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  • Season 2 Episode 20: Allies (1)

  • The first on-screen appearance of the Wraith Scout ship. It was first mentioned in "Aurora."

  • Because of their organic technology, Wraith hive ships have a number of external weaknesses that Dr. Zelenka has already determined. Before the civil war there were Wraith Keepers who maintained the entire fleet, like the one the team encountered soon after its arrival in the Pegasus Galaxy ("Rising (2)"). The Wraith have confirmed that there are more than one of them, and that like other Wraith they have made their own alliances.

  • The Wraith experimented with gas weapons long ago, but found them difficult to use in outer atmosphere combat. The weapons caused explosive decompression in a targeted section.

  • The Wraith used their computer virus to steal only two pieces of information from Atlantis: the Aurora mission reports, and the location of every world in their database. This includes Earth, which is where the two hive ships are now headed.

  • The Wraith -- or at least some, have no qualms about feeding on their own people. The retrovirus makes that possible, stripping out the Iratus bug DNA and leaving only the human behind. This was also seen in the episode "The Defiant One" when the Wraith survivor feed on his own crew.

  • Goof: As the armed guards escorted the Wraith party through the corridors of Atlantis, all of their uniform patches, including those of the guards lining the corridors as well, were on the wrong sides, placing the Atlantis patch on the left arm and their flag on the right. This was due to the footage being flipped horizontally, as the padded shoulder strap of the guard's body armour (which is usually on the right shoulder/breast) was also on the wrong side.

  • Season 2 Episode 19: Inferno

  • When the first group of people goes through the gate before it disappears a soldier is seen with a Swedish flag on his arm. This is the first time we see Swedish involvement in the Stargate missions.

  • Season 2 Episode 18: Michael

  • This is the first on screen appearance of the Pegasus Alpha Site. It is not known if it is the same one the expedition evacuated to during the Siege.

  • Goof: As Michael explores his quarters for the first time since losing his memory, he picks up a photograph from a desk. Next to the photo was a closed Atlantis laptop computer. When the view changed to that of the security camera Sheppard was watching, the laptop was then open.

  • In this episode McKay asks for blue Jell-o, when he discovers there's only red. In Stargate SG-1 Samantha Carter was also a fan of the blue substance.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Coup D'etat

  • Sheppard: Well, I look at it this way: the Genii have tried to kidnap you on numerous occasions to mine that big old brain of yours.

    This is a reference to the episodes "Underground," "The Storm," and "The Eye."

  • Ladon: Kolya often spoke about the Brotherhood of the Fifteen. The last mission you encountered him, no?

    After their first encounter in the Season 1 two-parter "The Storm" and "The Eye", Sheppard and Kolya met again that season in the episode "The Brotherhood."

  • The planet that Ladon used to lure the team was designated M6R-867.

  • Goof: When Weir and Sheppard enter her office to question Ladon [twelve minutes into the episode], we see there is a guard at the door. They walk in and face Ladon, who has two other guards behind him. When the camera focuses on the leaders again, over Ladon's shoulder, we can just make out the shoulder of Guard #1 in the far left corner, but not directly beside the leaders. As the camera tightens on Weir, when she asks what Ladon wants in exchange for the ZPM, we see that Sheppard is no longer at her side, and Guard #1 is now standing directly beside and a little behind her. Yet in the next wider shot, he has vanished and Sheppard is again at her elbow. During the conversation between Weir and Ladon, Guard #1 moves from the corner, then to behind Sheppard and ends up on the right side of the room. It is not mere angle change, his position has changed. We flash to a quick shot of Atlantis with ominous music for a moment; upon our return to the room, Guard #1 is no longer on the right side next to the door, where we saw him last, he is standing near the middle of the glass wall. The camera zooms in on Ladon for a moment; when it returns to Weir and Sheppard, the same guard has once again hopped to the right, near the door once more.

  • This episode marks the beginning of an alliance with the Genii.

  • Season 2 Episode 16: The Long Goodbye

  • Phoebus/Weir: [Dr. Weir] is merely harboring my consciousness.
    McKay: Oh, here we go again.

    McKay is referring to his own experience of housing another person's consciousness during the course of the episode "Duet."

  • Caldwell: The host to a Goa'uld parasite is aware of what's happening to them. I won't soon forget what I was forced to do.

    Caldwell is referring to the events of the episode "Critical Mass."

  • Goof: After Ronon is shot by Weir, a bootprint appears and disappears on his arm.

  • Goof: Phoebus/Weir is incorrect. Halon 1301 gas does not "extinguish life as well as fires." It is biologically inert and not lethal except at concentrations high enough to displace large amounts of oxygen. 1301 systems were used in computer rooms, airliners, ship engine rooms and other inhabited spaces.

  • Goof: Ronon should have been more injured than he was from the gunshot wound in his stomach. There are a lot of damageable organs around there, and there is only a really small chance that none of them were hit.

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