Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2008 on Syfy

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  • The enemy in this week's episode was a mix of the grudge, the ring, Silent Hill, and 28 days later...

    The episode started off a little slow at first but as always with episodes like these, things started to pick up afterward once the pods holding those mutated creatures got opened. The enemies in this week's episode definitely were inspired by several horror films like the Grudge (the sounds they made), The Ring (the crawling scene from the well), 28 days later (the running) and Silent Hill (the way their appearance looked). It was quite amusing to see an all girl squad as you really don't see that often. Overall, this episode didn't really feel like a Atlantis episode to me as some of the key characters weren't really in this episode, most had very little screen time or none at all. The horror aspects did gave me a scare one or two times, the Beckett scene comes to mind. This was a very well done Halloween episode of Stargate Atlantis if ya ask me.
  • Whisper to a ...

    The Horror episode of Atlantis. It was an okay episode - it was pretty much a stand alone, even though it relates to Michael's previous experiments. Not really a lot to say about it. I liked the idea of an all-woman team, but I didn't want Captain Vega to die! Nice to see Carson in action again, and good to see veteran Nicole De Boer making her Atlantis debut (put a Tok'ra in her to make her Dax!). That was one spunky sergeant...might be a good match for Ronon!

    So overall, it was just an okay, average episode to me.
  • Horrifying Atlantis...

    Well this episode gave us something new in the stargate universe. Although many details were borrowed from other movies: The Grudge (sound), The Ring (well) and some movies about zombies like 28 Days Later. I think the writers did very well in creating a horror story. It was even scarier than The Ring for me. Paul McGillion also looked great when he ran from the monster and stopped near that wall. His face was priceless when the zombie-creature crawled down. Oh and they killed Captain Alicia Vega. I heard that the writers had plans for her - I guess I heard wrong...
  • The Atlantis teams find another one of Micheal's labs where the earliest versions thus far of his hybrid creature are discovered...and released.

    Personally I am getting really tired of the Michael storyline. Michael, like Kolya, is an overused nemesis and needs to be finished, especially now we know that this is the final season in the Atlantis series. Granted there may be movies but there are just too many storylines that aren't finished and the writers are running out of time.

    This episode reminded me of the movie Pitch Black, so i kinda thought the story was unoriginal. Also many of the main characters did not appear in this episode (I was a fan of the all girl off world team) but no Ronon, Teyla, Dr. Keller or large appearance by Dr. McKay. So all in all kinda boring and a waste of the limited time Stargate Atlantis has left on the air.
  • An attempt at horror here was valiant but i personally think it missed the mark.

    It was clear for a while that the atlantis crew wanted to do a horror type episode. After watching this, they got the atmosphere right but missed the jolt (fright) factor by using predictable cues way too often. Apart from Vega's death, Will Waring, the director built up the scene well but failed to utilise it.

    The creature effects were very nice but not really scary. The use of fog in my opinion was a bit of a cheap shot to create tension. However I do give full marks for the fact that they decided to have a go and gave it their all.

    Hopefully this little stumble isn't the beggining of a trail of mundane filler episodes, (Next weeks ep: The Queen could be really good or really bad.)
  • John Sheppard and Dr. Beckett find themselves on a planet where an experimental station was set up by Michael. They soon discover that most of the test subjects were put in stasis chambers because the experiments went wrong.

    When I first heard about the all-girl team, I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy it but they totally kicked ass. I love Christina Cox and Nicole De Boer so that was definitely a bonus. They are both sci-fi veterans and were perfect for their respective roles. And even though most of the regular Atlantis team was absent, my two favourite men were there so I had absolutely nothing to complain about!

    I have to admit though that I don't usually like zombie movies and/or TV episodes but this was done in such a way that it never went overboard. At no time was the team confronted with hundreds of zombies and I think it was a wise move on the writers part. Also, the suspense was very well maintained and it wasn't predictable. Honestly, I kept thinking through the entire episode that Sargent Mehra ("Dusty") was going to be the "Red Shirt" and get hacked simply because she was so cocky but it never happened.

    And curiously enough, I thought the "High Five" that John and Carson gave each other after realizing they were with an all-girl team was totally cute! Yeah, it was a little macho to a certain extent but it made it all the more real. I'm sure some women out there thought it was inappropriate but I thought it was simply a natural and spontaneous gesture.
  • Stargate meets "Resident Evil"

    Previous episodes have felt like transparent homages (or blatant ripoffs) of other shows or popular genre plot devices, so it's no surprise that "SGA" finally comes around to its inevitable "zombie" installment. In fact, right from the beginning, this felt like "Stargate: Resident Evil", right down to the high female population.

    I'll be honest; I find the zombie-esque subgenre to be rather boring in most cases. The plot is always the same, and it all comes down to the quality of execution. Right now, of course, zombies are all the rage, so why wouldn't the Stargate producers want to throw their brainpans in the ring? The benefit of the current status quo is that the zombie concept was easily tied to Michael's genetic experiments. Since I actually like the Michael plot thread when it appears, I was intrigued.

    I was a bit annoyed at first when I noticed that Sheppard and Beckett were the only regulars. Instead, the supporting cast was populated by an all-female team. How remarkably convenient that the team to be victimized in the "horror" episode is, sure enough, a quartet of hot young women. Not that I'm complaining, but it does seem to fit into the tropes of the zombie genre just a bit too snugly!

    Even so, I liked the interplay between Beckett and Porter. It's always a treat to see Nicole de Boer on my screen, and I've missed her since "The Dead Zone" ended. I wonder if she'll reappear with Beckett in the future. I also liked Dusty's relative disdain for their attraction. It may have been an inside joke; Janina Gavankar played a role on "The L Word". (Yes, it's probably reading into things, but it's more fun that way!)

    Visually, I thought the premise was sold well, especially after remembering the show's budget is smaller than it used to be. I liked the creature design, and the mood was well-maintained throughout the episode. Considering the fact that I'm usually not entertained by zombie stories, I was surprised to find this episode enjoyable. It's nothing more than derivative, but I suppose that made it easy to sit back and enjoy it.
  • Becketts back!!! Those things looked like the things off of the movie I Am Legend!

    This was a really cool episode! I loved it! Although sometimes it seemed like a 80's zombie movie! But it didnt matter cause they kinda adressed that which made it ok! lol Also Beckett is back which is awesome! He is amazing, although I would still like a episode to not be about the work and just be about him like getting back to normal life thing or something! But anyway, still this was a awesome episode! Although I wish Mckay and Ronon would have been there!
  • See Summary

    Whispers was a slow paced episode. It was nice to see Beckett performing again however. The episode didn't really have much to do with any over all story lines, but did touch upon some from the past. We saw some remnents of Michaels work, which was always dark and sinister. This episode was fun to watch unfold, it felt like a camping trip to the woods with some thing scary on the loose. Although this episode was good, I feel that the new season is lacking direction, I hope that we soon get to see something important happen, or that something really exciting happens soon!!!
  • Off the usual pace

    Oh, I do not know - I had high hopes for this episode because of Paul McGillion but I think when you have high hopes, the falling will be even worse when your hopes are not fulfilled.

    Anyway, I have never been into horror movies and things like that, so it was not my favorite storyline and I remember SG-1 200. episode where they said: everyone has already done zombies. No zombies for them.. but here we do get them and the whole well thing and the punch of girls and Beckett and Sheppard in foggy planet - it is just one running and fight and run and be scared and no real connection to any storyline.
  • fairly obvious conclusion to one of the weaker episodes this season.

    this is not one of the better episodes i think and its fairly obvious it is a shared opinion.
    watching this i found myself remembering a similar storyline from SG1- the episode "prototype" from the ninth season; where anubis was trying to create a genetic hybrid to his ascended self based on his own DNA. obviously as a filler episode they drew from this storyline and altered it to fit with the wraith Michaels bigger plan for the pegasus galaxy.
    in the future i hope for better storylines and as a fan of both atlantis and SG1 i know they can produce.
    I also cannot wait for the appearance of Daniel Jackson in the mid-season 2-parter as i think he is one of the best characters from SG1 and i think he can help to improve & expand on possible storylines in SG Atlantis in the future.
  • An average episode that's saved from being a total flop only by the generous amount of Sheppard coverage.

    This episode really didn't grab me. They always went somewhere, leaving two of their troup behind and one of them got kidnapped. Over and over again. It got repetitive and boring pretty quickly.

    There was only Sheppard/Joe Flanigan in this episode because the others were filming Tracker at the same time. And so TPTB cleverly used Carson/Paul McGillion to give his fans a very Carson centric episode. I'm not a fan of his so it left me feeling kind of meh. But at least we got a lot of Sheppard scenes, though his "oh, you are a girl" attitude was so out of character that it bothered me a lot - Sheppard never minded working with women so this came totally out of left field.

    The other saving grace besides John Sheppard was Christina Cox aka Major Teldy. I'm happy that she survived and if the series wasn't canceled, I would have been happy to see her again. Though Vega's death surprised me lot since she was the one girl on the team that we knew.

    So yeah, better than Irresponsible but still a bit boring.
  • Stargate attempts horror...

    I can't stand horror movies...thank goodness this wasn't that scary. I have to say, though, there were a few moments that I was scared, but not many. And what was up with the entirely female team? Also, doesn't Shepard know about all of the teams and military personal? I just thought it was odd to have an entirely young female team. Anyways, then Carson was randomly there and came along. I liked him in the episode except when he was flirting with the other doctor. I liked the story somewhat and I also liked some of the action and scary sequences. Overall, mix of odd and good....
  • This time around, we only have two main characters, who join an all female Stargate team on a misty planet. What next? A teenage slasher/monster movie, of course!

    Well, I guess we can at least be glad that this isn't another TV sci-fi hackneyed, rehashed plot. No! Instead it's another low budget movie cliche plot! Sheppard even quips at one point about it being the prom queen and kid in a wheelchair's turn to die, but of course he never uses the one lesson one can take from those movies - NEVER SPLIT UP!

    This was yet another disappointing episode, and really makes me start to wonder about thinking of these things as filler - filler implies some other activity going on in other episodes, and we're just not seeing a lot motion elsewhere. At this rate, we're seeing more plot development happen through the trickle of SG-1 movies than we are in weekly Atlantis episodes.
  • The only thing missing in this episode was a Shark, a boat, some water skis and the Fonz. Everyone involved with this episode should be ashamed of themselves. Poor writing, character flaws, horror movie cliche overload.

    Why is this smart science based show talking down to us lately. We're not stupid, if I wanted to watch Buffy the vampire slayer I would. The first disappointment in the episode is Becket and Shepard joining up with the all woman team in the forest. Shepard seems surprised by the fact that the team is all women. Isn't he the military leader of Atlantis? Isn't it his job to oversee these things? Thank god the team wasn't showing cleavage or I probably would have never watched another Atlantis episode. Beware the Enterprise curse, trying to sell the show with boobs doesn't work.

    Why did the writing staff see fit to make the most highly trained and qualified group of explorers act like retarded high school students in a bad horror movie. People in their situation don't disobey orders, they do what they're told or they're sent home. At least someone died for not following orders, but she wouldn't be in that position if she had that personality type. Almost every bad cliche you find in a horror movie was in this episode. Falling while running away, looking into dark holes or rooms knowing full well something was going jump out at you, wandering off alone, etc.

    The final 3-4 minutes was right up there with some of the stupidest TV I've ever seen. I don't feel like playing doctor anymore today. Yeah okay you two stay here. Honestly? Pretty sickening. This is what the writer should have done. DR. Ezri "Yeah I don't really want to play doctor anymore today."
    Shepard "Yeah well why don't you just stay here and hope we got all those things, here's a butter knife. Yell out if your being eaten."
    DR. Ezri "Um yeah maybe I'll stick with you guys."
    Shepard "Um yeah, when I throw you through the gate on the way home, go to your quarters and pack your **** up, you're going home."

    Very disappointed in this trend in Atlantis lately where they seem to be trying to Smallvilleize the show, younger, dumber, and not very engaging.