Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 10

The Return (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2006 on Syfy

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  • O'Neill can't figure out what rank he is or how to wear his uniform; Landry is baffled by chain of command, date of rank & command responsibility. LTC (Lieutenant Colonel/O-3) Sheppard once again saves the universe from Replicators. (Surprised?)

    If BG (Brigadier General/O-7) O'Neill - Or is it MG (Major General/O-8) O'Neill? Since he apparently got demoted without being promoted, it gets a bit confusing. - could learn that epaulettes are worn under the collar, MG Landry might then cut him a little slack. Then again, MG Landry doesn't seem to have an inkling about chain of command, date of rank (Assuming O'Neill actually was a MG, he would have been promoted to that rank after Landry.) or assumption of responsibility, inasmuch as a MG (Landry) is accepting "standing orders" from the subordinate O'Neill (regardless of whether O'Neill is a BG or MG). "Stargate Atlantis" - or the US Air Force! - needs a military advisor on staff. These errors are so glaring that they detract significantly from an otherwise stellar episode.
  • See Summary

    The Return was the 1st part of a midseason 2 part story. Upon the Daedelus the Atlantis Team along with SG command have built a bridge of Stargates through the void between galaxies to minimize travel time. During the initial test McKay picks up what is revealed to be an Ancient War ship headed towards Earth at a relatively slow pace. The Daedelus makes contact, finds living Ancients on board, and delivers them back to Atlantis only for them to kick everyone out, politely of course. Back on Earth we see how people try to move on with their lives. The Replicators apparently overrode their base code preventing them from attacking the Atlanteans, and they now control Atlantis. Sheppard, McKay, Beckett, and Weir travel back to Pegasus at great risk against General Landry's orders. Great episode and can't wait to see what happens next. I was surprised that the Atlantis team didn't request more proof that the Ancients were who they said they were before handing the city over to them. Guess we will see!!!!
  • The team is forced to leave Atlantis, when a lost ship of Ancients are rescued traveling the voids of space.

    A very interesting episode with a great cliffhanger for the mid-season break. I was surprised by the arrival of living Ancients. Its too bad that they didn't want to talk with anyone from Earth...the stories they must of had! The problem with running SG1 and Atlantis simmulataniously is shown in this episode. Dont you think some one could have mentioned the Ori to the Ancients and asked for some help? Also putting Jack in danger, why didn't SG1 do anything to try to save him? They became buddies with Sheppards team in SG1's crossover so John and Elizabeth would have known the team and known their loyalties to Jack. Would be a big help in the rescue mission!
  • John finds some ancients...

    Some ancients are rescued by the Daedalus (sorry about the wrong spelling) and taken back to Atlantis. They want the city back for themselves and ask the earthlings to leave. Everyone goes back to earth while Ronan and Teyla go off with the Asotians. This was a good set up for the second part. This part was a little slow and annoying. Ancients always seem boring to me. Basically, I love this episode because of Rick :) He's my favorite character and he was pretty good in this episode. Anyways, I was expecting the ancients that were rescued to be replicatators, but they weren't. I was also surprised that the earth people didn't test the ancients for being replicators. Oh well, this episode was a good set up for the second part.
  • What if, it all ends tomorrow?

    I loved this episode - a totally new storyline, what really showed us something new. The Atlantis mission is forced to end as they managed to find original Ancients, they want their city back and they are forced to leave. So, all the good thing, the adventure is over. Bags packed and ready to leave, we get the opportunity to see how much they all love and care about each other.

    Back to Earth - and not everything is left behind. It looks like Weir is having the most hard time and cannot let go - it was her greatest adventure and opportunity of the lifetime - I totally understand that. The way on Earth and the leaving of Atlantis - the emotional level, the connections between characters - it was so well shown.

    And the ending - very promising place. Have to see next episode.
  • The Atlanteans return to claim the city for their own and replicators attack!

    Maybe this wasn't the best story line, but I still thought it was good.

    I kind of wondered why Dr. Weir and everyone else weren't a little suspicious of the Atlanteans. I'm not saying that they were bad guy or anything, but Sheppard and his team had just encountered replicators that looks like Atlanteans. What makes them think that these people weren't replicators. I just thought they should of mentioned that at least once. Maybe have them checked over or something.

    It's always fun when, in a military show, the main characters defy orders to save a friend. When this happens, you know that they won't be following any set guidelines, so they can do more than maybe they would of done if they had specific orders to follow.
  • Atlantis gets reposessed by Ancients/

    A very very good episode with all the marks of what makes this series so good. And further more seeing that this is a two parter it promises lots for the second part.

    The ancients return and demand Atlantis back. Nice guys as we are we leave. The dust has not cleared yet and Atlantis is under attack from the replicators and are overrun? Time for our team to head back to the Pegasusgalaxy using the new portalsystem. Good acting, nice storyline, not too sentimental and I am realy looking forward to the second part. A near perfect example of what an episode of this series should be like. Lets hope the can keep this high standard up for the rest of the series no matter how long it will run.
  • Interesting episode for several reasons: the threat posed by the Replicators has evolved to become much more acute and poignant, orders and responsibilities come into sharp conflict for the team, and Elizabeth gives stellar performance as a flirt.

    This enjoyable episode blends nice examples of suspense, humor, and action into one story.

    Replicators coming to Atlantis - which is now under the Ancestors control poses no threat. Or does it? Team being told to stand down on any rescue of the former SG-1 leader is a very clear order. Or is it? Elizabeth flirting with a book-wormish scientist seems implausible for so many reasons. Yet she pulls it off with admirable aplomb. The pleasure in her smile when her ploy works is so meaningful. Much more so than the subject of her interest realizes.

    Nice start to a two-part episode.
  • When you tune in to watch a show called "Stargate Atlantis" this is the type of episode you want to see

    This episode had it all, it summed up why I like the stargate franchise and had me glued to the screen for the whole hour.

    The cliffhanger was a good one, one which I can not wait 6 months for but with Sci-fi's crappy scheduling we have to wait. Obviously they will get out of it and im sure in 2 episodes time everything will be back to normal. But I hope some of the atlantians make it out of this alive and we can use there knowledge etc.

    It was good to see ONeill again but I wish theyd have given him a little more screen time, i.e. make him the main character instead of comic relief. But thats unfair to the regular cast.

    Well you must watch this episode and I will be back on here in 6 months time!
  • A new way for Atlantis to reach home is found while they find living Ancients and then the enemy attacks

    This episode is either: fast paced or really choppy. I haven't decided. It jumps around within itself way too much. Why the rush through the episode? So, I guess it can be described as rushed.

    Now people will think that I'm being too critical. I'm really not. I like the storyline and I like the Asurans as enemies and think the Ancients ship being found is very interesting in terms of storylines. It's just I wish the two may have either 1) be separate stories or 2) developed more thoroughly.

    What was the point of O'Neill and Woolsey being there, really? I know the IOA and Weir don't like each other, but I do not think O'Neill would do that to her. Somehow, I don't think Woolsey would either, but...

    Soon, we have the Gatebridge. Next is the ship. Then its the evacuation. Then its "normal" life for the ex-Atlantis expedition members. Then its Asurans attacking Atlantis. Then its team reunions, mutiny, and the rescue mission.

    And ALL of this was in 1 episode. And its only Part 1!! Why? It didn't need to be. The Gatebridge was cool and it couldn't stand alone as a story. But rescuing the Ancients ship could've been, or at least fleshed out more. Then the evacuation. While I understand it, I just don't buy it at all. Not. One. Bit.

    Then its the team resuming "normal" life on Earth. Then they find out the Asurans attacked Atlantis and the team basically commits mutiny to rescue them. Here's a HUGE problem with this part of the story. Why would Landry shut the Atlantis team down? Why? It makes no sense whatsoever. If this was SG1, Landry would let Carter and the team go. But, no, the Atlantis team commit mutiny basically to lead the rescue mission. This whole part of the episode is completely absurd!

    Then the episode ends with the "To Be Continued" after flying through the gate. We knew it was coming (at least I did!). However, this episode, while entertaining and acted well, it provided absurdity to the plot. Character development is nice, but not at this level!

    I like Atlantis and this has not changed my mind about this show or this season. I just don't like this episode. Note: Slow it down when it comes to plots! Slow the development down! Develop the story, don't rush.

    Just please, let this episode be Part 1 of a 2-part Asuran induced dream episode. Please?

    "Never underestimate your audience" -- Col. Mitchell, "200"
  • Great episode but seemd a little predictable.

    This episode let me wanting more. Was it just me or does anyone else think that these are not really ancients but rather the human repicators There has to be something related to that one replicator left floating in orbit. I thought this was a great ep but the worst part is having to wait until March 2007 for the conclusion. Some of the comedy in this one left me laughing out loud. Comments by Shepperd saying he thought we would never miss Rodney. It was quite fortunate to have completed this chain of gates, that will make it much easier to get back to Atlantis when they need to later on. I really think that these people were not ancients but rather replicators.
  • A very good episode to break of mid-season.

    I did think that this episode was good, but that was until I saw part 2 and Echoes. They were infitely better, not that Part 1 was bad. Seeing the McKay-Carter-Gate-Bridge for the first time was quite jokes although it wasn't quite what I had expected. I thought one of two things, either it would just be someone going through a gate, dialling to the next one and then dialling to the next one and so on (obviously now I think about it it doesn't work quite that way) and the other way was similar to what is the case, but I thought the midpoint would be like a mobile Stargate Command, weapons and all and staff and military personnel. This one is just two stargates tied together through a cage and it didn't seem like there were any weapons to defend itself but that may just not have been disccussed.

    I didn't really like the way the Ancients were portrayed. It's been discussed ad nauseam in the forum section, with me taking part, some of the Ancients besides the crew of the Aurora must have been safe people. The leader just locks them out of Atlantis and asks them to leave. I wasn't a big fan of that. I was a fan though of the Asurans attacking and then seeing the Atlantis team get out of the SGC and to a Puddle Jumper in order to try and retake Atlantis. This episode was good, it was brilliant, but I thought the second part and 'echoes' were much better. But obviously you need this one to truly understand what happens in the next few episodes, not to mention as a mid-season cliffhanger it is very good.
  • The Arrogant and Ungrateful Ancients return to Atlantis

    This was a wonderfully entertaining episode with lots of great cameos that it felt like a feature film. It starts with the much anticipated return of the Ancients and their egos. After they are saved by the Atlantis team they repay them by kicking them out. Then stupidly leave the shield down when the replicaters attack. The Atlantis team after getting used to their new positions back on Earth must defy orders to rescue General O’Neill and Richard Woolsey. After some great humor from Dr. Lee and Dr. Beckett with his “Wee Baby Turtles” it ends on a great cliffhanger
  • Do we need another reason to hate the Ancients, really. Can Shepperd manage to get himself into any more trouble than he's already in?

    While testing the new gate network between Earth and Atlantis the Atlantian rescue the crew of a ship with the survivors claiming to be Ancients who had travelled from Atalantis before their ship was damaged. The rescued Ancients thank their saviours by thanking them for taking care of Atlantis and in all cases kicking them out. John, Elizabeth, Carson and Rodney return to Earth whilst Teyla and Ronon are rellocated with the Athosians to another planet. Trouble strikes when the Atlantis version of the replicaters attack Atlantis who end up on what seems to be the loosing end of the battle with Woolsey and Major General Jack O'Neill being caught in the fight. Shepperd, Elizabeth, McKay and Carson steal a Puddlejumper in an attempt to help save Atlantis stopping to pick up Teyla and Ronon. The question is are they too late? And furthermore how much more can we hate the Ancients. They screwedover Earth, refuse to help against the Ori and then instead of thanking their saviours kick them out of home. I really do hate those guys.