Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 19, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Love triangle or unusual friendship?

    After delving into massive implications in the previous episode, I suppose it makes sense that the writers would want to step back into something a bit less ambitious. This is a story that has been told a thousand times before, so for some, familiarity will breed contempt. So will the upfront presence of Dr. Keller, as there are plenty of Dr. Beckett fans still unconvinced that the character is necessary.

    Keller shows more grit in this episode than she had in the entire fourth season, and it's good to see the character getting some actual development. Granted, it's about as much development as anyone gets in the Stargate franchise, but it's progress, nonetheless. She doesn't back down or cower; she demands to know her captor's intentions. It's a step in the right direction, because it's very clear that she'll need a strong stomach and a lot of patience in the days ahead. (Though, would it kill the writers to make Keller more than the convenient hostage victim?)

    The combo of Ronon and McKay was amusing, if a little predictable. Ronon was a Runner, so he knows how to live off the environment, how to track, and how to think like his hunters and prey. McKay, for all his bluster, is out of his element, and he's too jealous of Ronon's rugged manliness to admit it to himself, let alone Ronon. In the end, the day is saved by a combination of both men's strengths, but McKay does come out looking a bit short in certain areas.

    The episode was designed, however, to highlight the growing tension between Ronon and Rodney in terms of Dr. Keller and their "intentions" for her. The potential love triangle was predictable enough; I called it back at the end of the fourth season (despite many derogative comments to the contrary). Perhaps for that reason, this episode seemed to go a long way to deliver old news.

    On the other hand, the writers could be playing to the expectations of the audience. "The Shrine" demonstrated Ronon's loyalty, even mild affection, for Rodney. And I think it's reasonable to assume that if Ronon had designs on Dr. Keller, it would be a lot more obvious. Rodney already declared his love for Dr. Keller in "The Shrine", and she seemed to reciprocate through action. Putting two and two and two together with the final scene of the episode, it's possible (even likely) that Ronon is pretending to have "intentions" towards Dr. Keller for the sole purpose of forcing Rodney to take action.

    If explored in the predictable manner, I expect the "love triangle" to be a bit of a disappointment. But the idea of Ronon playing "love therapist" for Rodney McKay, for some indescribable reason, sounds like the perfect character turn. If nothing else, it goes completely against expectation! I suppose, in this final season, I'm hoping for surprises from every turn.
  • A great action packed episode

    So, we have a great action episode what add even more tension to the storyline they have been pushing for a while - it is Jennifer and two man who might (and is) interested in her - so we have Ronon and McKay and they both try to contest who will save Jennifer but she is not in real trouble - just another runner and she really deals well with him and makes him see that the life he has chosen for that little girl is not right.. and the way he reacts in the end just after he has said - he won't run anyway..

    Great episode with action and some beautiful thoughts
  • See Summary

    Tracker was an excellent episode. It had some action, drama, and character development. This episode was close to Ronin's heart, as it was based on a runner. Runners are humans that the Wraith implant with tracking devices and then they hunt them down like game. This episode was fun to watch. The Wraith have become weak, and don't really pose as big a threat as they did in the begining of the series. I think that the premis of this episode was good, but it ultimately did not contribute to the over all story lines or season. I look forward to seeing more engaging stories in episodes to come.
  • Three's a Crowd

    Another Runner story, which was just an okay episode. Now we officially have a threesome of Ronon, McKay, and Keller. I don't know if I like this love triangle going on in Atlantis. Here are some other thoughts:

    Ronon could definitely empathize with the other Runner.

    That teleportation device would be nice to have!

    Once the Runner was unconscious, or maybe after she gained his trust, Keller could have tried to radio Ronon/McKay, assuming the radio was still with them.

    Keller was shown to be brave and strong, and McKay still somewhat of a wimp and whiner.

    Overall, just an okay episode.
  • Love triangle? Keller is for Rodney!

    A runner meets a former runner. An interesting episode about Ronon The Second. I think that this runner was even better than Ronon, probably because of the teleportation device though. Teleporting was very similar to Lizard from X-Men 2. Also Keller was GREAT in this episode - she showed that she can be very strong if she needs to.
    The episode was great but that love triangle is a little stupid. There is no way that Keller would choose Ronon. It would be insane. They are completely NOT built for each other. But Rodney and Jennifer are just the perfect couple. I hope that Keller will do the same for Rodney what he did for her in the end of The Shrine.
  • That's the Jennifer that I like!

    Jennifer was strong, capable, kicking butt - literally this time. Too bad that not every writer writes her that way.
    On the other hand, Rodney's puppy like behavior... I found it rather cringe-worthy. And how did he help in this episode besides fixing one gadget? No wonder that next to Ronon, he felt like a total loser this time.
    Though Ronon was awesome. Kicking butt, tracking, showing empathy for another Runner... And totally pulling Rodney's leg in that last scene! I think that Ronon has more crush on John than on Jennifer, to be honest.
    And John! Mwahaha! Only two scenes but he ruled in both of them. The look he gave Rodney in the first scene. And I bet that he and the little girl would have become best buddies if she stayed in Atlantis.
    I like that they keep up the trend for John and Rodney to appear in all of the episodes of SGA. They are the only ones that popped up in all the eps so far :)
  • Dr kellar is kidnapped by a runner, Ronan & Dr McKay track them while fighting off wraith.

    I enjoyed this episode, I like the relationship building between Dr Kellar and Dr McKay. I thought it was well scripted, and avoided lots of over sentimental conversation, it kept moving, although I am a bit sketchy about the whole runner consept, why would the wraith waiste time chasing one man around the galaxy when there was a whole village there to feed on? Seems like a strange sport. I discovered the series around season 3 so it is possible that I missed the explanation in an earlier installment. I was impressed with Dr Kellar's new found fighting skills, it's about time she learnt to look out for herself.
  • great episode...

    I read the summary and thought this episode was going to suck so I didn't even watch it. However, I decided to watch it online when I was bored and I love this episode, for the most part. Keller gets captured by a Runner that wants her to help a girl that he's protecting. She's the last of a world. I love Ronon in this episode - which is odd because I hate his character... anyways, he was great in this episode and I love his story with Keller. However, what was up with Rodney liking Keller? What the hell? That was random... anyways, I really hope to see the runner again because I really like his character.