Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 6

The Shrine

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 22, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Too many holes and scenes thrown in for "dramatic effect" absolutely ruined this episode for me.

    I couldn't help but watch this episode and think, "This week, on a very special Stargate: Atlantis..."

    For starters, this wasn't Carson Beckett dying, or Dr. Janet Fraiser. This was Rodney: arguably the most popular character on the show. The idea of killing him off is ludicrous, and it diminishes the emotional impact.

    Secondly, anybody who knows or has known a person with Alzheimer's should take offense to the portrayal of this similar type of disease. People with Alzheimer's do not talk like babies. All that was missing was for Rodney to start sucking his thumb.

    Now, my beef with certain plot points:

    -Why didn't John cloak the puddle jumper before going to Talus? Seriously. No excuse for this. "We'll hide in the smoke," he says. Uh, they're gonna see you fly out of the smoke; it's not like it blankets the whole planet.

    -"I've been meaning to tell you this for some time ... I love you." WHAT? He was going to propose to Dr. Katie Brown midway through last season. It was sort of a big deal. Now it's like Brown never existed and he suddenly loves someone else? Let's stop trying to create love interests to appeal to sappy romantics. This is Stargate, not Grey's Anatomy.

    -I know this episode was filmed before word came of the show's cancellation, but come on, let's try to advance the plot a little with each remaining episode instead of creating all these one-shot deals that can be inserted at any point in the season.

    -Good thing the parasite crawled out of the drill hole. What else was Keller planning to do with A DRILL? Use it like a saw and grind through Rodney's skull? NO.

    -Horrible, cheap set design for the cave. The plays at my high school looked better 10 years ago.

    -And finally, the big one: Waiting for the water to recede on the flooded planet was mind-numbingly stupid writing. Simply dialing a space gate would have caused the water to flood into space, not Atlantis. Then, when the gate closes after another half hour or less, go back to Atlantis through the second gate! Problem solved. They'd have been back in an hour, tops -- not NINE HOURS.
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