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  • Season 1 Episode 20: The Siege (2)

  • Nitpick: When the second wave of Wraith Darts descend on the city, the chair had not yet been powered up, and it was established that all the drones were expended. However, during that scene you can see many drones flying up into the fray.

  • This episode marks the first time Atlantis' Ancient Control Chair is used. It was only able to be activated once the Mark II Naquadah Generators, brought by Colonel Everett's men, were hooked up. Unfortunately the city was down to only a few dozen drones.

  • This is the first appearance of the Mark II Naquadah generator, which is capable of a 600% power increase over Atlantis' Mark I reactors. It was designed to power the City's Weapons Chair.

  • When the first wave of Wraith-Darts Close up on the city one of the soldiers says "Remember: Short and Steady Bursts." First of all every soldier knows that you fire a weapon with short bursts (3 to 10 shots at a time) since this gives a more controlled and steady shot. Also when they start shooting, either the soldiers have a poor discipline or they just weren't listening, because they just keep the trigger pressed.

  • Goof: The Atlantis staff knew from a previous experience that the Wraith beamed into the city. This should have been mentioned to Col. Everett.

  • Goof: In this episode, we learn that the lifesigns detector can not determine what type of life it detects. However, in the episode "Rising (2)", we can clearly see humans as white dots and Wraith as red dots. This capability has apparently stopped functioning.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: The Siege (1)

  • This episode marks the first Hive ship to be destroyed since the expedition arrived in the galaxy.

  • Nitpick: When McKay and his team are getting near the Ancient Defense Platform he asks to be sealed off in the rear section of the ship with the helmet to his space suit still off. Those suits are ridiculously hard to get into, even just to get the helmet on would require another person. He would not have been able to get ready for his spacewalk alone.

  • Sgt. Stackhouse is mentioned, but not seen in this episode. He is off leading a team to find a suitable Alpha Site before the Wraith ships arrive. This is the last mention of him in the series.

  • We learn Dr. Zelenka's first name is Radek.

  • Gate planets named as rejected for the Alpha Site:
    M85-393 (Ridiculously hot in the daytime).
    M4H-212 (Genii spies).

    Other gate planet named:
    M1K-439 (Lots of waterfalls).
    M1M-316 (Lush surroundings).

  • Despite McKay's impressive data compression algorithm (first seen in "Letters from Pegasus") and using all available hard drives, Dr. Zelenka estimated only 7 to 8% of the Ancients' database can be saved.

  • Goof: The low-gravity scenes in this episode were well done, with one exception. When McKay drifts into the satellite, he is towing a Naquadah generator behind him. When he comes to a stop, the Naquadah generator should continue to drift in the same direction until something stops it.

  • Season 1 Episode 18: The Gift

  • Beckett: ...they're still much closer to the bug creature that attacked Major Sheppard than to us.

    This refers to the events of "Thirty Eight Minutes."

  • The team finds a Wraith data device, a small computer hardrive similar to a flash drive, like the one the Genii had in the episode "Underground."

  • This episode is set about a week after "The Brotherhood", leaving less than a week left until the Wraith arrive.

  • The Wraith communicate telepathically with each other but cannot read the minds of humans.

  • Goof: In the briefing room scene just after the title sequence, we see Bates and Ford standing next to each other. Sheppard and Teyla are in front of them. In different shots we see a man appear between Ford and Bates when there wasn't anyone between them in the previous shots.

  • It is discovered that the Wraith evolved after the Ancients arrived. The Iratus bugs seen in "Thirty Eight Minutes" are an ancestor of the Wraith. The introduction of human DNA to the planet helped the creatures evolve into what we know now as the Wraith.

  • Season 1 Episode 17: Letters from Pegasus

  • Here is the translation of Zelenka's video message: There is a "failsafe" mechanism on the ocean floor. With big power it ripped off the anchor of town from the bottom of ocean. We were ... we were afraid ... were ... were ... we were afraid. Unbelievable. What is happening, and that noise. The whole city was trembling as if it was an earthquake. That was something unbelievable. And suddenly we were moving. All the city was ascending, ascending up, up to the surface. That, that was something unbelievable. And the towers punched through the surface of water and we were going up, up. Waters, waves, waterfalls. All that water was falling down from that heights and we were shot up, absolutely on the top, and suddenly sun. Sun was simply shining to all windows. I will remember it to my death. Take care, darling.

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