Stargate Atlantis

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Teyla introduces Sheppard and their team to the Genii. A peaceful race of farmers and traders. During the course of their relations Sheppard's team makes a horrific discovery of the truth behind the Genii and their motives.

    Colm Meaney as Cowen makes a Guest Star appearance as the leader of the Genii. The Genii are the third in a trio of civilizations that have chosen to deal with the Wraith threat in different ways. As Teyla points out they are on the surface a peaceful people who farm and trade with others.

    They are very interested to meet Sheppard and his team when after some negotiations they discover that Sheppard and his people have advanced technology capabilities. It is interesting that they recognize this so quickly. So they ask for C4 and medicine for food. Sheppard and McKay discover the truth about the Genii on their return from discussions with Dr. Weir. The Genii are developing atomic weapons in their huge underground caverns. The farmers on the surface are all a ruse to keep the underground unseen. Their "brilliant plan" is to sneak onto the Wraith ships when they are dormant and destroy them with nuclear bombs. Of course as we know now there are over fifty and maybe hundreds of these ships. Also the Genii have no way to really deliver the nukes to their targets as well. Sort of a stupid plan!

    Isn't it interesting that the most advanced race is the most dangerous to everyone including themselves and their "friends". Being friends with the Genii could be seriously dangerous to your health. Unfortunately this race reminds me a lot of Earth. We have an inflated view of ourselves as well. We are omnipotent over our planet and everything upon it. Unfortunately we can't trust each other and are constantly at war and never learn from our mistakes.

    McKay is easily persuaded to hand over knowledge just on the basis that the Genii stroke his ego. I don't think he ever considered the results of his actions so we will see where all this leads to in the future as I am sure our explorers will run into them again.

    Very interesting set of episodes in which we learn a lot about the civilizations of the Pegasus galaxy and a lot about the humanity of ourselves. Thanks for reading...
  • No friends...

    This episode - first it looked - harmless and then soon, it looked quite similar to the previous episode. It seemed to be around McKay this time and again - getting something to fight against Wrights. (I most say I like that bad guys are named much easier way this time. I still have troubles to writing Gho'ulds right)

    The all underground thing and the Amish thing up - it was genius but - I most not say that it was my favorite storyline and the way it did not looked too good with the mission too - why the went to the Wright nest and then did nothing? What they planned to do on the first place? Or did I missed that too?

    It was informative as now the have idea - 60 ships or more... but.. it did not had too much magic.
  • The Genii are a peaceful race of people only interested in farming and trade. At least that's the way it seems to those who don't know their true intentions...

    Being a Star Trek fan, it was great to see Colm Meaney on this episode. I was very afraid and judging at the beginning of this episode because I couldn't help how much this episode reminded of "The Other Side from season four of SG-1. Like "The Other Side", it is about a military with a hidden agenda. Thankfully, it does change and by the end is a very good story. It is exciting and will keep your interest all the way to the end. It really does let you know why they have a Prime Directive on Star Trek. lol.
  • Introducing...the Genii!

    I chose to classify this as a pivotal episode because it introduced us to the Genii, who would continue to figure in Atlantis's fortunes throughout season one and two.

    This was the first episode I happened to catch on TV, and I was initially drawn in by the fact that I recognized Colm Meaney from Star Trek: The Next Generation. What kept me watching, though, was the sequence where Sheppard and McKay find the bunker. Meaney was a bit too stodgy to make a convincing bad guy (Kolya, from "The Storm" and "The Eye," made for a much more menacing villain), but the snarky exchanges between Sheppard and McKay plus the cool reveal at the end of the episode made it entertaining. Shortly after that I decided to get caught up on the earlier episodes and I've been a faithful watcher since.
  • Exciting episode lots of twists and turns

    This was a great episode the fact that they find a civilisation that has the same goals as them in one day defeating the Wraith. I also liked the fact that they ended up becoming enemies instead of allies like they have first hoped having seen the other episodes of the series and knowing that the Genei pop up in other episodes and pose a threat to the people of Atlantis is a quite interesting storyline which im hoping they will continue through the next season and possibly future seasons