Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 4

Thirty Eight Minutes

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2004 on Syfy

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  • The panicky whiner character

    We're all familiar with the Dr. McKay panicky whiner type character. If we don't have one in our own family, then we probably know one at work.

    His (or her) first impulse when something goes wrong is to let his emotions run wild. Instead of contributing to the solution of the problem, he gets in the way of others who are doing their best to remain calm so they can solve the problem.

    The panicky whiner character is irritating beyond belief, but he is actually very useful in advancing the plot. His obnoxious whining is basically well-disguised exposition. Also, he illustrates what the protagonists must NOT do, which is give in to panic.

    The funniest character of this type was USMC Pvt Hudson in James Cameron's SF classic "Aliens."

    Hudson: Well that's great, that's just fuckin' great, man. Now what the fuck are we supposed to do? We're in some real pretty shit now man...

    Hudson: That's it man, game over man, game over! What the fuck are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?

    Hudson: Seventeen *days?* Hey man, I don't wanna rain on your parade, but we're not gonna last seventeen *hours!* Those things are gonna come in here just like they did before. And they're gonna come in here...

    Hudson: ...and they're gonna come in here AND THEY'RE GONNA GET US!

    Hudson: Wow, that's beautiful. That... that tells it all.

    Hudson: I don't believe this, I don't fucking *believe* this.

    Hudson: Oh, maaaaaan and I was getting short. Four more weeks and out, now I'm going to die on this rock. This ain't fair man.

    Hudson: Four more weeks.

    Hudson: How? The transmitter was on the APC. It's wasted.

    Hudson: Think of what? We're *fucked*!

    Hudson: We're doomed now...

    Hudson: Oh yeah, sure. With *those* things running around? You can count *me* out.

    Every time the Hudson character, played to perfection by actor Bill Paxton, started whining, I couldn't stop laughing.

    Fortunately McKay, like Hudson in "Aliens," eventually pulls himself together and redeems himself.
  • Sheppard's team does a recon of the Wraith planet to find them gone. As if it flew away in on piece. Sheppard is attacked by a large insect and the "Puddle Jumper" ends up lodged halfway in the Stargate leaving thirty eight minutes before they die.

    We find out some interesting and vital information about the Stargate. Basically anything has thirty eight minutes to totally bridge the Stargate before it shuts down on any one trip through. There are lower life forms that mimic the Wraith and the way they feed. Dr. McKay's character is really as annoying as he seems to be all of the time!

    It looks as if the whole Wraith complex was actually a ship of some kind that must have been on this planet for centuries. The whole thing lifted off leaving a large crater in its wake. As Ford said, "It's not a blast crater" so it must have just took off. This somehow seems very ominous to say the least.

    Those Wraith that were left behind were different than the main ones. The Wraith must live and work in a hive type mentality. Those few Wraiths we saw looked like soldier Wraiths Similar to the soldier ants you see. If you look at an ant hill you'll see different size ants, workers, soldiers, drones, etc. Each has there own specific job and they work for the queen.

    That bug was reminiscent of the Alien crature but not as creepy. Not that this one wasn't creepy, but it healed itself even after it had been blown to bits by Ford sidearm. I believe it was blown out the airlock at the end. I hope!

    Is McKay going to crack under the pressure each time something happens. They spend about as much time placating his idiosyncrasies as they do with the problem at hand. I really hope they get past this.

    I'm still enjoying the Weir, Sheppard, Teyla, and Ford characters. They really move these stories forward and are quite effective. We got to see some of the other scientist's as well in this episode. I also enjoy the doctor's role in all of this. He has good beside manner.

    Pretty good comeback after the last episode. I enjoyed this one more and the tension was more real for me. Thanks for reading...
  • See Summary

    This episode was a decent continuation of the Atlantis Expedition. It was a window into the characters and how they each deal with being under extreme pressure while time is counting down, and people's lives on the line. It was interesting to see how different people reacted. I also believe there was groundwork being laid for future story lines. The insect attatched to Major Sheppard was very similar in its nature to the Wraith, and I believe we will see more about this Later, as well as with the Ego driven scientist who was challenging Dr. Weir's actions. Not a favorite episode, but an important one in relation to future episodes I think.
  • The team finds themselves in mortal danger when their puddle jumper ship becomes lodged in the Stargate.

    Jumper One returns to the Stargate on final approach, after having suffered an attack from several remaining Wraith on their homeworld. Major Sheppard is in critical condition, having been bitten in the neck by a paralyzing insect that refuses to let go. After opening the gate to Atlantis, Jumper One begins to make its way through the event horizon, but becomes lodged mid-way via a damaged starboard drive pod that did not retract. Power is cut inside the ship, and it is imminently clear that the team has 38 minutes to live before the gate automatically shuts down.
  • Troubles in the middle..

    I liked the problem and the build up of this episode - the problem with stargate. I have so many times watched some things going trough there and wondered - mm.. what happens if they are stucked there. In this episode, it comes out. All the time counting thing and that everything there seems to be going on the same time scale than episode on real time.

    The only thing that looked weird for me - all the shocking thing. I would be quite sure that poor Sheppard would have get little brain damage as they did not managed to get him up very quick and they spent much time on the jumper before they get him to the stargate.

    But it was really good episode. Lot of nerve-wracking moments.
  • Shepard getsabug stuck onto his neck that won't come off. Meanwhile the jumper he'singets stuck in the stargate.

    I really liked this episode and it is one of my favorites in the first season. It was nerve-wracking when Shepard's heart had to be stopped in order to save him. I also liked McKay's part when he was telling them how he reacts to a certian death. That was funny. I think this episode might have been better though, if it was told in order without the flashbacks. Then it might have seemed like it had more action in it. I enjoyed Zelenka's performance in the episode as well as Carson's. Overall it was a great episode to watch.
  • A great episode that reveals more about the characters.

    This was an exciting and nerve-wracking episode. There were also some great character interactions. The creepy wraith bug was a very interesting twist to the episode. The wraith bug would take energy and strength from Col. Shepard when someone tried to remove it. Also, the jumper getting stuck in the stargate was a new and thrilling plot twist. The team really pulls together to save themselves while everyone on Atlantis is trying to find a way to help the team. I really enjoy the banter between Shepard and McKay. This new Stargate show is reallly interesting and shows potential. I'm looking forward to more exciting episodes to come.
  • Great overall episode!

    This episode really showed the characters reaction to major stressful situations. McKay, Sheppard, and his team, along with two pilots, get stuck in the stargate with the event horizon splitting the ship in half. Unfortunately, John has a paristite attached to his neck that is having some "trouble" getting off. Ford and Tayla help John as McKay tries to fix the ship in 38 minutes so they don't all die. McKay's true character really comes out, because he freaks out in the realization that he might die. Ford and Tayla are pretty calm about it, but John seems almost nervous, but he keeps his cool and cracks a few jokes. All in all, this is actually one of my favorite episodes because it shows the characters under pressure, which is shown a lot, but not quite in the way this episode shows it. ALso, it introduced the bug and was pretty origonal.
  • An alright episode...

    This was a good episode but I would have liked to see some action. One of the Puddle Jumpers gets stuck inside the stargate half one one side and half in the event horizon. To make matters worse Sheppard has a bug attached to his neck. I like how weir threatened Kavanough it showed a different side of her. They eventually got the bug off. They got the jumper through the gate. I wonder what Sheppard was going to say to weir when he thought he was going to die. Maybe just maybe he has feelings for her. she kind of knew it anyway. It must have been really uncomfortable for Joe Flanigan to have that bug on his neck, because I heard that was his least favorite episode. Later...
  • In 38 minutes, everyone aboard the puddlejumper will die, but Shepard may be first if they aren't able to take of the parasite slowly draining his blood and life itself.

    I gotta hand it to this episode, it kept my interest the entire time. From them trying to figure out how they are going to fit through the Stargate, to Shepard being slowly killed by the giant tick like bug, this is definitely another great episode. Even though you know he isn't going to die, the story is intense enough to make you think that Shepard may be in real trouble. This episode also gave insight into peoples cultures and personal beliefs. This is another episode that I really recommend from this season. You also learn a little about the Wraiths.
  • I gotta say this storyline appeals greatly to the sadistic side of this gemini personality. Sheppard's in danger of having the life sucked out of him by a pre-wraith and the jumper is stuck in the gate... Puuuurrrrrfect.

    Explosive decompression anyone? The jumper's stuck in the gate, Sheppard's in dire need of saving thanks to a pre-wraith parasite that's giving him one heck of a hickey and I'm not there to lend a hand... maybe if I focus real hard... nope not working. Anyway

    Loved this ep - as I stated before it appeals to the sadist in me. There's this wonderful wiggly feeling in the pits of my belly whenever a major character is literally facing death and is forced to rely on others to save his or her butt... Praise the lord and pass the ammunition - oh wait that didn't work, the creature just sucked harder to heal itself.

    Long and short of it is that through teamwork and combined energies/intellects/motivations Sheppard is saved, the parasite is destroyed oh wait... okay, nothing can survive the vacuum of space - and the principles live to fight another day. Messages here: "We don't leave our people behind" and "Teamwork people Teamwork!"

    Keep up the good work writers, we'll keep watching.
  • It was pretty boring.

    The Atlantis Jumper got stuck in the stargate. You know that was the only boring part in my opinion. the rest was exciting. I like the sucking spider on Sheppard the most but the one when they are stuck in the stargate; wow. I was tired and got bored and was waiting. When are they going to escape? They did escape and got the sucking spider off of Sheppard.

    It starts of with Ford, McKay, and Tayla worried about Sheppard who has a medical emergency. Since Sheppard is out of commission there is a rookie pilot flying instead. Of course the pilot is n ROOKIE. Meanwhile Sheppard has a weird bug attached to his neck and time is running out, for all of them. The ship gets stuck, the front half through the stargate, and the back half is still outside the stargate. Tayla and McKay are left on the other side. Unfortunately Marks and Stackhouse (the two rookies) were in the front half of the ship, with Ford. McKay explains to Tayla but then sees Ford’s arm on their side and they pull him out. Then they notice the major is unconscious, the bang must of knocked him out. Doctor Weir needs to know what’s going on so she questions Ford.

    They were all on the same planet as in “The Rising (part 2), the place where the hive ship was. The hive ship was gone but the area where it was located had a HUGE dent in it. They realized that the ship must have flown away, to begin culling worlds. Then they are attacked by wraith.

    McKay then stops Ford and says that they have less than 38 minutes until the stargate shuts down and the jumper is severed on the event horizon. Weir decides to put 3 scientist in a room and see what they can come up with. McKay says that Dr. Zelenka should run simulations. Sheppard wakes up soon and starts talking to Tayla. They fill him in on what’s happening. They think that it must have been a failure of the drive pods. It could have been caused by the damage they sustained as they tried to take off. McKay starts to take readings in the corner.

    Back at base… Beckett asks why they (Tayla, Ford, McKay, and Sheppard) can’t just step through the event horizon and be rematerialized when the gate shuts down. Of course it isn’t that simple (neither is Grodin’s explanation) when the stargate closes the Forward section (and the people in it) will cease to exist. The stargate is waiting for the back part of the ship, and the people in it, to cross into the event horizon. Dr. Weir says it much simpler “The stargate only sends things through in one piece.” They have 29 minutes left.
    They decide to tell them to close the bulk head door. Dr. McKay already has. Ford wants to no why he shut it. McKay explodes and basically says they’re all going to die. Sheppard says the pain is going away and so in the feeling in his legs. His arms are going numb, and he says that if they don’t find a way to get that thing off of him soon…he has even less time than they do.

    Dr. Weir goes to Zelenka and asks him what he is working on.. He is trying to find a way to manually contract the drive pods from the back compartment (using the board thing). He doesn’t want them to open the hatch or shut life - support off. Back in the ship, Sheppard asks Ford to get out his knife and cut the bug thing off of him. Ford reminds him that they tried everything when they were on the planet…(flashback) Sheppard is lying down and Ford shoots the bug (with the gun pressed right up against the bug thing) and shoots it, Sheppard screams (well more like howls) (it looked and sounded like he was in a lot of pain at least), but nothing happens to the bug. Ford said that the thing just healed itself. Tayla says that the thing feeds off his strength, and much to Sheppard’s dismay she adds, “Much like a wraith”. Sheppard asks to talk to Beckett. Beckett asks how it attached itself and…you guessed it…another flashback…

    They were on their way back to the jumper and Ford and Sheppard go their separate ways. The wraith follow Sheppard. Ford radios him and says that they are cut off from the jumper. Sheppard explains that all of the wraith followed him so the wraith are just making them see things. Sheppard starts running again and stops in front of a web…and on the web…is the bug. Beckett asks them to describe it. Ford says that “it’s about two feet in length including it’s tail which is tucked down underneath the major’s armpit. Two sharp spiny things that are in the majors neck. four leg things, well I guess you could call them that, wrapped around the major’s throat. No eyes, hard shell, soft leechy part underneath.” When Dr. Beckett asks him what his symptoms are, Sheppard says that it first it felt like a knife in the eye and now he’s lost all feelings in extremities. Beckett asks what they have done so far to get rid of it. Ford says that they have tried to cut it off, burn it off, and shoot it off. Tayla says it’s related to the wraith because it healed itself after each attempt by sapping life from the major. McKay decides that the wraith had to evolve from something and that it’s probably a prehistoric cousin...What will happen next?
  • Veramente un episodio interessante ( a very interesting episode) :

    devo dire che quando ho visto per la prima volta l'episodio a casa di un amico americano sono rimasta allibita... pensavo: "Ecco qualcosa di cui anche i Wraith sono intimiditi".
    Come al solito McKay viene preso dal panico, mentre Teyla, a regola, riesce a trattenersi, anche se nel finale anche a lei "salta" un po il cuore.
    Rimane comunque aperto un interrogativo: dov'è finito quello strano essere? È stato veramente risucchiato nello spazio mentre il bumper entrava nello stargate? E avremo l'occasione di ritrovare quegli schifosi esseri, magari su altri pianeti o chiusi in qualche contenitore per permettere a Doc di esaminarlo?
    saluti a tutti
    (sorry, i've not write in english because it's so hard traslate in the exacly way all )
  • Veramente un episodio interessante ( a very interesting episode) :

    devo dire che quando ho visto per la prima volta l'episodio a casa di un amico americano sono rimasta allibita... pensavo: "Ecco qualcosa di cui anche i Wraith sono intimiditi".
    Come al solito McKey viene preso dal panico, mentre Teyla, a regola, riesce a trattenersi, anche se nel finale anche a lei "salta" un po il cuore.
    Rimane comunque aperto un interrogativo: dov'è finito quello strano essere? È stato veramente risucchiato nello spazio mentre il bumper entrava nello stargate? E avremo l'occasione di ritrovare quegli schifosi esseri, magari su altri pianeti o chiusi in qualche contenitore per permettere a Doc di esaminarlo?
    saluti a tutti
    (sorry, i've not write in english because it's so hard traslate in the exacly way all )
  • Really bad.

    This must be 1 of the worst Stargate episodes so far, it was really quite boring, and very predictable, if you could even call it predictable as there was hardly you could predict.

    They should of done more with this episode, i'm not sure what, but the whole episode was about 1 thing, with no real story.
  • I nearly fell asleep it was so boring

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    i only liked the life sucking spider
  • The jumper gets stuck in the wormhole and it must be extricated without controls or power to aid them and Shepherd has an alien bug sucking the life out him.

    I know the plot is not original, but I did enjoy watching this episode. After this episode, Stargate Atlantis relied too heavily on the man-in-danger or ill plot, so the specialness of this episode was diluted greatly. I enjoyed watching Rodney struggle to dislodge the jumper. I also enjoyed the smooth integration of backstory and present conflict. The episode was well-done and solid. They should have never tried anything like it again, but TV people don't know how to leave well-enough alone.
  • What would happend if ship got stuck in the stargate?, well we find out in this episoide.

    Well another good episoide quite predictable they would eventually do a episoide where one of the ships get stuck in the Stargate, note that reason why this happend was Shappard wasn't driving the ship, it's clear he the only one experienced enough to fly the thing but he was creature on his neck which meant newbie officer fly it. i know i shouldn't blame that but it makes sense. i hope they learned their lession from this.

    i like the back-track to see what happend and how creature became attached to him but one thing that bothers me, when u run u tend to look forward not back?, so if he had look where we was going he wouldn't of been in that situation. i guess that just make it more exciting.

    Talor, when did she become a member of SG-A team, i don't actually remember her asking the person in-charge mind u i'm guessing it was Sheappard decision to have her on the team, so what exactly is her speciality?, T'eal was Goul'd which made him an expert on that. Taylor doesn't know much about the Wraith.

    i really enjoyed this episoide and looking forward to next weeks one.

  • This was a very interesting storyline.

    So, the Puddle-Jumper gets lodged in the Stargate and they have 38 minutes before the Stargate automatically closes and those in the Puddle Jumper die. Not only that, but Major Sheppard has a "prehistoric cousin" of the Wraith attached to his neck who is draining him of his life. Jee, what else could go wrong?

    This was a very good episode, but my favorite in this episode, that really stood out to me, was Elizabeth. The way she was so strict and take-charge to that Athosian and then to Dr. Kavanagh. I especially liked when Dr. Kavanagh said, "We'll talk about this later," and Dr. Weir's response was "Never again." Those were very well-written and shows how her character is growing.

    Still, I have yet to really see anything out of Lt. Ford that shows his personality -- his character. Yeah, he was "hero" I suppose in this episode, but I still don't feel connected to him. It's just strange.
  • Alrite not the best

    Not my favourite episode of the series it wasnt as good as i expected it to be but it was still good as they had never done anything like this on either of the Stargate series. The fact that a team got stuck in the stargate and need the Atlantis teams help to get them out of it didnt really appeal to me but it was still an average episode.