Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 8

The Seer

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2007 on Syfy

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    The Seer was a very interesting episode of Stargate Atlantis. Sheppard was reunited with his old Wraith pal from when he was captured by the Genii. The Wraith wanted to work together on the Replicator base code, because now the Replicators are attacking human worlds to destroy the food of the Wraith. This is a tragic consecquence of the Atlantis Teams Actions. The episode was full of intrigue, action, and drama. I can't wait to find out what happens next. I feel that this episode has picked up the story lines, and carried them forward. I hope that this trend continues.
  • In the trap of prophecies...

    I loved this episode - maybe the idea, the visions and they way those people on Atlantis found themselves trapped by knowing too much - knowing what will happen but not when and it was too much for them to handle.

    Sad, that Telya did not learned not more about her people but they are alive and it looks like storyline they are going to use for a while.

    On the other storyline, with the wraith - it was just matter of time when they bring him back and the choices they have to make concerned with him. And the fact that replicators are now turning against humans - what is going to be left of Pegasus Galaxy when all those big forces have ended their wars?
  • Whats going to happen to Atlantis.

    This episode is a revealing episode, I suppose one could call a crossroad episode or at least a pre-crossroad episode. One of the teams plans has bit them in the butt. The Aurans plan to make the wraith starve to death by killing worlds and the team must work with the Wraith to halt the replicator advance.
    This episode brings up issues such as the paradoxial "shaking hands with the devil to do the lords work." It also makes a startling revelation, the International Oversight Committee has stated that beuracratic and political interference is not as productive as they would like!! Here is another startling revelation...Ice is Cold!!! and Fire is Hot!!!
    Anyway, back to being serious, the episode finally reveals that although the Athosians vanished, they are still alive.
    Also Teyla is pregnant which is sure to lead to interesting conundrums in the future. What is interesting about "The Seer" is that all of the visions except for the last one all came true except the circumstances surrounding them were not as they seemed. Yes they were captured by the Wraith but then the Atlanteans ambushed the Wraith back! And the Wraith Hive ship was destroyed but not by John Sheppard but by another ship, Truly Master Yoda's words were true... "always in motion in the future."
  • A suprisingly good episode filled with dark and portentous warnings.

    Wow, I was surprised by this episode. I went into it expecting a humdrum run of the mill "Teyla's pregnant" episode. Instead Teyla's involvement was intensely toned down in favour of the episodes greater theme, the classic sci fi staple question of should mankind know the future. Deliberately or not, this episode reaches heights of philosophical complexity rarely seen outside of Battlestar Galactica. The stand out moment in the episode is the combination of the "fixed future" and "fluid future" philosophies, "The future is shaped by those who make it" is surprisingly profound.

    The complications of knowing the future are believably portrayed too, with the visions shown without context actually complicated what should be a simple decision. The dark warning of things to come is a nice touch too, it'll give future episodes with the Replicators an extra edge of tension.

    Finally, props must again go to the writers for finally making an episode where Sam Carter features prominently, but it unintrusive to the native cast. However, this praise does not signify my change of heart that her inclusion was a good idea, nor does it say I want any other SG-1 members on Atlantis (cameo or not).

    One criticism, while the writers may have felt toning down Teyla's pregnancy was a good idea to keep mystery hanging in the air, a bit more information rather than a glancing scene would have been good.
  • Excellent Episode,i still have questions though.

    The Seer was a good episode but i still have questions about the visions he showed to carter of the city being destroyed by an replicator ship. When they asked him if all of his visions came true he said yes, but the one carter saw didn't even happen? Its possible it might happen in the future but i think it would've been way longer like Mckay's vision. Well as for the rest of the show we get to see a little more of the same with the wraith ships and such. I won't give it away here for those who haven't seen the show but, i wasn't surprised with their special guest. But all around and excellent episode well put together and awesome plot-line.
  • this show has hidden meanings, it's a good episode and I find myself enjoying the new trype of Directing and script this season is offering. But I also find myself asking where the next "funny" episodes are coming up like "McKay and Mrs Miller"? soon huh

    Ok, here goes, I'm forced to write a 100 word essay on this so here I go....

    Samantha's vision portrays an Atlantian vessel above atlantis firing Drones which causes the control room of Atlantis- and those in it to crumble. Unfortunately, what the Seer shows each person in the visions is really gonna happen. Sam's vision is odd, and obviously is meant to throw us in the direction of the Replicators, and that they are the reason for Atlantis's "so called" Demise. If all this is true, then there is no doubt that the central control room will be destroyed along with those all in it..... Personally, I think there's fifty / fifty chance that its the Replicators. Just finished watching Episode 5, Season 2 (Travelers) and found myself bouncing back to this episode to see if the vessel that destroys Atlantis is Atlantion - AND if it's the same Aurora class vessel that Sam saw in her vision. We will no for sure soon... and I can't WAIT to find out!
  • good episode...

    I really liked the episode "Common Ground" and I was excited when I saw the same wraith would be in this episode. I thought the story was interesting in the respect that it furthered the overal Atlantis story line. I liked the idea of the seer that saw into the future and I thought that added interesting character interactions. I didn't like Teyla's little story with her trying to find her people; she gets annoying. Anyways, nothing really happened in the long run. I thought it was weird that Sheppard didn't trust the wraith at all and the others seemed to have more trust in him. Overall, good episode.
  • A good episode to watch I liked the premise of the team going to see a psychic. The predictions were done well just wish the seer could've stuck around longer. I also liked how the team has a new Wraith alliance and with a Wraith we

    A good episode to watch I liked the premise of the team going to see a psychic. The predictions were done well just wish the seer could've stuck around longer. I also liked how the team has a new Wraith alliance and with a Wraith we already know to boot. I'm going to remember that crack about shaking hands for a long time that was a good joke. Watching Halsey look like an idiot was very entertaining and I hope he makes a return. This was a good bridge building episode with the Replicators running a muck and this new alliance can't wait to see where things are going.
  • A surprisingly strong episode

    The initial promos for this episode made it look rather generic. Given how this season has progressed, that wouldn't necessarily be a surprise. The writers have finally turned an eye towards character arcs for most of the cast, something that had been lacking in the past. Unfortunately, it has apparently been at the apparent expense to the potential season arc.

    This episode might be the beginning of a change in that perception. That would be fitting, since the episode itself defies the impression given by the promos. Instead of a character-heavy tale, this is all about the future of Team Atlantis as a whole and the fate of the Pegasus Galaxy.

    In essence, a man with visions (explained rather well within the continuity of the Stargate universe) guides Carter and the rest of the team through a crisis involving the Wraith. Specifically, it involves the Wraith from the third season episode "Common Ground". His relationship with Sheppard makes this a lot more interesting, especially given the stakes.

    In a certain sense, the decision to reprogram the Replicators to pursue and destroy the Wraith made sense. It would protect Atlantis, for one, and that would continue to aid humanity's interests. On a practical level, it pulled back the galactic threats long enough to give the character arcs a chance to develop. It also happens to give the revelation in this episode additional weight. While Team Atlantis has been dealing with personal issues, the Asurans have decided on horrific new tactics.

    Objectively speaking, the Replicators use a logical tactic. If you want to eliminate an enemy and care nothing about conserving common resources, elimination of the food supply would be effective. Unfortunately, in this case, the Wraith use humans as food supply, so the end effect of the reprogramming has been a major negative. Team Atlantis ultimately feels responsible (and rightfully so), and it doesn't help that rectifying the situation means working with the Wraith, who have fragmented even further in the wake of the renewed Replicator attacks.

    This adds a sudden sense of urgency to just about everything, which the writers will hopefully recognize. This should add to Carter's impression that the job is too much for her (an unexpectedly good character turn), and there are some interesting connections to Teyla's quest to find her people. McKay should find his brilliance challenged, and Sheppard will need to deal with his relationship with his Wraith "friend". It looks like the promised blend of plot and character arcs has finally arrived!
  • Nice Episode

    I chose revealing just as a tribute to the Seer!

    But I did like this episode a lot, though not exactly sure of all the reasons why. Maybe when I watch again I'll know. Here are some random thoughts:

    1. I don't think I would like to be the Seer. I'd rather be the guy on Early Edition that gets to change the events, although that could be too heavy of a burden to bear. And Rodney, after everything that's happened on Sg1 and Atlantis, you think it's impossible for someone to have this ability?

    2. Carter definitely established her leadership role in this episode, which was nice to see. But I also liked what Sheppard said about too much information affecting decision.

    3. Moral dilemma regarding whether to deactivate replicator attack command. Tough choice. But I wonder...if you turn that off, in addition to the wraith problem again, wouldn't the replicators then just proceed to be a problem for Atlantis again (if/when they find it)? Better idea is to put a directive telling them to leave all humans alone - anywhere in the galaxy!

    4. Good old Mr. Woolsey - I'm sure everyone's glad he's back! By the way, who are his superiors? Maybe just the leaders of the nations that are represented in the IOA? I doubt if he has the authority to give commands on the base, like when he tried to order Sheppard to fire. I compare him to someone on the board of directors of a company and who can't give orders directly to employees like the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - that's the job of the CEO. But I could be wrong.

    Anyway, nice episode!