Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 19

The Siege (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • This episode marks the first Hive ship to be destroyed since the expedition arrived in the galaxy.

    • Nitpick: When McKay and his team are getting near the Ancient Defense Platform he asks to be sealed off in the rear section of the ship with the helmet to his space suit still off. Those suits are ridiculously hard to get into, even just to get the helmet on would require another person. He would not have been able to get ready for his spacewalk alone.

    • Sgt. Stackhouse is mentioned, but not seen in this episode. He is off leading a team to find a suitable Alpha Site before the Wraith ships arrive. This is the last mention of him in the series.

    • We learn Dr. Zelenka's first name is Radek.

    • Gate planets named as rejected for the Alpha Site:
      M85-393 (Ridiculously hot in the daytime).
      M4H-212 (Genii spies).

      Other gate planet named:
      M1K-439 (Lots of waterfalls).
      M1M-316 (Lush surroundings).

    • Despite McKay's impressive data compression algorithm (first seen in "Letters from Pegasus") and using all available hard drives, Dr. Zelenka estimated only 7 to 8% of the Ancients' database can be saved.

    • Goof: The low-gravity scenes in this episode were well done, with one exception. When McKay drifts into the satellite, he is towing a Naquadah generator behind him. When he comes to a stop, the Naquadah generator should continue to drift in the same direction until something stops it.

  • Quotes

    • (Regarding the Ancient database)
      Dr. Weir: No matter what we choose here, invaluable information is going to be lost, and that is just the information we've deciphered! Now, we all know, we have barely even begun to scratch the surface. What if we destroy the cure for all disease? Or even some piece of information that could lead to the downfall of the Wraith?
      Zelenka: I don't know what I can tell you. I will try to improve on McKay's compression ratios, but... We are at war, Elizabeth. In war, there are casualties.

    • Grodin: When we re-routed power from the buffer to the weapon, it looks like we inadvertently routed power away from the docking station and the airlock... That's going to be a problem.

    • Wraith: I will tell you this: no matter where you flee, we will find you -- just as surely as we will find Earth. And when we do, we will feast.

    • McKay: If it seems like we can't fix it, we'll just turn round and come back. Now I realise I am invaluable everywhere ...
      Zelenka: You know what? Forget about it. I take it back.
      McKay: Sorry...
      Zelenka: No!
      McKay: You can't take it back because you've just admitted that I am smarter than you are!
      Zelenka: I admitted no such thing!
      McKay: It was hard for you to say but the truth shone through and you were compelled to speak!
      Zelenka: You are a miserable little man!
      McKay: Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey, let's not ruin the moment here, eh?

    • Zelenka: This simulation I've put together: it shows how the city will be destroyed once we trigger the self-destruct.
      Weir: So glad you felt I needed to see this. I was just thinking how my nightmares need to be more vivid.

    • Zelenka: ...But I'm more concerned about the Ancient database. Its ability to back up data is incredibly redundant.
      Weir: 'Incredibly redundant'.
      Zelenka: Yeah, that one never gets old. But seriously...

    • Grodin: If we can do that, it will arm.
      McKay: You know, your masterful grip on the blatantly obvious continues to impress me, Peter.
      Grodin: Thank you.

    • McKay: This is bad! Very bad! I'm not sure I can fix this.
      Grodin: You can fix anything.
      McKay: Who told you that?
      Grodin: You did, on several occasions.
      McKay: Well, you're right. It's probably a good thing I drew the short straw.
      Grodin: That's more like it!

    • Grodin: Rodney? Rodney, did you make it?
      McKay: Haven't quite left the rear of the Jumper yet.
      Grodin: Do I need to remind you of the time?
      McKay: Yes, please do – remind me. Are we on a tight schedule?
      Grodin: Just 'pointing out the obvious'.
      McKay: Okay, thank you.

    • Miller: You're the best qualified to fix it anyway, sir.
      McKay: Mmm. Flatter of the dead man. Good.

  • Notes

    • Rachel Luttrell voiced the "previously on Stargate Atlantis" line.

    • According to Sci-Fi Channel's Podcast, there were plans to show a T-Rex come through the gate, but, due to budgetary reasons, they were scrapped.

    • Excerpts were written by Martin Gero ("The Brotherhood").

    • International Airdates:

      -This episode aired in Canada on January 24, 2005 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.
      -This episode aired in the UK on March 1, 2005 on Sky One.
      -This episode aired in Australia on September 1, 2005 on Channel 7.
      -Syndication Premiere: May 14-15, 2005.

  • Allusions

    • Sheppard: You know that for a fact, Sergeant, or is your spidey sense just tingling?

      He was referring to Spider-Man and his legendary spider-sense, which detects danger.

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