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  • Season 5 Episode 20: Enemy at the Gate

  • Nitpick: The clip of Woolsey saying "Keep firing, Dr. Beckett!" is used twice, once immediately after the hive returns fire on Atlantis and once when the battle pushes Atlantis into Earth's atmosphere.

  • Nitpick: Why were any of the SGC amazed to find out the darts would kamikaze into area 51 when that has been the Wraith's main strategy in lots of other episodes?

  • Goof: Kavanagh's name is misspelled "Kavanaugh" in the end credits.

  • General George Hammond is said to have died from a heart attack. The actor who portrayed him (Don S. Davis) died June 29, 2008 also from a heart attack.

  • Nitpick: When the Atlantis team members are looking out onto the Golden Gate Bridge, Woolsey welcomes Ronon to Earth and no one else. Ronon has previously been to Earth before in the Season 3 episode "Sunday", Season 4 episodes "Miller's Crossing", "Outcast" and "Midway". If he was only welcoming alien visitors to Earth, he'd welcome only Teyla and Ronon, but at that point Teyla was already looking out to the bridge and Ronon had just walked up.

  • In a tactic used often by the Goa'uld, the Wraith have a Stargate on board their ship to prevent Earth from Dialing out. In this case as it's a Pegasus Gate it takes precedence over the Earth Gate as the dominant Gate to prevent Earth's gate from working at all.

  • Atlantis has returned to Earth and is floating off the entrance to the San Francisco Harbor, in a military exclusion zone and is cloaked.

  • The Ancient Chair from Antarctic Outpost, now in Area 51, was destroyed by the Wraith.

  • In the previous episode, it was shown that in the alternate reality the Ancient Chair from the Antarctic outpost had been moved to Area 51. This information was included in the sub-space message by the stranded Wraith, which is why the Wraith target it in this reality. Unfortunately in this reality it has also been moved to Area 51 just one month earlier. It was moved due to it being in violation of the non-proliferation arms act of the Antarctic.

  • The Odyssey was unable to help in the battle against the Super-Hive Ship as it is off on a secret mission somewhere.

  • In this episode, another Hive ship is destroyed by Atlantis. This brings the total to 29 since the expedition arrived in the galaxy.

  • Although it is not seen, this episode introduces a new Earth ship, the Sun Tzu, a Chinese ship. It is the fifth Daedalus-class ship to enter service. The other four Deep Space Cruisers are the Daedalus, first seen in the Season 2 Stargate Atlantis episode "Siege 3"; the Odyssey, first seen in the Season 9 Stargate SG-1 episode "Off the Grid"; the Korolev, first seen in the Season 9 SG-1 episode "Camelot"; and the Apollo, first seen in the season 3 Atlantis episode "First Strike". Carter reveals to Sheppard that she is leaving the SGC to command the next ship in the line, formally named the Phoenix in the alternate timeline in "The Last Man", which has been renamed to the General Hammond in honor of the General who has recently died (in a homage to actor Don S. Davis, who passed away shortly before filming of this episode).

  • Season 5 Episode 19: Vegas

  • McKay: It runs on a power source that extracts energy from vacuum space. We call it a "Zed-PM", well "Zee-PM", sorry I'm Canadian.

    The same thing was said by Daniel Jackson about McKay's pronunciation in the pilot episode, "Rising".

  • In this reality, Zalenka doesn't wear glasses.

  • In this universe the Wraith are able to read the minds of humans. This is not possible in the normal Atlantis universe.

  • This episode is one of only two Atlantis episodes in which neither a Stargate nor Atlantis itself make an appearance, the other episode being "Harmony."

  • The McKay of this universe, at some point, accidentally tore open an inter-dimensional bridge and landed in an alternate dimension similar to our universe. However, due to the fact that the alternate McKay had never met that universe's Sheppard before, he was not "Rod" McKay, but another alternate.

  • During the Area 51 scenes, personnel are seen wearing the new Air Force ABU, or Airman Battle Uniform. This is the their first appearance on Stargate.

  • In this reality, the Ancient Chair from the Antarctic outpost has been moved to Area 51.

  • The two aircraft that are sent to destroy the Wraith are A10 Thunderbolt IIs, commonly known by its nickname "Warthog." Although not stated, they are most likely from the 422d Test and Evaluation Squadron, based at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.

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