Stargate Atlantis

Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 05, 2008 on Syfy

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  • The only thing missing in this episode was a Shark, a boat, some water skis and the Fonz. Everyone involved with this episode should be ashamed of themselves. Poor writing, character flaws, horror movie cliche overload.

    Why is this smart science based show talking down to us lately. We're not stupid, if I wanted to watch Buffy the vampire slayer I would. The first disappointment in the episode is Becket and Shepard joining up with the all woman team in the forest. Shepard seems surprised by the fact that the team is all women. Isn't he the military leader of Atlantis? Isn't it his job to oversee these things? Thank god the team wasn't showing cleavage or I probably would have never watched another Atlantis episode. Beware the Enterprise curse, trying to sell the show with boobs doesn't work.

    Why did the writing staff see fit to make the most highly trained and qualified group of explorers act like retarded high school students in a bad horror movie. People in their situation don't disobey orders, they do what they're told or they're sent home. At least someone died for not following orders, but she wouldn't be in that position if she had that personality type. Almost every bad cliche you find in a horror movie was in this episode. Falling while running away, looking into dark holes or rooms knowing full well something was going jump out at you, wandering off alone, etc.

    The final 3-4 minutes was right up there with some of the stupidest TV I've ever seen. I don't feel like playing doctor anymore today. Yeah okay you two stay here. Honestly? Pretty sickening. This is what the writer should have done. DR. Ezri "Yeah I don't really want to play doctor anymore today."
    Shepard "Yeah well why don't you just stay here and hope we got all those things, here's a butter knife. Yell out if your being eaten."
    DR. Ezri "Um yeah maybe I'll stick with you guys."
    Shepard "Um yeah, when I throw you through the gate on the way home, go to your quarters and pack your **** up, you're going home."

    Very disappointed in this trend in Atlantis lately where they seem to be trying to Smallvilleize the show, younger, dumber, and not very engaging.
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