Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Previously The team meet the Furlings, but end up blowing up their planet while defending against an alien attack. Whoops. Now SG-1 is reviewing a TV movie script on behalf of the Air Force. Landry notes the movie is an excellent cover for the real Stargate organization and forces them to meet with the head producer, their old friend Martin. Mitchell tries an idea for brain-eating zombies but Martin is unimpressed. Worse, the main actor has left and he needs ideas to keep him referenced even when the actor is gone. Sam suggests making the main character invisible and remembers the time it happened to Colonel O'Neill, when wacky hijinks ensued. Eventually Jack sneaks onto an alien mother ship and they recover the device to cure him, even though it cuts off all the power in the mountain. Martin is less than unimpressed and Landry comes in to bail them out by sending them on a mission--it's Mitchell's 200th trip through the gate. But the power cuts out as they prepare to depart. Later the team are running for the gate as Replicators chase them. The gate is surrounded by alien ships… and then they're back. It's another story idea of Martin's, and the team still aren't impressed. Sam is working to get the gate running, so they can leave. Vala offers to share her (unclassified) adventures with Martin, like the time a solar flare caused her to crash-land on a nearby planet. She landed on the nearby Goa'uld and met the local height-challenged villagers and their blonde leader. Finally Vala met with an Ascended Being with her friends, a familiar looking scarecrow, lion, and tin man. Martin points out she's describing The Wizard of Oz and quickly bows out. Sam is still working to activate the gate and they're forced to close the blast doors when the energy overloads. Sgt. Siler tries to cut off the power but is blasted away. Landry calls for an evacuation but Cheyenne Mountain blows up. Whoops. Yes, it's another story idea--Martin's idea for the end of Act 2. Then they got Scene 24 which has the crew commanding a starship, but it sounds like Star Trek. Martin's interrupted by a call from the studio--they want to recast with younger edgier actors. Vala tries a few more ideas (read rip-offs) and then Martin gets news that his budget is being cut. The team are waiting for the gate to reactivate and mention a mission that Mitchell hasn't read that they can't tell him about. They try to convince him it was time travel mission where Jack became Mitchell's mission, but he's not buying it. Martin's out of actors so the team suggests puppets from a parallel dimension. Martin doesn't buy it and considers ego-stroking the actors to impress them. They're interrupted by a surprise appearance of Jack O'Neill. While Teal'c pitches Martin the idea of a Jaffa private investigator, Jack explains that he stopped in to get some closure. Mitchell suggests Jack go with them and he appears enthused. Martin comes back to reveal the studio isn't happy with the ending. Jack suggests fishing, but it doesn't go over well. Vala suggests a wedding between Sam and Jack, but nobody's buying that, either. They finally get the Stargate online and Jack suggest Landry comes along with them for a special arrangement. They even invite Walter along and Landry has Jack's cake waiting at the other end. They suggest Martin come along but he has news – they've cancelled the movie but renewed the series. The team head through the gate... Ten years later, the crew of Wormhole X-Treme are celebrating their tenth anniversary and Martin gets the call that the movie is back on!
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