Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 11

The Return (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Return 1 and 2 were great, until ...

    Return 1 and 2 were great ... until the Ancients simply vanished, off camera, during the span of a single episode, never to be mentioned again.

    Pardon me, but that is absurd.

    After ten years of SG-1, plus three years of SGA, the legendary, nay mythical Ancients finally make their appearance.

    Then they're gone, never to be mentioned again, within the space of a single episode, as if they were victims of a traffic accident along the side of the highway as we drive by.

    Were the series writers out of their minds? The Ancients' sudden appearance and even more sudden disappearance wasn't even "lampshaded" with a passing comment.

    Example: "I can't believe after all that time, we never even got to know them."

    Shouldn't the relationship between earthlings and the Ancients been explored in painstaking detail? Shouldn't it have been given at least as much attention as the relationship between us and the Asgard?
  • See Summary

    The Return part 2 was a good episode which more or less concludes this story line to a degree, unless the replicators pop up again, which they most likely will. With Sheppards team now in Atlantis they try to find a way into the city after Oneil and Woolsey are captured. They feed Woolsey a false plan, but make it seem real to fool the replicators. In the end their true plan succeeds, and all of the replicators are destroyed. However some questions remain, such as, what happened to the Ancients who were in Atlantis? Did the replicators kill them all? How is it that Oneil and Woolsey survived, but the Ancients couldn't think of a way to save themselves. I felt that this was a weak link in the episode. Other than that, it was action packed and very entertaining. Nice to see that Atlantis is back in Action!!!!
  • Good, but not great.

    Part 2 was OK, but not great. One problem I had was that video rewind bit when the Replicator pressed the button. I would have preferred to see them disintegrate first, Woolsey look shocked, and THEN have the flashback on their plan. This would have played out better considering McKay would be so full of himself explaining everything, acting all smart and crap that they would nearly forget to warn the Dadealus not to fire on the city, which would have another close call for sure. Another problem was with the opening when they played clips from the previous episodes. Like the situation with "Allies" and "No Man's Land", the second part starts by replaying the last scene from Part 1 when they activate the stargate. That should have been among the previous episode clips and the continuation begin at the gate control room as the Replicators began firing on the Jumper after it enters. This was done much better between "The Siege" Parts 2 and 3 as the former ends with Sheppard making his suicide run toward the Wraith ship (that clip being shown before Part 3 begins) and the latter starting when Ford and the soldiers are in a shootout with the Wraith. Let's hope for future 2-parters they more follow this example then what they're been doing recently.
  • O'Neill's back...

    This episode is in my opinon the best one of the season. I liked this better than part 1. What made this episode so much more likable was the fact that it had Richard Dean Anderson returning as General Jack O'Neill. Sure he was in the last episode but in this episode it was classic O'Neill. The under water scene getting captured by the bad guys, that is all old school O'Neill. When you have O'Neill you have to have his famous lines like "I like to close my eyes and think of England." and then "That sounds more like a plan F to me you know as in we're totally...." But this was a thrilling conclusion and everyone had something to do even Woolsey. I hope RDA comes back to Atlantis he has great chemestry with all those actors.
  • Plan D... or was it...?

    This was lovely episode. First O'Neill in is very natural environment - saving the day, doing all the heroic things. And it was so great to see - that problem with underwater controls and the way they fooled that Woolsey. It was genial. And he was not the only one, saving the day. Beckett got little of that as everyone else - they managed to make a false plan and built a trap for those nasty replicators. And I think they will have their city back in not too many damages.

    All the motion, the plan things.. the little humor they had always around. Action. Super episode.
  • Great action and suspense episode. Replicators pose a more human-like threat this time.

    In this episode, the Replicators go about trying to take over the city of Atlantis in a human-like fashion rather than just swarming all over it.

    Rodney McKay comes up with a brilliant plan to wrest control of the city from the Replicators. It does seem to go awry more than once, as the Replicators do present some inhuman challenges to the Stargate Atlantis team.

    McKay plays a pivotal role in this episode. It is refreshing to see him contribute not just as a scientist but as a brilliant strategist.

    The stakes in this episode are really high. The team rises to the challenge.
  • O'Neill is his old self...

    O'Neill and Woosley are in Atlantis while Sheppard, Weir, Carson, McKay, Teyla, and Ronan are attempting to save them and take over the city. Hmmm...of course a couple of things go wrong, but, in the end, the replicators were all destroyed by a bit of trickery and smarts. I really like this episode, and it's not only because Rick is in it. I loved Rick's part though...he actually got to do something. He swam underwater, saving the people in the jumper, and he had his head probed. Awesome. There were plenty of funny moments in this episode. The story was pretty good, but not great. I really liked the twist when we find out that they lied to Woosley and O'Neill so that they would distract the replicators and be able to kill them. Overall, great episode and it's great to see O'Neill again.
  • Jack O'Neill and Woolsey are trapped on Atlantis with human Replicator's. The Atlantis team leaves Earth to rescue them and to stop the Replicator's.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Jack O'Neill was really great. He made my entire family laugh. He hasn't done that in awhile(The last few episodes that he made a small appearance in, he wasn't funny). I'm really glad they got back to the funny Jack again. The episode, itself, turned out great. They didn't show you how it was going to turn out until the last five minutes of the show. At first I was expecting it to be a two part episode, because I wasn't sure how they were going to wrap it up in time. I like that they tried something different with it. The plot of the episode was also good, making for an overall good episode.
  • Standard Finale to a two parter Answers some questions, Leaves us with more !

    An good episode, although I have seen better before in this series.
    The conclusion of earlier episodes to some questions, but and it is a BIG but, asked way to many !
    The drone questions ?
    Well the replicators do not know that puddle jumpers do / can go underwater.( The Team Does )
    But Becket's drones do !
    Yes, they have before people ! ( previous episodes )
    These are all well and good. Two major Questions I have that were raised and as far as this point in time within the series have yet to be answered are..
    1) The replicators stated that they scrapped or used their ship for raw materials to fix The Gate room etc.
    But What Of the Ancient's War ship ?

    2)When do we finally get to see any Ancient's A. Help out the team and create some much more diverse plot and story Lines ? such as give more answers to a thousand different questions we all have about them and their legacy / technology.
    B. Actually Live !
    A good episode But Not a great one
  • A great conclusion, even with the reset button firmly in place

    In a surprising twist against all expectation, “Stargate: Atlantis” went from being the pale imitation of the original in its second season to the far more consistent series in the franchise this season. Despite a few hiccups along the way, the third season has been much better, presenting stronger characterization and a far more interesting season arc. The Asurans may retread the Replicator episodes of “SG-1” in many respects, but the intersection of returned Ancients, Asurans, and Team Atlantis was a breath of fresh air.

    Bringing Jack O’Neill into the mid-season event might have been an unnecessary attempt at better ratings, but it does continue to bring the two series together into one cohesive universe. Given the endless press releases during the hiatus, that is a crucial element. It also helps to remind the fans that O’Neill is still an important part of the franchise, even if Richard Dean Anderson wanted to retire.

    Team Atlantis went rogue at the end of the first half of the story, and the first half of the episode is dominated by the counter-attack on the Asurans and the resulting flight from Atlantis. The special effects are excellent during the battle scenes, particularly the several fly-bys through the city. Things only slow down and become somewhat predictable once the jumper is trapped underwater, forcing the team to call on O’Neill and Woolsey to save the day.

    Things get a lot more complicated from there, and those complications save the episode from a depressing predictability. Defeating the Asurans so quickly is not only anti-climactic, but damaging to the integrity of the season as a whole. One can only hope that the Asurans on Atlantis were only part of the overall population and that the threat is far from over. It would be a lot less impressive without the twists and turns required to retake Atlantis, especially after resolving the issue with the returned Ancients off-screen in the first half.

    The reset button is further employed with the restoration of Team Atlantis to the command of the city, despite disobeying orders from Stargate Command. With all the issues between the SGC and the international oversight, even with Woolsey tossing in the good word for Weir, it’s hard to believe that the reinstatement would go so easily. All told, this is a far more conventional conclusion than the character development-heavy first installment would have indicated.

    In fact, it’s not clear where the season will go from here. One would hope that the character development would continue, especially for characters other than McKay and Sheppard, and that the fracturing of the Wraith and its impact on the Pegasus Galaxy will be further explored. Hopefully the Asurans aren’t completely out of the picture, despite this episode’s conclusion, and there’s also the tensions with the Genii. There’s a lot out there for the writers to work with; it’s a question of pulling it together into something more than scattered plot threads.
  • Look what they’ve done to my home.

    The episode starts with a disappointed Sheppard dealing with two broken foot among his crewmen & longing for the days one Dr. McKay used to be a member of his team, the feeling is mutual as the new head of Area 51 reveals him over the phone as well as some serious case of regarding Elizabeth, who actually spends her days locked on her apartment until Carlton comes to rescue her and his old mates whom he takes out to dinner. Better luck have Teyla and Ronnon, who surprisingly stuck together after leaving the city either to share a simple life among Teyla’s people or a position among the genni (the only organized group who continue to fight against the wraiths) and quite moving to see a loner like Ronnon actually give it a try to whatever Teyla’d choose as long as they remain together.

    However, the group doesn’t remain disbanded for so long as they soon join forces to rescue both Jack O’Neal and Woolsey who have been captured by the ones that took over the City although it may not be quite reassuring for Jack once that John appears not with the 200 marines he expected but with Dr. Weir and McKay instead, that old McKay magic kicks in just in time for John’s master plan to succeed. In the end, the enemy is destroyed and the City is once again available for the SGC personal, which prones to a neat little hug between Weir and O’Neal as he agrees her request to allow her people to come back home.
  • Excellent returning episode!!!

    I enjoyed very much this episode...After so many months, the waiting proved to be worth while...Basicly Shepard,Dr. Weir, Dr. Mckay ,Dr. Beckett,Teyla and Ronan have the unfortunate task to eliminate the replicators that have taken hold of Atlantis, and do it fast because the Dedalus has been ordered to destroy the city ...An important factor was seeing Gen. O'Neill in action...It's been deliteful after he decided to play only a secondary role in Stargate SG-1...Due to a well established plan and the efforts of Jack O'Neill thery succed in destroying the replicators and contacting Dedalus before it is to late..9.4/10.
  • The series was back to business with an excellent show. Good to see Richard Anderson again.

    I enjoyed this episode, especially with Richard Dean Anderson in it. He's still great on either SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis. I love his sense of humor and his personality. He brought alot to this episode and the previous one as well. I knew the Atlantis Team, the one's who cared for Atlantis would come, even against orders to save O'Neil and Woolsey and better yet, try to save Atlantis. They had the knowledge of Atlantis and the right people. With O'Neil on the inside their plan worked. It was nice to see that the team is still together as one and that their dedication to each other and humor is still strong.
  • Another Superb Season 3 Episode!

    Well they finally got it right in season 3, Stargate Atlantis is almost as good as SG-1.

    Defenitly not an episode to miss, even for the people who only watch if nothing else is on, its not one to miss!!

    And Richard Dean Andersons \"special appearance\" was classic General O\'Neil at his best!!

    Keep it up Stargate Atlantis!
  • I will let you watch it for yourselves, it is worth it.

    It was an excellent show. Funny, smart and exciting all rolled into one. Death, destruction and a well written plot in my opinion. Richard Dean Anderson is still hilarious, every episode he is in is a classic. It is showing this week on Canada\'s MC4 make sure you watch it.