Stargate: Infinity

FOX (ended 2003)





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  • Stargate Infinity is such an awesome show in my opinion, I'm a Stargate fan and I really think this makes a great addition to the Stargate Universe. I hope we can see some more

    Stargate Infinity has always caught my eye and finally the whole collection was released on DVD. I really think this show worked out great as part of the Stargate Franchise and I'm not sure why it was hated so much it's a Stargate series! To me it never seemed to run out of ideas and I thought the character and animation designs were outstanding. It explains a generation after the first SG Team first stepped in and how they have to protect an ancient from the new evil race (Tlak'khan). I thought Infinity covered a lot of Stargate ground. I hope we may see more Infinity in Stargate future releases. I bought it and enjoyed it a lot I would recommend this series. I think it would make a great addition to the Stargate Universe collection.