Stargate Atlantis

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Col. Carter, Dr. Keller, and Rodney McKay fall into an abandoned mine and must rescue themselves.

    The problems with this episode started early and continued throughout. For instance, why did Carter and Keller both approach the hole after McKay fell through? Carter should have known to crawl forward alone to assess the situation and then one of them could have gone for help. And is the viewer really supposed to believe three people fell 20 to 30 feet -- two of them head first! -- and came away with nothing more than dirty faces? And what about our brilliant scientist Samantha Carter underestimating the combined weight of three adults and a big pile of dirt by a hundred pounds and having to have this pointed out by McKay? Completely unbelievable. Keller thought to scrape the dirt out but they never thought to toss out the broken crates? Please. There were mine shafts visible on the other side of the chasm but it never occurred to them they might be a way out? "We should have thought of that" said Carter. Damn right they should have!

    In a script riddled with problems, the single most jarring note -- the kind that makes the viewer snap out of the show's flow and go "now wait a minute" -- was the apparently pointless trashing of the character Radek Zelenka. Everything seen or heard about Zelenka until "Trio" indicated he was a sweet little man and an excellent scientist. Now the viewer is suddenly supposed to be believe he is "creepy" and generally disliked? Nonsense.

    Though, in fairness, it should be noted there was some very clever -- and occasionally funny -- dialog, the truth is "Trio" was the worst Martin Gero script ever.

    Acting, Directing, Production: A
    Writing: D+

    Overall Rating: 7/10.
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