Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 19

The Siege (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Syfy

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    The Siege was a good episode but it was not as big and grand as you would expect from the end of the first season. Some of the Expedition Teams memebers believed Teyla was revealing vital information to the Wraith, even unknowingly, and she was upset about it, which makes sense. It was interesting to watch it all play out. We learn there was a Wraith, the one from a previous episode where he challenged Sheppard. He has been in Atlantis for a while now, and when captured, Sheppard shoots him and questions him, and The Wraith are very adamant about getting to Earth and to a new galaxy. I wonder what would happen if a Goa'uld took control of a Wraith Queen. There was a casualty, but one of the Wraith ships was destroyed, and the others are pausing to consider next course of action. Can't wait to see what happens!
  • As the Wraith continue to approach the people of Atlantis prepare to evacuate, auto-destruct the city, and see if they can get the satellite defensive system up and running. Also they discover Bob the Wraith has beamed aboard from the destroyed Dart.

    It has begun, the season ending three part thriller to the first year of Stargate Atlantis. Dr. Weir has an interesting problem. Can she really in good conscious destroy a city over ten thousand years old and its vast knowledge base? Many times in our own history civilization and advancements have been lost because of war and destruction. I sight the loss of the Buddhist shrines in Afghanistan destroyed by the Taliban because of there perceived negative influence on the general population. Humans as a race seem to be adept at destroying what is most precious to us in the end for what may be short term gains. The satellite story line was interesting with Dr. Peter Grodin played by Craig Veroni making his last appearance in the series. The special effects of destroying that hive ship were tremendous. Also it would cause the Wraith to pause to wonder what else is out there for them to deal with. That one shot dropped there force by a third.

    Bob the Wraith was a bit of a surprise but the story was a little superfluous as we really didn't learn anything other than Sheppard can be a little barbaric at times. Overall a strong first part to basically the three part movie completing the first season and starting the second. It will be fun to see how or if everyone gets out of this. I am fascinated by the structure of these shows and how the SciFi Channel really put this series into production. During this first season we have seen basically three or four made for TV movies within the first season of Stargate Atlantis. Thanks for reading...
  • Things are not as thought..

    First the tension, between Teyla and the security chief and soon the security chief is found on bad condition what leads from worst thought scenario (Teyla did this) to even worser - there is wraith on Atlantis and have been for last two weeks. What he have done that time? Oh..

    McKay with some scientist are trying to fix the Ancient platform. With that they manage to take down one ship but then the relay is overload and Wraiths destroy it while one scientist on board. One member lost, again.

    Teyla managed to capture the wraith on Atlantis. Bob, as he is named (I liked Steve better - he looked better and acted better), has no intention to talk what he has done and it all ends with very Sheppard like scene - killing Bob.

    Panic.. Cannot wait to see next episode.
  • As the Wraith approach, the team prepares.

    Knowing that the Wraith are coming soon, the team at Atlantis start discussing their options. While Sheppard tries to find a place for everyone to escape to when the Wraith arrive, McKay and two others are working on a weapon that can possibly destroy the Wraith ships. This episode is mainly just leading up to the big fight in the next episode. So, a lot of talk is going on, but it is crucial to the story line of the next parts. You know that a big battle is about to occur, but only the next episodes let you really see how big it is going to get!
  • The battle has begun.

    This was the episode I was waiting for and finally it has come! What a belter of a episode. the war is on! It's been buidling up to this and it did not dissapoint. Extremely well written and super visual effects. There were casualities, there was infighting, it had it all. Atlantis has official stepped up a gear and gone into turbo! Oh and yes die BOB die! I like the fact that Major Sheppard didn't take any crap from BOB the Wraith.
  • Answers revealed, conflict, lives lost, sacrifices, "naming things," and BOB! -- and there's still one more episode of the season!

    Like I said, this episode had some answers revealed: We were told why Teyla were having those Wraith nightmares -- there was a Wraith in the city.

    Conflict between Teyla and the sgt., and then he's is suddenly injured and Lt. Ford is nervous that Teyla is responsible.

    There were lives lost -- of course, most of them were Wraith lives, but that's a good thing!

    Sacrifices... Peter... I say he went down with honor. McKay wanted to get him out of there before the Wraith came, but he had his mind focused on the big picture. I'll miss seeing the guy's face. Yeah, he wasn't a main character, but still...

    A little return to Lt Ford naming things -- Planet Waterfall? Riiiiight.

    And BOB! A newly-named Wraith. Haha, he's no Steve, but Major Sheppard knows how to make fools out of the Wraith.
  • Really Impressive

    It was really impressive to the see power of the ancients when the satelite shot the Wraith ship and when you know how complex are their scietic developments [ 7%,8% or 9% of all the acents knowlenge can be saved using all the harddiscs .

    And see how powerful are the Wraith minds, and how fast they can do things [just at that little time that a Wraith ship scanned Atlantis, the Waith could tranfer the data, activate the Self-Destruction and tranport himself to the city]