Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 20

The Siege (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Atlantis is under attack by Wraith hive ships in a nearly hopeless battle.

    This show was painful to watch, but probably not in the sense that most people mean it. It was one of the most disgustingly terrible episodes of any television show I have ever seen in my life.

    Let's begin with Colonel Everett. Besides starting off one of the dumbest character arcs in the history of Stargate, this episode firmly establishes that the people on Atlantis have problems finding guest stars who can play a character. Everett starts off as an asshole. That's his entire character. He's the asshole, and he adds to the show exactly what it doesn't need in this episode: another bad guy. Every single line he said, every single action he took, every single expression on his face was trite and uninteresting. And, of course, by the end of the episode, he has completely come around to the main character's way of thinking with no realistic steps on the way to it. Great character arc, thank you.

    And then there's this whole thing between Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Major John Sheppard. It's ridiculous. The dialogue between them is so completely flat I can barely listen to it. On top of it, neither of the actors have any chemistry with each other at all. They might as well be acting to an empty room for all the connection I felt with them. Maybe the creators will get the message and stop trying to pair up these two romantically.

    Speaking of Major Sheppard, his character was incredibly spastic during this episode. His function was as the stereotype of the 'incredibly stupid heroic type', which, of course, meant that he ran off immediately at the end of the episode to put his life in danger.

    Teyla Emmagen was also quite spastic in this episode. As a telepath, she's next to useless. Also, she can't act. At all. Not to mention there is no character definition there--she's just the token female on Sheppard's team. She never even acts like a leader to her people, just like another subordinate to Major Sheppard.

    There were a couple positive points about this episode. The banter between Zelenka and McKay was fun, for the most part. And the special effects were incredible. Beyond that, though, this episode was painful--very painful--to watch.
  • Wow.. this was incredible..

    The last episode was good, but this - this is the best episode on this season and so worth the ending. I totally understand why people now say that Atlantis is better than SG-1. It has something incredible on it. All the army thing from Earth - just what they needed. All the action and running, no second of rest - it kept my eyes fixed on screen and the energy, motion, nerve wracking moment this had. Incredible.

    And the way we get to the end - almost hopeless situation, Sheppard going in. And Carson - that voice - it can drive me mad. And Wraiths all around...

    Incredible views and visually super impressive, all those battle scenes, and Atlantis vies.

    Superb episode!
  • See Summary

    The Siege, Stargate Atlantis's 1st Season Finale was action packed, character driven, and fun to watch. The Atlantis Team was about to pack it up, pack it in, and move out and self destruct the city when an inbound wormhole connected, and it was from Earth. A Team of Marines came through and revoked the Retreat and Self Destruct Commands, new orders to Defend the city at all costs. We learned a little bit about how the Wraith beat the Ancients, essentially anyhow, in the past, and the true scope of their numbers. Wraith were all over the city as well, and they were scary looking, like a mix of clown (those creepy smiles) and vampires, mixed with the things from The Time Machine. Anyhow it was fun to see them and learn more about them. The chair was activated, for a short time, and we were left with a suspensful ending, leading into the second seasons 1st episode.
  • This episode is about Atalantis being held by some people from one of the worlds that visited and they managed to get the city back from them.

    The review is that it is about a lost city called atalantis and they are being held by an enemy. that wants to take over the city and they holding them so they can try to get some more help. Their help comes in the form of Sheppard,and four other people. no less while there is a huge storm going on a tsunami comes and they have to try tp get the sheild up before they loose the city. they get the sheild u but not in time for some of the city. some of the city gets flooded by the tsunami.
  • The Marines arrive to save the day. Colonel Everett leads a team from Earth to defend Atlantis from the Wraith attack long enough for the Daedalus to arrive and finish them off. Dr. Weir must deal with the Genii and Sheppard may be on a suicide mission.

    A triumphant second part to the three part season finale/second season beginning. When we leave our trusty crew they are all in grave danger and are at risk of being captured or killed.

    Colonel Everett played by Clayton Landey really does not understand what he is up against. If Earth command really did they would have sent more reinforcements. It may take a suicide mission to save the day. At the time we didn't know if Sheppard would succeed but we now know as it is five years later he does somehow. I am really intrigued to see the first episode of next season now to see how he gets out of this one.

    Wonderful special effects and the battle sequences are marvelous. The Wraith are certainly masters of the art of war and the fact they will sacrifice themselves makes them all the more dangerous. I believe it is the feeling of ultimate superiority which drives them based on the series information. Also the use of an obvious hive type mentality. It must have been a lot of fun putting this all together.

    Great entertainment! Thanks for reading...
  • I love this episode. The beginning when Colonel Everett shows up all gung ho, boasting of his intentions to save the day never fails to amuse me no matter how many times I watch it.

    His obvious disdain for Dr Weir and his disparaging remarks eventually come back to bite him in the arse and that's as it should be. How dare he enter Atlantis thinking he knows it all just because Atlantis is being run by a bunch of scientists. Surely, if the brainy guys can't come up with a plan then all is as doomed as they made it sound in Letters from Pegasus.

    I'm not saying that the full metal jacket dudes didn't play a huge part in saving the, day they did. For instance enough of them got red shirted which saved a lot of the 'Lantis crew from biting the dust. Then of course there's all the heavy artillery that they brought with them. Had Weir's team had all this stuff to begin with the future would have looked a lot more orange. So yeah thanks for that. The brainy guys were still required to tie in the naquda generators into the systems but what they hey.

    Seriously, I do love this ep. Everything looks bleak right up until the end.
  • One of the best episode EVER!!!

    This is one of the best episodes ever... And I dont just mean In Stargate Atlantis I mean both Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1 together! It has the most amazing visual effects I have ever seen! It should win a award( If it didnt already)! I was so interested in this episode the whole way through! It was like a movie! Some movies I have seen dont even have that awesome of special effects! That was one of the most amazing episodes I have ever seen! The whole cast and crew did a awesome job! I think anyone who Is a Stargate fan will absolutely love this episode!
  • Plans of evacuating Altantis change when O'Neill sends a team of Marines to help defend Atlantis from the Wraith attack.

    The action has begun! The fight scenes with the Wraith are action packed and definitely eye candy for people who love special effects. Another cool thing about this episode is that we get to see more of Atlantis. Each team is shown where in the city they are by the camera leaving the current position and panning to the next area. It gives us a feeling of how big Atlantis is. What makes this episode a 10 is the battle, when it starts, it starts! This episode is full of action and the cliffhanger will leave you wanting more! Great end to a great season!!
  • Can always count on Atlantis now. (spoilers)

    Ending on the promise of some great stuff next season, new storylines, and adventures the show continues to grow and flourish. The characters are great, and continue to grow, now the Wraith are apparently heading towards Earth, we’ll see how that turns out, if they make it very far, or to earth… all the Wraith, or just our friendly human-ish Wraith from Enterprise and his friends and family, many questions, good stuff, fun stuff, Rodney still rules. Gotta wait a few months then the joy shall commence again!!! The only sad thing with Atlantis and SG-1 is that it has the ‘aura’ of ‘generic-sci-fi-fanboy’ stuff, but it really is great writing, and even greater character development, arcs, and interactions. The reason this is sad, people don’t give it a chance because of the genre it is part of, is too bad, they’re missing such a well made piece of entertainment. Is the reason many of the greatest shows were canceled before their times, such as Firefly, genre kills the best of them.
  • Best Stargate Atlantis episode, after "Rising", of course. Cleverly and well organized, this episode will be remembered as classic!

    I'm referring here to the both parts of Siege, since it's one plot.

    The city of Atlantis is now preparing for war. After 2 Wraith hive ships have been identified approaching the planet, and since there's no answer from Earth, the city is all alone.
    Time for ideas. Who? Right, Rodney McKay. By using a naquadah generator, he can power the ancient satellite, and use it to attack the hive ships, away from the city. They succeed in taking one ship, but then the a malfunction causes overpower. It stops working, and the wraith manage to destroy the satellite. Grodin, a lovely team member, gave his life in that satellite.
    Meanwhile, Teyla figures out there's a wraith in the city. They go after him and take him captive. The drone chair, like the one O'Neill used in the Antarctic, refuses to work. Sheppard leads his people to go find a safe Alpha Site, and they find a planet with dinosaurs. For the first time in the whole series. A T-Rex, to be accurate.
    Time's running low…
    In the second part, as there's no solution, they activate the auto-destroy and prepare going to the Alpha-site. But then - Incoming wormhole. SGC. Just in time!
    Weapons, soldiers, Naquadah generators from a new type, and of course, and announcement about the Deadalous, the new ship which will be here in 4 days. They need to hold only 4 days.
    Space mines which were brought by Colonel Everett were placed, but the Wraith brought asteroids to eliminate them, harming Atlatis sensors by the explosions. Now they can't see the upcoming attack for several hours.
    First wave of darts - the soldiers manages to take them out, with Sheppard using the chair with the new generator. But then - Wraith in the city! They've been killed.
    Weir was sent to the Jenii, asking Atom-Bombs in return for C4. She managed to get it. Rodney found a way to activate a Jumper with the chair, and they're gonna send a Jumper with Atom-Bomb on the Wraith. But the generator doesn't work! Sheppard is ready for a suicide mission. Plenty of Wraith land in the city. Everett faces a Wraith. Teyla is missing.
    An excellent thriller. What will be next? Who'll survive? A lot of question unanswered. Until the next season.

    I must talk about the qualities of this particular episode:

    1. The camera. For the first time, the camera was inside the city, moving from building to building, passing the tense and the fear. From Weir on the main tower, to Sheppard in the tower at the quarter, looking for Wraith. Excellent scenes!

    2. Of course, the Fight in the darkened sky in the night. It was awesome. All those new advanced cannons, capable of firing just like a ship. And the drones, oh I like the drones. Sheppard knew how to use perfectly each drone. Atlantis had the upper hand in this extraordinary battle. I will remember it as one of the series' classic!

    3. Everett as a developing character. He came as the one in control, making us wonder why O'Neill sent him at all. But he did understood what's going in the city, and adjusted himself everytime. Probably O'Neill didn't mind if Everett returns or not.
  • This is the greatest is stargate show but the worst episode cliffhangers suck and do little for the show because people forget why they like shows after 3 or 4 minths.

    Basically what happens is atlants is under atack by the wraith but with little left in energy at the city it is at a very desperate hole when the wrait send in a battle cruser and they have nothing to stop it. New actors are joining the show in the siege episodes not all last the series. This is one of the last major episodes of the talented Rainbow being a cast member which is really sad. Careful spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Episode ends of sheperd in a explosive ship off to destroy the wraith cruer. And the cast in trouble when the wraith hold parts of the city under their control.
  • Atlantis Armageddon

    Probably one of the best episodes of the season as the Wraith launch an all-out attack against Atlantis. The addition of new forces from Earth gives the Atlanteans a better chance at surviving, but the Wraith still manage to kick the living bajeezus out of them.

    An annoying addition is Colonel Everett. He just drives me spare with his whole "I'm a Colonel I know more than you" attitude. I have a strong suspiscion that Wraith he's been cornered by is gonna eat him...

    Another annoying factor is the cliffhanger ending. Sheppard's final comment of "I'm going in", followed by the displaying of that good old "To Be Continued", made me want to scream. Now I've gotta wait ages for the final part, to see whether Sheppard dies horribly in a suicide attack, or if he is saved by someone - or something - else. And the insinuation that Teyla's died was bad too.

    And then of course there's Lieutenant Ford. Good old Ford. The fact that he's been surrounded by a bunch of Wraith isn't a good sign of things to come...

    But all in all, a very good episode.
  • The Wraith have the upper hand as Atlantis is left under seige.

    What a way to end it, absolutely brilliant. That's what we've been waiting for, everything has building to this point and now the question is how will they survive this mess and what's going to happen next. The new kernel spoke in a funny voice when he first arrived. Other than that it was perfect. I love the battle, super visual effects. The new gun was cool. I loved the fire fight. And how Weir got her respect from the kernel at the end. In one word, this episode was cool!
  • The end of a stellar first season, and all their lives are in danger.

    Well, anyone who thought there would be resolution to the season finale story obviously hasn't watched enough television. Or seen the episode title of the first episode of Season 2. But even though I have done both, that didn't stop me from throwing pillows at my TV screen when "To be continued..." came up at the end. (Well, they're called throw pillows, aren't they?)

    What a great pair of episodes and a fantastic season-ender. I could almost hear the myriads of anti-Weir fans cheering when she was relieved by Colonel Everett. Well, too bad for all of them that John continued to support her-- I suppose in return for her going to bat for him in Rising. Everett's entrance, though, followed rather well-known lines; the new guys come bursting in and try to take over, only to find out that the ones who have been there for a while won't cooperate until the new guys recognise that the old guys do, in fact, know what they are talking about. The scene between Everett and John was very well-done. Does the Colonel think that berating someone right before they fight for there lives is really a good idea? You know what, Everett? YOU WEREN'T THERE. As if John hasn't been dogged by guilt ever since. Anyway, as I said, a great scene.

    Thank goodness for them all that Teyla decided to keep them posted about what the Wraith were up to-- whether Everett trusts her or not. The Athosians really have been invaluable to the success of the Atlantis team, and I'm glad they kept with the SG-1 thread of needing people of other planets/races to help them out. Although I'm wondering if the Wraith's ability to beam down was mentioned to Everett at all. It seems like a vital piece of information: "Oh, by the way, Colonel, while they're attacking us from overhead you might want to keep a lookout for them turning up inside the city, too." Or maybe this was Elizabeth and John proving to Everett how much they need Teyla.

    Well, we're in reruns until July....
  • A wormhole from Earth opens and the calvary arrives... Sorta.

    Just as the self-destruct sequence is engaged, a wormhole from Earth activates and in walks Col. Dillon Everett with a crew with weapons and the like. At first I must say I really didn't like Everett... Especially the way he spoke. Like, jeez, come on! But towards the end, I began to like him. I wonder if he actually died. We were never shown.

    Several main character's lives are in the balance by the end of this episode (of course, the Wraith are attacking, so all of their lives ARE in the balance, but some more direct than others).

    Out in the forefront is Major Sheppard who is planning to fly a Puddle Jumper -- cloaked -- into one of the Hive ships.

    Teyla. The last we heard was gunshots and then we see a gun laying on the floor. My guess it's her gun. I'm interested to see what happened to her.

    Lt. Ford. Surrounded by Wraith. Those vile creatures.

    This was a good way to end a season.
  • Atlantis is under attack.

    In this episode Atlantis is under attack and marines from earth come to their aid. This is a great action packed episode. It really shows the power stuggle between some of the military and civilian personnel. It also leaves you hanging until Season 2 which will definatly make you tune in. A must see episode.
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