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  • Season 4 Episode 20: The Last Man (1)

  • The decorations in General Lorne's office include the Atlantis skyline painting he did in the Season 3 episode "Sunday". Also the name tag on his desk says General E. Lorne. The E. stands for Evan.

  • Rodney blames a recent adjustment of the Atlantis operating system for not engaging the failsafe that prevents dangerous wormholes from connecting. However, previous episodes of Stargate SG-1 indicate that is it the responsibility of the dialing gate's DHD to detect such problems, not the receiving gate.

  • Season 4 Episode 18: The Kindred (1)

  • Michael has further manipulated his DNA and no longer needs to feed.

  • This is the first appearance of Michael's Wraith Hybrids. They are his second attempt at combining Wraith and Human DNA after his first "crude" experiments that created bestial Iratus bug monsters ("Vengeance").

  • This episode reveals that Major Lorne is from San Fransisco, California.

  • This marks the first appearance of the Athosian Kanaan, the father of Teyla's child. Teyla reveals that he has the gift to sense the Wraith like she does. This will most likely make the gift very strong in her son and explain why Micheal has such great interest in him.

  • This episode reveals that the planet Hoff, first seen in the season 1 episode "Poisoning the Well," was destroyed by the Wraith after they discovered they were immune to the feeding process.

  • Goof: During the briefing on the virus Colonel Carter says "The random nature of this drug's distribution is clear and calculated." This statement is a contradiction in itself. Executive Producer/writer Joseph Mallozzi took the blame for this mistake as the line was supposed to be about "the seemingly random nature".

  • McKay: Hey, I've been cocooned inside an alien space craft, I've had another person living inside me, I've encountered, not one, but two different versions of myself....

    McKay refers to the events of (in order) "No Man's Land", "Duet", "McKay and Mrs. Miller", and "This Mortal Coil".

  • Season 4 Episode 17: Midway

  • Nitpick: The Wraith in the Midway Station control room say "the Pegasus portal", despite "Pegasus" being the Earth-given name for that galaxy. Given that the Wraith have been in Pegasus for tens of thousands of years, you would think they would have come up with their own name for their galaxy at some point.

  • The planet in the Pegasus galaxy that the Wraith used to get hijack the McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge was designated M4F-788. The planet Sheppard and McKay use to get to Midway is M6R-125.

  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Wraith Stun Bomb. The device is similar to the Goa'uld Shock Grenade.

  • The money that was exchanged between Chuck and Colonel John Sheppard was Canadian currency. It was actually several five dollar bills. In addition to Canadian currency and American five-dollar bills, Japanese Yen and Euros can also be seen in the sparring match, as the expedition is a multinational undertaking.

  • At the end of the episode when the Daedalus picked up the Puddle Jumper, everyone except Sheppard is sitting in back compartment. According to McKay he sealed himself in there. So if it was locked from the inside, how could McKay open that door with just pressing a button.

  • Ronon: You say that a lot.
    Teal'c: What?
    Ronon: "Indeed"

    In Stargate SG-1, the writers usually managed to get the word "indeed" into Teal'c's dialog every episode. Teal'c said very little else in many early SG-1 episodes. Ronon's use of the word later on signifies his acceptance of Teal'c as a worthy ally.

  • Colonel Samantha Carter, who broke her leg in the previous episode "Trio", apparently healed quickly and cleanly as she is not even limping in this episode. It's possible this episode is set several weeks afterward.

  • Nitpick: There seems to be little in the way of a security force on the Midway station. During the unscheduled activation, when the Wraith arrive, we only see two guards casually standing at the base of the Stargate ramp. You would expect them to have more of a security detail, especially when the Stargate doesn't have an iris. At the SGC, all unscheduled activations were met with a full squad of SFs, and they have an iris.

  • Nitpick: Stargate Command must have a lot of confidence in McKay's program for them not to install an iris on each of the Midway Stargate's. Surely, it would act as a precaution in case the Wraith discover Midway and hack the program, as is what happens in this episode. The Wraith have been seen, in the past, to be more then capable when re-programming the Stargate.

  • Season 4 Episode 16: Trio

  • Goof: When McKay and Keller are packing the makeshift "cannon", the pole moves up and down between shots, as evidenced by the white tape stuck to it.

  • Carter has a picture of her father, Jacob Carter, in his Air Force uniform in her office.

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