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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Rising (1)

  • Goof: The helicopter that General O'Neill and Major Sheppard arrive in is supposed to be American but it has a Canadian tail number. They would have been flying out of the McMurdo Air Force base in Antarctica so why are they in a Canadian registered civilian helicopter and not an American military helicopter?

  • Goof: When departing the SGC Bates is shown wearing the rank insignia of a Second Lieutenant, despite holding the rank of Sergeant.

  • Early in the episode, General O'Neill describes Antarctica as "One of his least favorite continents." In the first season of Stargate SG-1, then-Colonel O'Neill and then-Captain Carter were stranded in Antarctica after a Stargate malfunction ("Solitudes"). Both were nearly killed in the incident. In the sixth season, he was infected with an alien virus in Antarctica ("Frozen"). In addition, in the seventh season finale ("Lost City 2"), after he defeats Anubis and his fleet, O'Neill entered a chamber which placed him in suspended animation, and, as shown by his double take when he passed it, the memory is not pleasant.

  • Nitpick: Just after Colonel Sumner orders Ford to assemble recon teams, Grodin orders a MALP to be prepared to go through the Stargate. In what seems like a few seconds later, he is shown running down the stairs to the gate area and reports the MALPs readings. However, even if the MALP had been ready to go immediately, its slow speed would have meant it wouldn't have had time to reach the gate, let alone have passed through and relayed climate information.

  • Nitpick: From his first appearance to his ordering Ford to assemble recon teams, Colonel Sumner wears a camouflage outfit, yet in the time it takes McKay to dial Teyla's planet (which only seems like a few minutes at the most) he has managed to change into a standard Atlantis grey uniform.

  • When the Atlantis expedition leaves Earth the wormhole is green as opposed to blue when people travel within the Milky Way galaxy.

  • Goof: When it is discovered that the city is underwater, Colonel Sumner estimates that they are "...several hundred feet..." under. However, in the shot out the window looking towards the surface, sunlight and surface ripples are visible. Light cannot penetrate hundreds of feet below the surface, nor can the surface be distinguished.

  • Flags on uniforms: Germany, Belgium, Canada, Russian Federation , China, Spain, Scotland, Shetland Islands, Australia

    Some of the flags have been placed upside down on some uniforms. Futhermore one would think that Scotland would be represented under the United Kingdom, but as Dr. Beckett is a civilian, it would be his choice which flag he'd have on.

  • Throughout the series, one will hear McKay call the Zero Point Modules "Zed-Pee-Ems." Saying zed instead of zee for "z" is a characteristically British, and by extension Canadian, articulation. It's a small detail but an important one for a multi-national group of people especially since the only English-speaking nation in the world that pronounces the last letter of the alphabet as "Zee" is the U.S.A. All other 41 English speaking nations pronounce it "Zed". The English, Scottish & Shetlander (British) and Australian members of Atlantis (according to their uniform flags) should be heard to say "Zed" in the future, which would be their natural way of speaking. But since 60% of the English-speaking people in the world live in the U.S., and the show started as a U.S. project, it is understandable that most personnel in Atlantis will pronounce it "Zee".

  • Goof: The drone that assaults the helicopter blasts a hole in the top of the dome at the Antarctica station. When the helicopter lands around 7 minutes later, the glass on the dome is complete.

  • Goof: When the Wraith dial into Athos, the symbols rotate the same as when someone is dialing out. However, in all future episodes, all the symbols begin lighting up in a clockwise order, activating each chevron along the way.

  • Goof: On Teyla's planet, Athos, the Stargate's DHD appears to change locations. When they first arrived it was only a few meters away from the gate, but when the Wraith attacked it was much further away.

  • The staircase in the Atlantis control room has a message written on the front. It reads as following from top to bottom.

    We hold these as the truth: A hearty welcome to those of other worlds visiting our home for the first time. Welcome again to those returning. You have been gone too long and your absence has weighted heavily on out souls. We are whole again that you are among us and we celebrate you being here again. As we leave for distant worlds we pledge to respect the lands of our neighbors and to act with integrity as ambassadors in peace time of out people. Travelers with open hearts will always be welcome. Refugees from tyranny may seek shelter under out roof and know that out people will lay down their lives to protect the weak and the just. Let this be our pledge to those inhabitants of this world. And all we may ever know we will always strive to come in peace as we go in peace and you will be welcome on our shores forevermore.

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