Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 10

The Storm (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 17, 2004 on Syfy

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  • A massive storm in the form of two hurricanes threatens all of Atlantis so the inhabitants make a deal with another planet to house their people. McKay and Zelenka come up with a plan to save Atlantis from the coming storm.

    This episode could have been a blockbuster if even partially done in a realistic way. There were so many holes in the story that it really is almost laughable. I give it a seven as at least the acting was good and the special effects even better. The writing left you wondering if maybe they weren't the ones drinking a little too much instead of the Athosian that gave away the access code!

    What a wonderful setup. Because of the larger amount of surface water and natural warming, every twenty years a super storm erupts and causes major damage to the mainland and would to Atlantis as well if it wasn't shield protected. Of course in the past they could either be shielded or underwater, but without the power the city is in trouble.

    McKay being his usual idiotic brilliant self comes up with a plan with Zelenka to use the energy of the storm to run the generators powering the shields. Nice idea. He's still more annoying than worthwhile.

    Now onto the security breeches. The whole mission of the show is based on the safety of the Stargate. Let's leave two guards who are half asleep in the control room by themselves when everyone else is off the planet! Brilliant. Maybe if the Genii had to fight their way through a security contingent or cleverly got onto the city it would have been OK. The episode lost all credibility when this part occurred. It basically made the rest of the episode irrelevant.

    Based on the special effects, the fine acting of the regular cast, and Robert Davi as Commander Koyla and Erin Chambers as Sora I give this a seven. Oh, and to compound the problem it was a two parter! Thanks for reading...
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