Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2008 on Syfy

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  • McKay, Carter, Keller trapped together underground and must work together to escape.

    Okay... SGA is starting to get...weird. An episode like this should not have happened because it is NOT what was promised. According to the spoilers and previews, this episode was to provide character insight. I noticed very little.

    Its one thing to have these 3 trapped in a situation where they must work together to get out, but more could've been done. I could've seen less "Clooney or Pitt" and more interaction between McKay and Carter. McKay and Carter have this love/hate thing that works when its on, and it could've been done more in this episode. That could've left Keller in the middle to kind of play negotiator and help these 2 work out their issues, because whether TPTB play it up or not there is a LOT of "issues" between McKay and Carter.

    Now it was nice to see McKay risk his life like that for Carter and Keller. Hopefully this may be the one thing to serve as a catalyst for change in the character, since none of the other "close shaves" have not done so.

    This episode, overall, was a mixed bag to me. It could have been way better and went in a much more confrontational manner than it did. Sure, there was some confrontation, but not enough, given that you have McKay and Carter trapped in the same room. That could've been somethng to see but the writer failed in making it what it could and should be.

    But, this season is somewhat static, and given the news about season 5, I can see why this show is doing episodes like this. Everybody keeps changing way too fast and keeping the plots together in arcs must be interesting given that the cast will change soon--again.