Stargate Atlantis

Season 2 Episode 1

The Siege (3)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Dues Ex Daeadalus

    There's an awful lot going on here. Probabaly too much. But this is still one fast-paced conclusion to the The Siege arc, and although some elements are swept under the carpet a little too neat for my liking, I dug it. With Atlantis under constant attack there was bound to be some form of reset button in place. Or cloaking device, whatever you want to call it. And that came in the form of a new battleship, some new charcaters and a flimsy idea that should have taken a week, but with some lght-hearted banter, is pulled off within hours. Thank you McKay. There's also an out of nowhere arc, which is probably the best decision the show has made in a while, to infect Ford with a personality. Sorry, I mean Wraith DNA. This is a pretty cool idea, I love everything about Wraith mythology, so I'm excited to see where this takes us. Not a bad start to season two at all, and a pretty satisfying and ambitious conclusion to the arc from last season.
  • See Summary

    The Siege part 3 was a good season opening episode. There was a lot going on. After the last hive ship was destroyed, 12 more were hours away, and the team destroyed a few of them offensively, then they faked the Wraith out, Telya relayed that the Atlantis Team was about to destroy the city themselves, so the Wraith halted their attack, and a nuclear weapon went off over the shield, Atlantis Cloaked, the remaining Wraith Hive ships went into hyperspace after scanning and not detecting Atlantis. This episode set up the seasons story lines a little, and we saw more character development, action, and more. It was cool to see the Asgard in this episode, and the way the Colonel asked him to use the beaming technology to deploy weapons, and the relationship seen between the Asgard and the AF woman working with him. Also LT. Ford is now some Wraith Hybrid, but in a he needs to feed on them sort of way, haha, so that should be interesting to see what happens. I'm glad Atlantis is still around for another day, another season!!!!!
  • A great start to season 2.

    This episode takes place moments after the season 1 final. The Wraith are trying to invade Atlantis, and are suceeding until the earth ship arrives with a ZPM to power up the shield and protect the city. But all is not well, when a second wave of hive ships head for Atlantis, so the team cuts them off and take most of them out. But with only one ship they do not suceed and are forced to fake that they self ditructed Atlantis. This plan works and the Warith leave. But Aiden is messed up from the Wraith which attacked him, causing him to flee from the city. So overall i thought this was a great episode and a great start to the second season.
  • An Excellent start to a brand new season!

    The City of Atlantis is under siege by the Wraith Hiveships. Wraith soldiers are being beamed in from darts all over the city. The city's self destruct is armed. Lt. Ford and Teyla are missing. The only way to destroy the terrible fleet is too pilot a puddle jumper carrying a Genii nuke into the heart of the Hive ship. John Sheppard is flying the jumper. But wait! The Deadalus is here! Finally! We might just win!
    Siege Three is one of the most pivotal episodes ever as most season starters are. This episode boasts some of the best visual effects of the entire ship. Seeing the Deadulus fighting the hive ships and the scene where it flys underneath the Hive ship while escaping the battle are simply amazing and visually stunning. Not to mention the audience finally realizes just how big the Wraith Hive ships are in comparison to the Deadalus. I mean those Hive Ships are really big!
    But enough about the effects, lets get to the acting! Finally after a whole season and many adventures of possible romantic tension between Elizabeth Weir and John Sheppard. There is finally some contact between them! (side-note here, I heard that they were going to do a sex scene between those two in Seige Part Two!) Anyway, Ford may become a recurring character but now with the Wraith Enzyme flowing through his veins and his madness due to his addiction to the drug, Lt. Ford is poised to become a much more interesting character.
    I look foward to the rest of the season!
  • Last line of defense...

    Wow.. I hardly thought it can keep the level the last season ending was, but this was up for the same level, if not more as we got our quite positive ending and all the action.

    Visually, impressive, again. I cannot get my eyes off from those sceneries. The shield and bombing it - gorgeous visually looked. And the bomb blast - their artists are doing great job.

    The storyline - all the excitement, motion and action. There was again, no change to get eyes off and the way those events finally came together - Ford's Sheppard's cat-mouse game, mounting thing, the ship getting away and sending bomb. Gorgeous.

    Plus cannot forgot the change that they tried to fight with them.

    Amazing episode.
  • The Daedalus arrives and beams Sheppard off the jumper as he detonates the bomb destroying the Hive ship. The Daedalus destroys the other Hive ship. Unfortunately the sensors show a dozen more hive ships coming and Atlantis mounts its own offensive.

    There is an old saying you have to break some eggs to make an omelet. On the plus side they destroyed five hive ships which could be close to a tenth of the Wraith fleet. On the negative side they lost a lot of personnel and Lt. Ford skipped out with his new physiological makeup. I really enjoyed Ford's character and hopefully we'll see more of him going forward.

    Some interesting and fun stuff here. Right before the Daedalus and Sheppard's run at the hive ship Ford's, Everett's and Teyla's contingents get jumped. We see Everett get attacked, we see Ford go over the edge of the railing, and we see Teyla knocked out. Each has a different fate. Teyla was stunned, Ford has been change into something that is a cross between human and Wraith, and Everett has had years drained off his life. He finally sort of apologizes to Sheppard before they send him back to Earth.

    The Daedalus goes on the offensive when they realize a fleet of additional hive ships are coming. She manages to take out another two hive ships before being out matched by the other ten. McKay and Zelenka save the day with a brilliant scheme to try to make it look like Atlantis has been destroyed. Teyla sends a message to the Wraith that they are destroying the city to up the deceit. The Wraith leave Atlantis thinking that it has been destroyed and the humans returned to Earth.

    I would definitely recommend seeing all three parts of The Siege and all in order when possible. Great television and great Science Fiction. Thanks for reading...
  • Full scale war!

    While the Siege 1 and 2 mark an awesome end to the 1st season the conclusion, The Siege 3 mark the beginning of a new series. Finally news from Earth arrive and not only that but major reinforcements including the Daedalus (Earth's most advanced interstellar ship), While i do like my fair take of 4th of July (lasers, flares, fireworks, rockets, bombs fly all around these 3 episodes), and i don't mind seeing wraith ship battles and the team's cunning and wits, mostly and finally Rainbow Sun Francks (still can't believe his name is rainbow sun), is off the show (for a while) and off the team. I don't have anything against him it's just he didn't express originality at all and all his lines were obvious cliches and the occasional unnecessary smiles. He didn't express feeling, he was there just not so much, so yeah woohoo he's gone.
  • Wraith invade the city of Atlantis. Fightage ensues.

    The Wraith have invaded Atlantis.

    The Stargate Atlantis team attempts to repel the invaders with a little help from friends in high places.

    Space battle scenes were pretty cool.

    The cat-and-mouse scenes as a team tries to make its way across Atlantis in the midst of the invasion is pretty suspenseful.

    Dr. McKay's demonstration of military prowess when he defends himself from the attackers is very impressive, in a way.

    The clash of ethics between the humans and the Asgard is pretty interesting. Especially when it seems to culminate with one of that venerable race cursing incoherently under his breath.

    This episode managed to loft a number of suspenseful threads and keep them all going at once.

    It was pretty cool - and not without its humorous moments.
  • The start of a new series and what a cracker it is.

    I love this show and have been hanging out to see it again. Living in Australia, we are way behind and our network has only just started screening season 2. I would love to see in in conjunction with Stargate SG1 but our network only begins screening Stargate Atlantis when a season of SG1 has completed. We have just seen season 9 of SG1 so now Atlantis in on. I thought that The Siege part 3 was a great way to start the new season and took a courageous turn with one of their own going \\\'bad\\\' - Lieutenant Ford becoming part Wraith. I can\\\'t wait for the next episode.
  • One of the best Atlatis episodes ever.

    The battle scene between the Daedalus and the Wraith Hive ship was just great. That big bang that destroyed the last hive was wicked cool. Rodney was very funny. They could have taken some of the drones from the jumpers and put them into the Atlatis weapon systems, and put up a fight before they clocked the city. They may have destroyed two or three of the ships.
    The fight between the Hive ship and the Daedalus was ok, but it chould have been better, The Daedalus chould have fired some Mark 8 warheads at the ships, but no. The Wraith weapons didnt look very powerful when they hit the shield, they looked as if they were fall on the shield not being being fired.
    Overall it was a very good episode.
  • Ford changed and Wraith are gone all in all everything is back to normal

    i'm so glad they did a recap of season 1 so that i could remember what happend , i will start with the clifhanger left at the end season 1 where Sheppard is enter the hyrid ship with a bomb but at last moment contacted by earth ship which beamed him aboard. Well i can't say i didn't see that coming.

    Harmony-well i didn't know the Asguard on that ship?-we never really saw it on Stargate. i wonder whether that ship is going be in supportive role of Atlantis.

    oh yeah new title sequence is a lot better than season 1 however it's rather short.

    Wow i fogot how action-pack this series was and it was brillant, Rodney stand-up wrath was amusing. Ford-what the hell his he a hybrid?- i really didn't see that coming and it going to be intresting to see whether they will find him during the season-my guess is that they will.

    At least Wrath think Atlantis is gone
  • Great Episode For Shippers:P

    This was an Excellent, episode to finish off the 3 Parter, with earths ship coming for the Rescues and Shepp didn't die:D! but we all new that cus hes like the main characters:D but not only was it a exciting episode and shepp survived:D, it was one for the Shep/Weir Shippers:D.. That Hug Was something!
  • I like this series, however I expected much more.

    I recently watched the three episodes of 'The Siege'. The first two were original, fascinating, exciting and scary. It left us hanging in there... Will they all die or what will happen? I was wasking myself after the 2nd part. And eventhough I liked the 3rd part, it just didn't quite do the trick.
    I was expecting huge twists and surprises and not sushine and complete happiness. Only Lt Ford was out of line, that was a surprise for me as well. I just DON'T want to use the word cliché, but typical writing "tools" were used to cut loose ends... :(
    I think there should have been a double episode, going into more details and explaining a bit more.
    After all I had a good time watching it, will watch the next episode for sure!

  • Good opening for Second Season

    I enjoyed the whole episode. It was a better opening than Stargate SG-1!!! Miles Better!!

    McKay showed his comic abilities in this episode as usual!!! The gun, whispering, lying down on the ground - all marked his funny moments!!

    The whole episode was cleverly done, sped along on a even pace, so it was not all rushed, or too slow to get into(Stargate SG-1 take notice!!)

    Cant wait for the next episode... I wonder if something will happen between Weir n Sheppard?!! Watch this space!!

  • The Conclusion of the Wraith attack, thigthening some loose knoots and making a few new ones.

    This Episode is a Rather good one, especially if you see it just after the previeus episode. Which I would recomment, Course much has after all happened in the previeus 2 episodes. Major shepard get's an apoligy from the Colonels friend, for the ignorance put up by him when entered in earlyer. Ford get's addicted to Wraith serum and runs away, the Deadalus shows up. And this is pretty much all that happens storywise, I especially like the way the Asgard on Deadalus is cursing for having to use his teleporting technolagy as a weaponthing. That alone is worth the hole episode. A good start on the new season, lifting our hopes even though they left the last season with such a cliffhanger having us wait for months before seeing the conclusion. May that never happen again neither on The SG-1 show.
  • The Daedalus to the rescue, or how we fooled the lifesuckers

    This is fast becoming my favorite sf-show, The have managed to give
    it the same feeling I had with the first seasons of SG1

    The Daedalus is cool, a swearing Asgard... how cool is that! We need
    more of Hermiod :-), Rodney is his usual self... only even more sympathetic
    as before. In my opinion the entire cast is getting settled in there
    role with the possible exception of Lt. Ford, he didn't fit the role
    of warrior.

    The plot-line for this episode is strait forward and solid, the
    only strange part is the "enzyme" thing with ford.. don't exactly
    know were that is going.. The way that the Wraith allowed themselves
    to be fooled and break off the siege shows that the have a lot to
    learn about dealing with humans.

    favorite Quote:
    (Pointing his firearm at two Wraith)
    You want some of this?
    (The clip falls out onto the ground)
  • Great ending to the season finale.

    I thought this was a great conclusion to the season 1 finale. I liked the fact that they finally got a ZPM to power Atlantis with so that they can run the rest of the city and the shields. Another cool thing is that they now have the Deadalus to use whenever it is in the Pegasus galaxy. One thing that I was surprised about was who was chosen to play the captain of the Deadalus. I did have one small problem with how they did this episode. The way that everything played out was all just a little bit to cliché. Other than that I didn’t have any problems with this episode and it was very well done.
  • Couldn't be any better than this!

    This episode is of pure suspence. It keeps getteing better and better as it goes on, just like the series. First now that the Deadalus has shown up now we can get this party started. With nukes and a big bunch of Asgard tech this ship couldn't be any more loaded. Saddly now that they have given the ZPM to Atlantis their power had decreased and now they have a vonerability. But hey, it wouldn't seem that realistic if that haddn't been the case. Next we have Ford's addiction to the Wraith enzime so he has this black eye ball thing and his body is so much stonger than before. Thus he escapes with a Jumpper and now were on a chase to find him. Now the ZPM is powering the Shild and later used to cloak them so. I think i can defently say this is one packed, suspence loaded, action filled episode.
    This is one ausome episode.
  • Not bad, could be better.

    Hmm, the actual siege ended sooner than I expected. The last 2 eps from the 1st season were a lot better. Nevertheless, the Atlantis started better than the 9th season of SG1. The scenes involving Ford were quite surprising. Too bad he's not going to be on the show anymore.
  • New Ford

    When I first found out that Rainbow Sun Franks ("Lt. Aiden Ford") wasn't going to be a regular this season, I didn't quite believe the optimism from the producers and Franks about the new storyline for his character. About three quarters of the way through the episode, it is perfectly clear that this "new" Ford is more compelling than last season, partially because the personality change provoked by the Wraith enzyme and the conflict that it creates.

    Unfortunately, this is at a loss of both screen time for Franks and of the character we saw in episodes like "Letters From Pegasus:" loyal, helpful, and all around good guy. How much we'll see of this new Ford is not clear yet, but I would hope it would be sooner than later.
  • After waiting months after the season finale, we finally know what happened. And it was definitely worth the wait.

    The risk of an episode with three parts is that the story becomes boring. That definitely didn’t happen here. In my opinion this part was the best of the three.

    The Daedalus: a spaceship close to the Prometheus with Asgard technology and an actual Asgard on it. I liked the idea of mixing Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis and it didn’t disappoint. The jokes with Hermiod, and Mitch Pileggi in the role of the Colonel Caldwell were very cool. I didn’t think for one moment that Sheppard would die, but I didn’t expect this. I did like the hug he got from Elizabeth and his reaction to it.

    I also liked that they gave in to the philosophy of Stargate The Movie: the best use for atomic bombs is blowing up alien spaceships. And very funny thing was using Asgard technology to do it is frowned upon by the Asgard. But it did create a very awesome scene: the Daedalus VS twelve Wraith ships, or better Earth VS the Wraith.

    I have to admit, from the five main characters I liked Aiden Ford the least, but I didn’t expect that he would turn evil. I didn’t think he had it in him, but he was very scary and convincing as a half-Wraith. I didn’t love this plot line, but it wasn’t bad either.

    I thought the idea to hide the city was fantastic and any episode with a lot of A-bombs blowing up is a good one. My conclusion: a successful end to a three-part episode.
  • A brilliant example of the human ingenuity!

    This episode of atlantis clearly rivals 'The Reckoning', of Stargate SG-1, in terms of ending stories of the past, AND setting grounds for events to come! This is a dramatic and captivating istallment, perfectly suited for the viewing fan!

    The Daedalus is the key element in this episode, for not only does it help destroy the first coming attackers and supply the much needed Zero Point Module, but brings hope to the people of Atlantis, and confidence that they can prevail against this magnificent foe.

    The thing here is, the main goal of this peril, defence/escape from the Wraith's evil, is accomplished by some pieces of typical inventive human thinking, i.e. teleporting bombs to enemy ships, and faking a self destruct! I can't comprehend ANY enemy in the Universe doing this, bringing the strong sentiment of uniqueness to the viewer, making him proud that he is human!

    One thing to blame here, is the absolute lack of insight and knowledge the Asgard on the human battlecruiser brings, for we all know that an Asgard will inevitably point out flaws, ideas and all sorts of stuff in any situation! This Asgard acts more like a servant than as a technologically superior being.

    However, Ford's addiction is a wonderful addition to the story! This could see stuff like Ford becoming a Wraith hunter, or when we finally come up with a way to wipe them all out, Ford would try to stop us from doing so.

    Who knows?
  • This episode wasn't as good as I had hoped for the season premiere and for the three-episode conclusion, but it got the job done.

    This episode wasn't as good as I had hoped for the season premiere and for the three-episode conclusion, but it got the job done.

    I just feel like this episode was anti-climactic with the way in which the characters disposed of the second group of Wraith ships. It seemed as though the writers hadn't really thought of the ending to the three-episode story arc when they got started and this was all they could come up with. Don't get me wrong; the explosions were nice and the visual effects were excellent. But, the story was a little lacking.

    Of course, long-time science fiction fans will enjoy the introduction of Mitch Pileggi's character, as I do. And, now we will get to see the interesting interplay between the civilian doctor who is head of the facility (Atlantis) and the military colonel who is the commander of his ship (the Daedalus) and of course Maj. Sheppard as the leader of the Stargate based activities onboard Atlantis. My prediction is that Sheppard will have to temper Dr. Weir and Col. Caldwell for many episodes to come.

    And, finally, as concerns Lt. Ford, I'm hopeful for an interesting and continuing storyline involving his new character developments, but I will reserve judgment on that one for now.
  • Best episode so far.

    Another great episode of Atlantis. I can't wait to see where they go from here with the Ford character, and I would love to see more of the Asgard who's onboard Pegasus. I was hoping for a cameo appearance from an SG-1 character, maybe a holographic Asgard recording of O'Neill or Carter with a message for the Atlantis team or something.
  • Not their best work but not bad

    It feels like I've been waiting for the second season to begin for years now so maybe it's understandable that the first episode of the series was kind of dissapointing. I'm not saying it was bad or boring but the arrival of the Earth ship was unbelivable since I was under the believe that Earth was to far away for ship travel. The plot concerning Ford was brillian though and I can't wait to see how he will be slowly turning...
  • Good episode, but why can't the Wraith head for Earth?

    Apparently the Earth ship can get to Atlantis, so why can't Wraith get to Earth? I know Earth can be ANYWHERE to them and the gate is easier, but it took how long for the ship to get to Atlantis from Earth? Not that long from how I understood it.

    On an off note, I can't wait to find out where they go next with Ford's character. I find it interesting if not far fetched, yet I'm willing to suspend my disbelief once again so I may enjoy what will surely become another storyline with twists and turns that will surely abound.
  • Great conclusion to the Siege.

    I love the way this episode concluded the siege. It tied up everything nicely. The wraith are still a threat and Atlantis is still around. The Daedulus is an awesome ship and I hope that they show more of it on both Stargate series. I can\'t wait until next weeks episode.
  • Great conclusion to previous season/Stepping stone to next

    In the conclusion to the three part episode Siege, SG-Atlantis manages to deliver a very exciting episode that gives the series some interesting new plots to follow.

    Firstly the changes to the Ford character - while perhaps not as smooth as it could have been(nobody once said "hey what's up with your eye") and the whole Sheppard/Ford cat/mouse chase taking place at same time as the big invisible city trick, were a bit clunky it's good to see they're trying something new with the character after his poor first season showing

    Secondly - How long will the team beable to hide from the wraith, they met wraith nearly every other episode last year, if they do meet them this year, and they get away, Atlantis will soon be under fire again from another fleet

    The good stuff - The Daedalus was great especially Pileggi and it was great to see Novak from the SG-1 episode Prometheus Unbound again.

    While this episode was a great conclusion to last year it was only half of the new seasons premier as another new character is introduced in the next episode. Hopefully this signals another good year of Stargate Atlantis

  • First Stargate SG1 quality episode

    This episode is the first truly great episode of Atlantis. For the first time we see action on the level of SG1 but unlike The Storm, and The Eye it is actually interesting. This episode has many fronts, gives you nice lulls and it seems to never end because they just keep coming.
  • The Daedalus arrives in time to save Shepherd from his suicide run. With the help of an Asgard "consultant", the Daedalus destroys several Hive ships. Atlantis is finally saved by a city-wide cloak but in the end Ford disappears through the Stargate unde

    This episode was everything I could hope for. I have watched the show from the start and have never been ceased to be amazed at what the writers can pump out. Atlantis does an extraordinary job of staying in the stargate universe but mostly separate from SG-1. The episode opened with the triumphant arrival of the Daedalus, an amazing improvement on the Prometheus. The episode was very well played in showing the true danger presented to Atlantis by the Wraith. It provided a momentary feeling of triumph when the remaining Hive ships were destroyed but quickly dashed that hope with the arrival of more. In the end it was human ingenuity that saved the city again. I know it wasnt much but seeing the feelings between Shepherd in Weir leave me to hope for a future between the two of them. Being a long time fan of SG-1 I remain true to it but I think that the future of the stargate franchise lies in Atlantis and look forward to an awesome and full second season.
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