Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 2

The Seed

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2008 on Syfy

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  • The Spaghetti Incident

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of this episode; it's just that this whole thing looked like a bunch of spaghetti with a life of its own.

    It's a good episode; looks a lot like the classic science-fiction. Of course, like classic sci-fi, it's got its classic cliches; like, Dr. Keller falls asleep and later when she wakes up she's got this sticky thing on her hand (it's not what you think, you dirty bastard) and she doesn't tell anyone? Yay, very typical of classic sci-fi. Not bad, just very cliche-ish.

    On the other hand, quite a beginning for Mr. Woolsey... his dilemma with the rules and the fact that you cannot always play by the book if you're on command. A reflection of a fact that most people don't get in real life.

    All in all, a good episode. The typical cheap one after the big-ass season opener. Watch it.
  • See Summary

    The Seed certainly was an interesting episode of Stargate Atlantis. This episode saw the return of the Beckett duplicate, or the real? In any case Dr. Keller had been over exposed to the Hoth Virus, and now she has some nasty looking boogey fungus growing out of her, spreading through the city. It is sad that Colonel Carter is no longer in charge in Atlantis and here to solve problems. She is missed!!! I think Woolsey is doing ok, it was interesting to see the way he does things. He is some what cold and down to business. Atlantis has always been lead by the Heart tempered by the Mind, and now it seems that Heart is lost with Woolsey in charge. Over all this episode was a little long and slow moving, but still good to watch.
  • Beckett in action

    Oh.. this episode was some how contra versal. I did love the storyline with Beckett and to be honest even Woosley was not very horrible as I afraid. A little fun on his behalf.

    But the main storyline. It was nothing too original or too good but somehow they managed to make it quite good even if the idea.. I do not know even how to explain it. It looked very simple but they brought some gorgeous elements in and turned it very good.

    I most say that if the continue this way, Woosley may turn into char we may even start to enjoy.
  • ok episode...

    Dr. Keller is infected and Carson is the only one that can help. It turned out that Keller was infected by something that created the wraith ships and it was taking over Atlantis. I think the story was stupid and very generic. It reminded me of "Message in a Bottle" and other Stargate SG-1 episodes. I did like seeing Woosley in his new role. I like how he broke the rules; I don't think he'll be as annoying as I thought. I liked seeing Carson again, but I rather him not be on the show anymore. Overall, just an ok episode with a terrible story but great character development.
  • Love Beckett,love the show,Woolsey needs to go!!

    Ok,this episode was alot better than I thought it was going to be! I was so glad that Keller wasnt in alot of the episode cause she is so annoying! I hope they bring Beckett back full time for next season. I can see that there will probably be alot of future arguments with Woolsey being commander. I am waiting for someone to punch him in the nose. If they dont soon then I will punch the tv screen. The episode in general was interesting and it kept my heart beating rapidly throughout it! I just hope the future episodes with Beckett are a little more character involved instead of all medical stuff.
  • Good 1st outing for woolsey in an average episode with a slightly cheesy storyline.

    as this episode marks the debut of woolsey on stargate atlantis as a regular i thought i should review this episode.
    when woolsey appeared at the SGC in SG1 for the 1st time i didnt like him because of his position in the IOA, hwever i have since seen that his personal views on the running of the SGC are quite the reverse of his official role at the SGC.(season 8 onwards)
    as far as this episode goes, it was a good idea to introduce the idea that as the expedition leader not everything has to be done by the book and the changes woolsey makes in the episode from beginning to end starting with the fact he goes against IOA protocol and how he deals with it.
    i see in the near future woolseys leadership becoming more like that of Dr. Weir's, the journey there will also be interesting.
  • Welcome to the Pegasus Galaxy...

    Wow this episode was just full of things I don't even know where to begin. Well let's start with Woolsey. He just gets to Atlantis and is taking charge. i don't know about anyone else but I actually like Woolsey as the commander, he hasn't had that much power before and it is fun to see him struggle through decisions that either Weir or Carter would have not had a second thought about. Mind you I still think Carter was the better leader and that she should still be their. The real story with this episode is beckett. They find a cure for him but he has to go back to his old ways and solve a medical mystery. It was really good to see him taking hold of the situation and I can't wait to see him later this season.
  • A completely generic SciFi episode in every way. A (mumble) virus infects the doctor and she starts to turn into an Alien Queen, I mean, Wraith Hiveship. A technobabble virus is engineered to save the day, and after some false tension all is smiles.

    I can't count the number of times we've seen this plot in every single bad science fiction series since Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. When are SciFi doctors going to start working with some reasonable biohazard precautions? This isn't just bad from a science fiction point of view, requiring a moderate degree of the suspension of disbelief, but is downright absurd from a character point of view - we're supposed to believe that they haven't learned from the last few times this happened to them, or the dozen times it happened to SG-1? And that's just in this universe, we know they have science fiction in that universe, did none of them ever watch Star Trek?

    The episode was utterly predictable from the first few minutes: as soon as we see the doctor having goo on her hand, we KNOW that she's infected, we know that she'll ignore it, we know that Something Really Bad will happen to her as a result, and that some technobabble solution will be required to reverse the problem, save the day in the last 180 seconds, and hit the reset button except for a long lost character is back in play (almost as an aside) and the new commander doing the predictable things in his new role.

    The only thing that would be worse would be if Woolsey pulled a Shatner and started ranting about some moral to the entire plot, instead of doing his lame self-examination of his violations of bureaucratic protocol.
  • Better than the "Pilot"

    The "Pilot" episode this season bored me to death. This one was even more entertaining. The storyline of this episode is very interesting and an essential part of the story because this is the first time that they have shown a clue on how the Hive Ships are created.

    I am also happy to see the old doctor back... I do like the new one (being a fan of Firefly), but having two great actors doing the same role is kind of redundant. I am not giving this one a perfect score because I really wanted Carter to stay as the leader of atlantis. Her character is far more capable for the job over the annoying international bureaucratic nonsense meddlers that is not really amusing. I want Carter Back! :-)
  • A capable bit of character work

    With the resolution of the fourth season finale out of the way, the writers turn back to their usual pattern of front-loading some character development. In this case, the writers do their best to serve two different segments of the fan base while covering off a couple of cast-change requirements. There's also a nice bit of world-building, as more information is provided concerning the Wraith.

    This is an interesting episode for Dr. Keller, because it puts her through the wringer. Her initial scenes did much to build on the good graces that I happen to hold for the character. On the other hand, I must admit that the writers are saddling her with the unenviable role of "single young hottie", as many feared during the second half of the fourth season. There's a love triangle brewing between Keller, McKay, and Ronon that has little chance of working well.

    In a nice move (and one that will please many long-term fans), an apparent cure for Dr. Beckett's condition is discovered by Keller, bringing him back as a viable part of the Stargate universe. It's clear that his appearances will be, at best, an infrequent event, but it does open up possibilities that were eliminated by his premature passing. (Besides, his death was badly handled anyway, so why not make it a moot point?)

    This serves to bring up a couple of interesting tidbits, right there in the episode itself. Many fans noted (and corrected me, for which I'm grateful) when they pointed out that the jumper was missing at the end of the premiere. That's a good sign that Michael is still alive out there. That said, his infrastructure is rapidly disappearing, and part of his effectiveness was his deep and almost insurmountable network. It's something he might be able to rebuild, thus explaining any lengthy absence, but it's disappointing.

    On the other hand, Beckett's survival does appear to bolster the notion that Sheppard's glimpse of a dark future for Team Atlantis may be prevented. While Woolsey is in charge, Carter is not dead and the circumstances are sufficiently different. While many of the same threats may emerge, I suspect that the writers made sure that they had the option of diverging completely from that vision as they deem necessary. (Which, in a sense, renders the fourth season finale pointless, which is pretty much what I expected.)

    I also expected the writers to paint Woolsey in the best light possible. Woolsey has been the semi-reluctant mouthpiece for the IOA for quite some time, and it seems like this is a natural extension for the character. The IOA has its head in the sand, as it always has, and when that reality begins to impose itself, they take whatever opportunity possible to tighten control over Team Atlantis. If nothing else, as this episode demonstrates, it should be interesting to see how Woolsey deals with the realities of the Atlantis mission while bearing responsibility for its success.

    On top of the interesting character work, this episode also revealed that the Wraith ships are organic technology, requiring a living host to be grown into form. This makes a certain amount of sense, given their appearance, and it also adds another element to the nastiness of the Wraith. It does harken back to the organic technology concepts at play on "Babylon 5", but Keller never would have recovered intact on that show. It's expected, in the Stargate franchise, that scenarios like this resolve to the status quo.
  • Dr Keller gets infected with an alien virus and the team attempts to save her. This episode also marks the introduction of Woolsey as the leader of the Atlantis expedition.

    I must say that I was slightly disappointed with "The Seed" because it seemed to fall flat somewhat. This episode was the second of the fifth season and you would really expect it to kick it into high gear because it does introduce two new regular cast members to the audience. I was expecting more tension with the introduction of Woolsey as the new leader but the other characters seemed to be shrugging that off like it was of little consequence and even after they "defrosted" Carson I was expecting more emotion from everyone but again the characters seemed slightly off emotionally. Even Rodney seemed less snarky! There are always a few episodes in every season that for some reason don't strike a cord with me so I'm guessing that "The Seed" is one for season five!
  • Solid start for Commander Woolsey

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Beckett! - sorry, a Frosty phrase. This episode was okay. I was just not too keen on the major plot, of a whole wraith ship being built from an infection in Dr. Keller. This was Mr. Woolsey's first episode as commander of Atlantis, and I thought that part was fine. They've progressed the fate of Carson Beckett (clone), so for now he will live on Earth. Here are some other thoughts:

    Carson waking up asks, "did I miss anything?". Well, Teyla's back, for one thing! He didn't seem so surprise.

    Isn't it fortunate that Beckett was revived just before the problem began?

    The ZPM shouldn't have been their only power source present. There were times when Atlantis didn't even have a working ZPM, so they must have some backup power, like a naquadah generator.

    There was a hint that Dr. Keller might like Rodney at the beginning.

    Carson says, "well it's not the case of the hives, is it?" I wonder if that was suppose to be a pun!

    Overall, it was a good episode and I thought well written, even though I didn't like the major plot.
  • Cue up the bag pipes, Dr. Carson Beckett is back to save the day!

    This was a very good episode. Keller finds the syrum for Beckett and in turn Beckett finds a cure for Keller. Woolsey's first day was cool, too. I think having him in Atlantis was a good decision by the producers. This organism that infected Atlantis was very interesting. It claimed that it was becoming what it was meant to be. I see a future episode in the works where Sheppard and company have to deal with the full grown version. It was great to see Carson again and knowing he'll be back for 4 more episodes this season warms the bottom of my heart. Technically this was a "filler" episode. There are a lot of unanswered questions that will be dealt with in future episodes, but it was a very good filler. Be sure you watch it!
  • Woolsey is awesome, just as I thought.

    I really really like him. He's not a jerk, he just follows the protocol. Even his arguments against persuading Michael and for sending Carson back to Earth were sound, even though the others might not have liked it! And the last scene with him and Sheppard in the infirmary... Aww, it made me so happy, when they shook hands and all.

    What I didn't like was how little screen time Rodney got. Though what Keller said, that he was visiting Carson in the stasis chamber regularly, that made my heart melt. I also noticed that they obviously keep pushing the Rodney/Jennifer romance storyline.

    Ha, I also loved the joke about Ronon's bruised larynx! And Teyla walking the city to keep her son asleep. Heh XD

    Another great ep, really!
  • Very Good.

    Most Probably the best episode since The Dr Weir days. Even better than all of Season4 put together. I Miss Dr Weir. She made Atlantis.

    Was a bit too quick on the exit for Sam, there should have been a bit more background and story there. But Woolseys first episode was pretty good. He actually stays in character. I expected this episode to be without action and be kinda boring, but I was very supprised. Nothing really happened in Season 4 and the last episode was without any suspence and very little action. However this season should be worth watching I think.