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  • Season 5 Episode 19: Vegas

  • In this reality we see McKay with a wedding ring, it is possible that he and Keller are married.

  • Season 5 Episode 18: Identity

  • Jannick echoed Daniel Jackson's confusion about the wisdom of explosion diversions.

  • Goof: In previous episodes both communication stones had to be into a terminal in order too both swap bodies. In the Stargate SG-1 episode "Origin" Daniel Jackson and Vala's bodies where rendered unconscious in a dream like state until they put the stones of the people they were connected to in the Ori galaxy into their terminal. This should have had happened to Neeva's body instead of Keller entering it.

  • Beckett: I'm telling you, her brain scan would have revealed any kind of physical trauma as well as any foreign organism.
    Ronon: Unless the organism's good at hiding.
    Sheppard: Yeah, it wouldn't be the first time. It took days to figure out Rodney was infected.

    They are referring to the episode "The Shrine" and the "Second Childhood" organism.

  • Keller came in contact with the stone in Janus' secret lab that was discovered in the episode "First Contact."

  • The security officer that shows up when Rodney hears about Zelenka's stabbing has a flag patch for India, indicating that that country is represented on the Atlantis team.

  • The Ancient Intergalactic Communication Device was first seen in the Stargate SG-1 episodes "Avalon, Part 2" and "Origin."

  • Season 5 Episode 17: Infection

  • When the hive arrives to Atlantis and sends the video message to the city, Woolsey orders the video to be received to a "firewalled computer". In an early episode Dr Weir in a similar situation ordered a message to be received to a "non-networked computer". It seems weird that IOA has loosened their regulations in dealing with the Wraith or in regard with computer security. As a twist, being a former member of the IOA and a man very fond of regulations, Woolsey doesn't seem to blink twice about it.

  • Todd reveals that if a terminally ill Wraith could occasionally restore himself to perfect health if he allowed an Iratus bug queen to feed on him. The process was abandoned as the Wraith would usually die in the process.

  • The formula that Dr. Keller found in Michael's database on M2S-445 worked to eliminate the need to feed in Todd but it caused a cancer like disease that also spread into the Hive.

  • Teyla: Do you not find it odd that Todd would leave himself and his entire crew to our mercy? Especially after our last encounter.

    Teyla is referring to the episode "The Lost Tribe."

  • Ronon: This better not be a Wraith ship from another reality.
    McKay: We've been tracking their approach for a few days now, remember? They didn't just pop into our space like that other Daedalus did.

    McKay is referring to the episode "The Daedalus Variations."

  • In this episode another Hive ship is destroyed. This brings the total to 28 since the expedition arrived in the galaxy.

  • Season 5 Episode 16: Brain Storm

  • A deleted scene from this episode has Bill Nye giving a speech about how science fiction can bring people to together in the pursuit of scientific interest. Martin Gero explains in the DVD commentary that the episode was to end with this scene but was ultimately cut due to time restraints.

  • The theatre where the presentation is made,is the Carl Binder Memorial Theatre. This is named after the executive producer Carl Binder.

  • McKay: Yeah, but, that's my bridge! My sister and I came up with it!

    McKay is referring to the season 3 episode "McKay and Mrs. Miller."

  • In the first scene with Tunney after he presses a button before walking over to his colleague a beep can be heard coming from the computer. This beep is frequently used in Star Trek after a command has been put in the computer.

  • McKay: Neil likes to steal things from me, things like women and theoretical physics ideas.

    McKay previously mentioned his idea being stolen by Tyson in the season 4 episode "Trio."

  • The man that we see in the wheelchair and talking with electronic voice synthesizer is suppose to be Stephen Hawking, World famous scientist.

  • Keller: I love you, I have for some time now.

    This is the exact same thing McKay told her on Day 6 of his recordings, after being infected by Second Childhood in "The Shine."

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