative as ever! Why do I get an uneasy feeling of him gaining so much power? Anyway it's good to have him on the show.

    There were some funny lines, like Todd saying, "I hope they prove as delicious as the farmers who grew them."

    Although somewhat predictable, it was an entertaining episode which moved the wraith story along.
  • It really surprised me how much I enjoyed this episode. I usually go for eps with awesome Sheppard scenes but this one sucked me in with its plot! It was really great :)

    I expected Todd to have some agenda of his own but I didn't expect him to kill the Primary. I thought that there would be some power struggle where Teyla would have to prove her loyalty to the Primary by ordering her underlings to kill the team, I didn't expect Teyla to become the Queen of the Alliance! O.o

    It's too bad that the show didn't go there, that they didn't keep Teyla as the Queen of the Alliance and made that a season arc. That would have been awesome.

    I see people quibble about how fast Teyla's change and recovery went but a) it's sci-fi and b) they had Todd's help, after all.

    Very, very interesting and some great scenes with Teyla and Sheppard! There isn't enough of them :)
  • setting the ground for the last episode

    the last 7 episodes of this series have not been up to my standars, but this one made a come back to what i am used to by this director and writer. It is very sad when i read the this series will have this as a final seasson. In this episode the writers start to lay the ground plot for the final episode. With the idea of using on of their own to impersonate a queen of the enemy and the plot to uses a gene therapy to finish of the enemy need of humand blood. I hope that the last few episode deliver us what we are used to see in this series
  • Not a believable plot line, when did the Wraith become so timid?

    While this wasn't a bad episode it was definitely an odd one. The story moved too quickly and seemed rushed. Rachel didn't do a very good job of convincing me she was a wraith let alone a queen.

    I was also under the impression that the wraith were untrustworthy and dangerous to deal with. Shepard didn't seem to be worried enough about being on a wraith ship without Todd present. Once again the writing seemed to ignore previous behavior of a character type and made the wraith a lot less menacing. I'm starting to agree with Sci-Fi choice to cancel the series.
  • Exciting and different

    oh, Wraiths have been around from the moment one but they always manage to come up with fantastic new ideas what to do with them - we have had friendly Wraiths, Michael.. deficient one.. all kind wraiths and now Teyla becomes one.

    The episode is really good on her point of view - to see her on totally different atmosphere, doing totally different things and being so "wraith like" - it was even little scary but she really was like a Queen and played her part so well.

    I am only little sad what they did with the opening titles. I loved the longer one..
  • Queen, the hive, mothership

    SG-A 5th season was the start point for me to handle all the "new" Atlantis work. SG-1 was so much better in all aspects so I really couldnt start watching those when they were toe-to-toe. I felt like Atlantis was 2nd class show with 2nd class talent onboard.

    All this changed when I watched Season 5 Episode 8, "Queen". Really felt that the acting was nice and clean, alliances come and go but this was convincing to me atleast.

    Drama, action, plot, turn of twists. Thats how you do an great episode, just take a look at the SG-1 eps ;)
  • See Summary

    The Queen was an exciting episode to watch. This episode gave us more insight into the Wraith and they played a major role in this episode. It was nice to not only learn more about them, but to see them on screen for more than a few minutes. I think that this episode was great. I wonder how Teyla must feel after undergoing all those procedures, then circumstances, and then back to normal. I also wonder how that was all possible as it wasn't fully explained in the show. I think that the Wraith are finally on their last legs and will not be around much longer, or at least they will not be a galactic threat as they once were.
  • Imperfection makes for a strong episode

    If there's one seldom-spoken truth about Team Atlantis, it's that they repeatedly underestimate their enemies. They operate with the questionable confidence of those who have survived on a combination of luck and determination. Success often breeds contempt, after all. But when one looks back on the series as a whole, the victories have been surrounded by vast fields of defeat.

    Whether it's the Genii, or the Asurans, or the Wraith, Team Atlantis has been more than willing to ignore the intelligence of their enemy, even after they've been fooled in the past! Todd has been a worthy strange bedfellow since he first arrived on the scene, and he has been quite good at turning situations to his own advantage.

    Granted, the usual suspects were wary, and they knew something wasn't quite right. But this is in part due to a very Western trait: dismissing the importance of understanding the enemy's culture and perspective. Quite frankly, Team Atlantis has a rather poor track record when it comes to intelligence gathering. They rely on convenient allies for key information, and this has come back to haunt them on more than one occasion. (Similar to how often the worst situations are a product of their own mistakes.)

    It might sound like this is a complaint; it's not. If anything, it has been the mantra of the Stargate franchise from the beginning. The reason why the IOA is so potent a force in the Stargate universe is the simple truth behind their oppositional stance. The Stargate program has initiated a number of problems since its inception. On the other hand, they've also been the solution to those problems, and the end result has generally been positive.

    The allure is watching the team get out of each and every new mess. Too often, in the past, this was left to Sheppard and McKay. In a nice twist, their best intentions are actually more dangerous than helpful. They do manage to help Teyla pull a victory out of her suicidal battle plan, but on the whole, their assumptions come very close to getting them all killed. It's Teyla and her decision to take matters into her own hands (and Todd's timely rescue) that saves the day.

    Even with all that being true, did they actually gain anything? It seems obvious, about halfway through the episode, that Todd has been using Teyla and the others in a power play. There's little reason to think that Todd will even honor the agreement to spread the genetic treatment around his alliance. Teyla would have to be willing to make good on her threats, and while she pulled it off in this situation, who's to say that it would be successful in the future? Especially after Todd has been given time to consolidate power in her name?

    It's hard to argue that Atlantis is in any better position when the operation is over, and I think that's part of the appeal. The team survived, but things could have easily gone the other way. Even if that is just the "reset button" kicking in again, and even if the tension was resolved a bit too quickly in the final act, it was still a solid outing. One can only hope this is just the setup for something bigger.