Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 1999 on Syfy

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  • Please Stop

    Solar Flares time travel and general pointless banter about going back to the late 1960's. seriously, we got tired of this in Star Trek TOS. There is nothing charming, entertaining, original or thought provoking. It's a cheesy simple filler episode with little lift or life
  • Inspired by Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

    Inspired by Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, including the hippie angle

    Because of a solar flare, the SG-1 team is propelled back in time to 1969, landing in a top-secret military facility. Carter was carrying a letter General Hammond gave her, and when her belongings are searched by a young Lieutenant, he is astonished by the letter's contents. As the team is transported for further interrogations, this Lieutenant Hammond helps them escape and tells them the letter appeared to be from him many years in the future. Desperate to find the Stargate so they can return to the present, the team seeks out Catherine Langford, who they believe may know its location. Hitchhiking to see her in New York, they are picked up by Michael and Jenny, two friendly flower children on their way to Woodstock. They immediately warm to the team's fugitive appearance. Carter discovers that Hammond's not includes the date of the next solar flare, and they race to the Stargate before their only chance of leaving the past is gone forever.
  • SG-1 takes a trip to the 60's...

    A fluke of stargate operation sends the team to 1969. This was a pretty good episode, I thought the guy who played Lt. Hammond did an especially fine job of acting like General Hammond. This episode also had some wonderful team member interactions. Where this episode really lost points with me was the somewhat sappy acting around the campfire scene, and scenes with the hippies after that. However, that was not a huge detractor as the rest of the episode was great. I see this episode as a fan service more than anything else, although the time travel concept is reused in season 4. Seeing Teal'c drive a bus? C'mon you know that was for the fans, and I must admit I loved it. Just a fun episode with the usual SG-1 flair for making an unbelievable story believable and fun.
  • There and back again...

    Lovely - all the time travel and the uniqueness of this episode considered with other episodes. It is one of those episodes I remember from the first time I watched this show - there are not many of them as it was really long time ago, but this one left something unforgettable. Maybe the idea of time travel, not changing their own past and history. Maybe that hippy theme and the way they had to get away without saying much. Some really brilliant dialoge there - like Teal'c and that hippy on the bus. And the future - Cassandra. A very special episode.
  • pretty good episode with cool time travel...

    This episode starts with the SG-1 team going off world only to find themselves back on earth, but thirty years earlier. They meet a younger Hammond and meet some hippies, but they eventually get back to their time. Overall, the episode has a great idea, but their were some parts that I was not fond of. It was funny to see a younger Hammond and it was really cool to see that it was his plot the whole time to send SG-1 back in time so he could meet them in his past. There were also some funny hippie parts, but the hippies got a little annoying. Overall, a very good idea and rpetty well-executed.
  • The best time travel episode in the show.

    This is the first and probably the best Time Travel episode the show did. The only problem I had was the way they went back and ended up in the gate room and the gate disappears. It would have been more believable if they went to the second gate in Antarctica or the original gate in storage but that story would have sucked so I can let it slide. The interrogation was hilarious with all the fake names Jack gave. Lt. Hammond was a great addition to the story and good to get a little back-story on him and the actor did a great job. The cross-country trip on Route 66 was the best part but I may be biased because I live on it and have traveled it. The hippies were funny and Alex Zahara is one of my favorite actors. It was cool to see the future Cassie and involve her in the story. Overall one of the best of the season and one that will always be on my favorites list.
  • very well done...

    I have heard so much about this episode and I had never seen it but then I got this season for christmas and was able to watch this episode. sg1 goes through the gate and they end up in 1969. A young Lt.Hammond helps them as they are captured. but they still need to find away home. I thought this episode was very well done and a very good idea. It is definately one of the best of season 2. i really like the scene when the guy is questioning O'neill and O'neill says that his name is captain james t. kirk of the starship enterprise. later...
  • SG1 in 1969...

    i would have to say that 1969 is the second funniest episode of stargate sg1 ever.second only to Window Of Opertunnity. when traveling to another planet. a solar beam, sends the team back in time to 1969. carter finds a letter in her pocket thats written by general hammond, and says when the next solar eclipse is going to occur.the team must hunt down the general who is actually a lieutenent. the characters are sort of out of character is this episode . and thay have to dress like they would have in 1969. this is really a series classic.later.
  • A turning point in the series, and a sign of things to come.

    Some fans could argue that episodes like "Holiday" or even "One False Step" were the series first attempt at the light-hearted comedic episode. But I'm sure that every fan would agree that "1969" was the series' first great success, and an episode that would change the face of SG1 forever.

    The story is pretty simple (hell it's more of a situation, really): the team get sent back to 1969, and must find a way home; however, the episode arguably more than makes up for this by offering a lot of humour and a lot of fun. There are some truly classic SG-1 gags and moments strewn throughout the episode, my personal favourite being O'Neill's interrogation in Cheyenne Mountain.

    But the episode does have some flaws that make it less enjoyable than it should've been. For instance, the bit at the end when they're flung into the future: the fact that Cassandra magically sends them back to their time could be seen as a sort of Deus Ex Machina, but it's easy to argue against this claim. But also, I remember when I showed this episode to a group of friends of mine (along with Window of Opportunity, of course), after Cassandra says something along the lines of "You're journey is just beginning", at least one person groaned, and it's easy to see why. However, I managed to save this moment by saying "Wouldn't it have been funny if the series was cancelled after this season?” which got a huge laugh.

    As a side note, here's a funny thing I noticed: Brad Wright, the writer of this episode, has been known to complain quite a bit about the ideas and uses of the Zat gun, yet in this episode he uses it quite a lot its magical properties (impairing the rocket, unlocking the box, disintegrating the boxes, and making a fire bigger).

    So, in summary, this is an absolute must-see for any soon-to-be SG1 fan. Despite its flaws, I'm sure they'll love it.
  • The team goes back to 1969....

    I absolutely loved this episode! Yay! It is definitely my favorite one. I was not surprised at all to see it picked as number two on the Stargate best episodes countdown. My favorite parts are when Teal'c is talking to Michael. All of Teal'c's lines are hilarious: "What's it symbolize? Peace?" "Slavery. To false gods." And it's also very cool that they get to see Cassandra when she's older. And I loved how the guy playing G. Hammond when he's younger sounds exactly like Don S. Davis! If you are looking for one Stargate episode to watch one night, I'd recommend this one without a doubt. You will not be dissapointed in the least! Go buy it.... hurry!
  • Hippie Teal'c... Gotta love it...

    Definately my favorite part of this episode was seeing the team in 1969, especially seeing Teal'c dressed as a hippie. I thought that this episode was a fun break from the usual defending of the world against imminent destruction. One thing that was kind of a pain about this episode was that it was really confusing. Grant it, I over think the logic of the story line but I did find it a little difficult to see that General Hammond would send the team back in time to fulfill something that happened when he was younger.

    Overall, I didn't think that the episode had the strongest story line but it was so fun to see the team pretending to be hippies and then "aliens" from outter space. The comic dialog made the episode worth watching even though it didn't really add a whole lot to the overall plot of the show.
  • A mishap with the Stargate sends the team back to 1969.

    This episode is a classic. The team is sent back through the gate to 1969 by accident. They end up being captures in Cheyenne Mountain, which was a missile complex in 1969. A younger General Hammond is ordered to take them to a secure facility, where they get a chance to escape and try to find a way home. Some classic moments in this episode include when O'neill says that his name is Kirk, a reference to Star Trek, and then says he lied and that it really is Skywalker. Also, Daniel is asked, in Russian, if he is a Soviet spy, and replies saying no, in Russian, leading the military to believe that they in fact are spies. In a later episode, Jonas asked Teal'c when he learned to drive, and Teal'c says it was in 1969.
  • A intresting episode

    This episode was good in my opinion becouse of the fact that it was a well done time travel episode and they way that they did do time travel wasnt that overused(or used at all). I also liked that the time travel wasnt done in order to change the past but to make sure that the past actually happend. If they wouldnt have gone back the stargate program probably would never gotten started back up. I also thought it was funny becouse of all the refernces to star trek and star wars. The way that Catherine and Hammond was involved was very well done also.
  • SG-1 travel back in time!

    I just love time-travel stories to the recent past (well in this case 30 years) with the twisted logic of "I can't tell you because if I do, you'll invent something before you should, but if I don't, you might never actually invent it".

    A couple of funny scenes. "Who are you". "Captain Kirk". "No, I'll tell you something. My real name is not Kirk. It's Skywalker, Luke Skywalker." ;-)
    Or having Daniel fake a German accent (well, he really did speak a couple of German sentences too).

    And SG-1 in hippie-drag!!

    If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for?
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