Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 6

The Shrine

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2008 on Syfy

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  • McKay starts to lose his memory and descends into a Pegasus condition known as Second Childhood.

    Ok..... I completely loved this episode for so many reasons. The acting in this episode was so emotionally charged that it was almost heartbreaking. All of the actors did tremendous jobs, especially David Hewlett.

    From the very beginning, it was just amazing. With Rodney trying to remember who he is, saying that he's a Mr. because he isn't smart enough to be a Dr.; it made me cry. And I think it was worse when he started calling out for John. You could just see that he was so desperate to know where John is, that you could tell how dependent he was on John to be there. With Jeannie there it made it worse because Rodney doesn't remember her and he tells her that his real name is a girls name and you could tell it just breaks her heart to see here brother like this. I loved the fact the Ronon was the one who was there to comfort her and tell her there was a way to say her final goodbyes.

    My favorite scene of all time in Stargate Atlantis was when Rodney woke John up by pounding on his doors, and then whole pier scene. Rodney was so scared because no one was there when he woke up and that that would mean he was loosing himself at an even faster rate. I just loved Sheppard's emotional reaction to Rodney. Drinking on the pier was just a pure Sheppard/McKay moment, and you can interpret any way you want. There was the whole snark fest going on, and John's refusal to say goodbye, which was just made the whole scene a big angst fest. John's line "You're stuck with me," is something I say to my brothers, so for me I think that their relationship transcends that of just friends or even best friends. I absolutely loved the giggling at the end of the scene; they're both nerds.

    When they get to the shrine I think McKay was justifiable in his anger that they brought him there. To feel better and then be told that it will only last a day is torture and I think deep down they all knew that they just didn't want to accept it because they wanted to say goodbye to the real Rodney. The only thing I had problem with was the last five seconds, it just did a complete 360 with the "I love you." Now I don't have a problem with McKay and Keller being in a relationship it's just that that scene didn't quite belong.

    Overall, it was very powerful and I kind of liked that even though it was mostly angst and drama, they were able to throw in some humor, like with Woolsey in the gate room and he statement about Ronon learning to hunt at age 6 and then Ronon's look at him. It just a really good episode.
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