Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 10

The Return (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2006 on Syfy

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  • A new way for Atlantis to reach home is found while they find living Ancients and then the enemy attacks

    This episode is either: fast paced or really choppy. I haven't decided. It jumps around within itself way too much. Why the rush through the episode? So, I guess it can be described as rushed.

    Now people will think that I'm being too critical. I'm really not. I like the storyline and I like the Asurans as enemies and think the Ancients ship being found is very interesting in terms of storylines. It's just I wish the two may have either 1) be separate stories or 2) developed more thoroughly.

    What was the point of O'Neill and Woolsey being there, really? I know the IOA and Weir don't like each other, but I do not think O'Neill would do that to her. Somehow, I don't think Woolsey would either, but...

    Soon, we have the Gatebridge. Next is the ship. Then its the evacuation. Then its "normal" life for the ex-Atlantis expedition members. Then its Asurans attacking Atlantis. Then its team reunions, mutiny, and the rescue mission.

    And ALL of this was in 1 episode. And its only Part 1!! Why? It didn't need to be. The Gatebridge was cool and it couldn't stand alone as a story. But rescuing the Ancients ship could've been, or at least fleshed out more. Then the evacuation. While I understand it, I just don't buy it at all. Not. One. Bit.

    Then its the team resuming "normal" life on Earth. Then they find out the Asurans attacked Atlantis and the team basically commits mutiny to rescue them. Here's a HUGE problem with this part of the story. Why would Landry shut the Atlantis team down? Why? It makes no sense whatsoever. If this was SG1, Landry would let Carter and the team go. But, no, the Atlantis team commit mutiny basically to lead the rescue mission. This whole part of the episode is completely absurd!

    Then the episode ends with the "To Be Continued" after flying through the gate. We knew it was coming (at least I did!). However, this episode, while entertaining and acted well, it provided absurdity to the plot. Character development is nice, but not at this level!

    I like Atlantis and this has not changed my mind about this show or this season. I just don't like this episode. Note: Slow it down when it comes to plots! Slow the development down! Develop the story, don't rush.

    Just please, let this episode be Part 1 of a 2-part Asuran induced dream episode. Please?

    "Never underestimate your audience" -- Col. Mitchell, "200"
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