Stargate Atlantis

Season 3 Episode 19


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 15, 2007 on Syfy

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    Vengeance was a hauntingly fun episode to watch. The scenes in the underground complex below the town reminded me of something out of Ghost Hunters. The Atlantis Team has lost regular contact with the Taranians, whom they relocated from a planet destroyed by a super volcano, and sent Sheppards team along with some Marines as back up to investigate. Sheppards team is following a life sign in the underground complex when a Wraith Dart comes through the stargate and beams up the Marines. Next we see terrifying creatures, and later learn that Michael has been conducting experiments on the Taranians and a few other worlds as well to create these creatures, forming an army of his own. The writers are doing a great job of continuing Michaels story line, and I can't wait to see what happens with him next!!!
  • bugs ahoy

    Wow I am a huge Shepperd fan but I have a lot of respect and admiration for Ronon. I like that no matter what danger they find themselves in he always remains so calm. I thought exceptionally highly of him when that bug just came out of nowhere and attacked him and he remained calm during the whole thing. I thought if that was Rodney I would have been hearing a lot of screaming. I have only seen this episode of season 3 because I am new to the programme so I will have to go out and buy them on dvd to catch up.
  • Michael and his army...

    It was great episode - it looked little simple first, but.. they should really stop that - i do not know how many times I almost got heart attack watching it as those bugs - they really made those scary and unexpected surprise moments. But it was not too bad - it was really enjoyable to watch the tension and all the running and trying to get Michael.

    It looks like now, when they are having friendly relationship with genii and now they have to have new enemy - that one is Michael. And he has an army... a bug army. And it does not sound too good - those creatures are powerful.
  • Michael's back...

    The team goes off world and finds that an entire settlement disappeared. They soon find the culprit: BUGS! big ones! and Michael...I really do not like Michael. I'm so angry that Michael came back, and that he didn't die at the end. I really don't like him. The idea of bug/human type creature was interesting...but they seemed pretty pitiful. It was like a bluer, buggier wraith, and it screached a lot. I hope they don't do a lot with those creatures because they're annoying. Oh well. There was some good action and some good humor. Overall, not a very good episode and not a very good story.
  • Trapped on a planet with mutant hybrid wraiths and Michael. So Stargate Atlantis.

    Ronon trying to teach McKay how to fight. I don't think that is EVER going to work. But it is funny to see them trying.
    The plot was very similar to many other sci fi shows. Aliens on a rampage, seen it. But the creator getting the idea from the good guys, that is new. The scenes between Michael and Teyla were spooky. The guy(or wraith if you prefer) is past revenge crazy. He's just plain crazy. The hybird were freaky too. And i agree with Colonel Sheppard. I hate those bugs. Well, at least they weren't cockroaches.

    Anyway, i've seen better but this was still good
  • Another homage yields an interesting, if still sketchy, new enemy

    The second half of this season of “SGA” has been riddled with apparent homages to well-known science fiction staples. This is at least the fourth such episode, and the second in which Sheppard actually points out the film that the show is emulating. This does have a lot of similarities to “Alien”, but the nice touch here is that the episode actually has long-term implications. That has been rare, especially in terms of McKay’s character development.

    This time, it’s the return of Michael, who has somehow survived after being blown to all hell in “Misbegotten”, a turn of events that is never explained. In the end, it doesn’t really matter: this is a story about consequences. Everything Michael does in this episode, and will do in the future, is the consequence of the decision to experiment on him at the end of the second season. When it comes to the list of questionable decisions under Weir’s tenure, that has to be near the top of the list.

    Michael is now creating Super-Wraith, which is a major problem. Just about the only good thing about them, at this point, is their somewhat mindless state. They attack and follow Michael’s orders, but they don’t seem to coordinate very well. Ronon and the others discovered at least two basic methods of killing the Super-Wraiths, and that was under less-than-ideal conditions. The real problem was a question of numerical superiority; there were too many to kill.

    If the Super-Wraith were to act like the more familiar version of Wraith, complete with intelligence and the desire to feed rather than kill, the situation would be a lot more terrifying for Team Atlantis. As it is, they’re dealing with their own version of “Alien”, which is bad enough. The tension made this a good episode to watch, but for me, it all came down to the confrontations with Michael and Weir’s recognition that this is largely her responsibility.

    It highlights what had been a major undercurrent of the series and what may finally be coming into the forefront: the question of whether or not Team Atlantis has been a good thing for the Pegasus Galaxy and, for that matter, the Milky Way. The awakening of the Wraith, the issues with the Genii, the unleashing of the Asurans, Michael and his new legion of Super-Wraith, the list goes on. Sooner or later, authorities on Earth are going to hold someone accountable.

    This episode introduces an element that could bring a sense of cohesion to the fourth season, if it’s utilized well. Michael and his legion can now be added to the list of Pegasus Galaxy enemies: Wraith, Asurans, and the Genii. With so many enemies, the writers have more than enough opportunity to choose a couple of them and develop an arc that will be satisfying. After all, “SGA” will soon be the only series on the air, and the stakes will be raised.
  • Wonderful episode with the surprising return of Michael.

    Michael is back and back on his own terms. Last time we seen Michael I thought the Atlantis team did him unjustly, especially after Michael had helped Atlantis's side. Now that I see Michael I really see even more of his human characteristics, but now he is very, very bitter toward the Atlantis team because of what they had done to him. He is now neither full human or full wraith, so no one side wants him, at least not alive. So he has created his own monsters that obey and follow him. Obviously Michael is extremely intelligent but he just wanted to belong. Being that Atlantis had changed his life completely around I personally am hoping that somewhere down the road that Michael would learn to trust them again and Atlantis would trust Michael. Michael could prove to be a real asset to the Atlantis team if some type of miracle could happen to develop trust between them. Otherwise Atlantis has developed their very own worst nightmare and in the future they will face off with Michael again and possibly many, many times or his creations and many lives will be lost.
  • This episode took us on another tangent from a previous story line. I am not saying that it is a bad way to go, just reporting facts.

    I was surprised at the rebirth of Michael. But then nothing that happens on TV shows should surprise us anymore. There was a whole season of Who Shot JR.
    I think with this episode you will see more investigation of who Michael really was, we now know he was probably a scientist and a very good one, but the breadcrumbs are there.
    Was this one of the best ones ever, no, but it was not boring either. I tape the shows as sometimes it gets so intense I want to scream when a commercial comes on, so by taping it, the fast forward comes in handy. Also if an episode is not great, it also becomes an option.
    I like the levity in the beginning part of the episode, it helps loosen you up for the intensity later.
    The outfit on Tayla was smoking, but then we all knew that she would be rescued.
    Questions if Michael had a way to disable the shield easily found by McKay, then Michael will have left something out of his research on the new bug people. I also feel somewhat insulted that when you read the notes on the episode here, the mention that Carson did not appear, no kidding, I thought he died two episodes ago, but what do I know.
    Will Michael succeed in his bug people, will they turn against him? Only time and a few more episodes will tell.
  • Episode with a lot of horror elements...

    I enjoyed a lot this was unpredictable, and can rivalrize with a horror movie...It had elements from Alien...So the team goes to investigate when a people close to them don't respond to their messages, and they find out an empty planet...this is what they think at least at the beginning...they find the bodies of the Teranians and they are forced to fight powerful creatures, with resulted in the experiments of Michael the wraith-human...A lot of fighting takes place, which in my opinion increase the quality of this episode,though i was a little disappointed at how easy these creatures were killed...Beside this i found it very adventurous and pleasant, but then again, i like horrors.
  • Probabaly one of the better episodes this series.

    I really enjoyed this episode for a change. I thought that the writers as well as introding a new enemy manged well to bring back the creature/man 'Michael'. I liked this episode because the story is left open for more episodes. I can already tell that Atlantis will run into these bug creatures again. This series has focused heavily on trying to develop new enemies and stories and personally i feel this was a sucess in many ways. I have really enjoyed most of this series of Atlantis and hope the next and final episode of the series is as good. I thought that the story was much darker than normal and managed to but most of the charactors in constant danger. Looking forward to seeing Michael again.
  • This was a great well written episode with a lot of action to it. Even though it was slow at the beginning, it made up for it towards the end.

    They showed what Michael been up to ever since he helped Sheppard escape from the hive ship. He’s been up to no good making experiments on humans to create a new animal which he could control to take over the galaxy. It seems that Atlantis just keeps getting more and more enemies all the time, this never happened in SG1 to my knowledge. But all in all this was a good episode because there was a lot of action in this episode. I wish they would have showed a clear image of the new alien that Michael had created.
  • The episode was actually wery boring.

    Ok Michael is an interesting character, but the bugs story line was iritating me a bit. The episode as a whole was so boring that sometimes I had the feeling, hello! there is nothing happening. The whole currently aired Season 10 of Stargate SG-1 have had a great number of episodes way better than this one.
  • This is a great episode. there is lots of action and the monsters are good.

    This is a great episode. there is lots of action and the monsters are good. How did Michael survive the team shooting the planet? I wonder if they got the dart back? They sholud have killed Michael. He gets away and gets to keep his uglu monster army! Lots of shooting in this episode.
  • MICHAELS BACK!! and hes doing his own experiments. with terrifying results (in theory anyway). *spoilers*

    I have been waiting for an episode like this for a long time (well actually i was hoping for more along the lines of dinosaurs) and it lived up to my expectations. The team are checking up on 'the volcano people' of last seasons volcano episode 'inferno' and cant seem to get in contact with them. so Shepherd and his team go off just to make sure everyones ok.

    They stumble upon an underground bunker and soon learn that there is a weird nest / cocoon of some sort but whatever was in there. has hatched, and Mckay can only find one lifesign in the entire place. *cue spooky music*

    Despite the fact that this episode was a total rip off of Alien vs Predator with the experiment the alien, Micheal the Predator (or should that be Ronon?) and Shepherds team as the cluless humans running around, It was 'on the edge of your seat' type stuff. and the characters mentioned a few times that this feels all too like the movie alien. just to let the audience know that they know.
  • The team investigate a planet where Michael has been building an army of mutant bugs!

    First off a settlement which Atlantis has been in contact with stops contacting them. Upon investigation the team find out a disturbing truth. Michael is back and this time he brings a mutant bug army with him. This has a feel of Aliens and Predator in this episode, but don't let that get in the way. Because this well written and keep your heart beating.

    They do a fair few of horror style episodes in Stargate and this is one of the best ones I have seen yet. You don't really get a good look at the alien bugs and this makes it better. I do love that style of filming. Michael(Connor Trinneer) could of played his character better. He needs to be played more sadistic, but other than that. This is a great episode.
  • Another brilliant episode that sets up fantasticly for the season finale.

    After watching this episode I really canot wait for the series finale, and to see more of Michael. I enjoyed Submersion but this was so much better.

    THe episode starts with them going to visit the planet that the people who gave them the Orion now live on. When they get to the settlemtnt they find that it is completely abandoned, but they detect one lifesign deep underground. They reach the tunnels created from the previous occupants of the planet, who had followed the Genii in building underground complexes.

    They follow this lifesign, and Elizabeth decides to send a group of marines to give assistance. Shortly after htey arrive a Wraith dart comes through the Stargate and beams the MArins up and flys off. In the next scene we see the Canadian gate tech in Atlantis informing Weir that that Marine team just sent a message saying they were moving out of radio contact range to where Sheppard and his team had moved off to.

    While Shep's team investigate the underground complex they encounter a room full of pods, blow it up and encounter a super iratus bug mad kiling evil freaky being, that seems immensely strong. They find the Teranans all dead in hte bunker and notice that they all have iratus bite marks on their necks.

    While going down a corridor searching for this monster that ran off when Ronon broke off its hand, Teyla goes to investigate a room and is abducted. We then see her strapped down and Michael leaning over her explaining that he's is breeding an army of super wraith because the wraith no longer except because he's too human/unclean. He takes out an unevolved iratus bug and lays it on Teyla's legs and starts to watch it climb up her body. It is then that they hear gunfire as the group shoot apart one of these bad guys, Michael goes off to investigate, and just as the original iratus bug is about to bite into Teyla Ronon destroys it with one shot. I can honestly say that had that bug been on me I would have screamed my head off, but Teyla kept silent and strong. She really is one of the best characters in my opinion.

    They release her and go after Michael, encountering several of these beasts. The four of them get out via two different escape hatches. Sheppard goes off to get Michael's dart and pick Ronon up, just as a bunch of these beasts surround him. We then see Teyla and McKay running through the woods while currounded by about a hundred of these things. AS they both get shot by a Wraith stunner and Michael closes in on them Sheppard flies by with the dart and picks them up. They use the dart's dhd to fly through the stargate to another planet, get out of the dart and hten go back to Atlantis.

    We learn that Sheppard left the dart on another planet so that the Daedalus could pick it up because he did not want to risk damaging it. We also learn that Michael had similar labs on at least 3 other planets and had pretty much successfully bred a super army of these mental iratus wraith creatures.

    This episode was awesome to the point where I now have tog back and fiddle with my ratings for the previous episodes to truly show how good this episode is. While it did seem a little bit of a ripoff of Alien, as they mentioned themselves, they did it so well, like so well, just as we have come to expect from this show.

    I'm really looking forward to next week's season finale.
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