Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Syfy

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  • absolute rubbish, if this was the best they could come up with for the 200th episode perhaps it\\\\\\\'s just as well they are cancelling this once fantastic show.

    absolute rubbish, if this was the best they could come up with for the 200th episode perhaps it\\\\\\\'s just as well they are cancelling this once fantastic show. How can they justify what was basically a clip show ? How am I going to come up with 100 words to write about this purile mess that should never have see the light of day ?

    filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler 100
  • Just awful, spare yourself please, has nothing to do with the plot and is not good anyway

    What a waste, absolutely nothing happened in this episode. It could have been good if this episode had an actual plot or was part of the storyline, but no not one thing. Apart from jack returning absolutely not one thing of interest happened here. Could nt even finish watching, especially at the end, when interview people did not know or care who they were. This could have been good, first time ever watched an episode of stargate, although love the show, I was not able to continue watching it all. Painful to the extreme, the guy marty just annoyed the life out of me, hopefully back to normal again next week
  • Frigging awesome! Fantastic in-jokes references and very easy to follow given the fact that I've missed seasons 6-10...

    Right I know its blasphemous but I truly lost track of Stargate way back in Season 4 to be exact and tried to keep up but completely went off the track however this epiosde was AWESOME!
    I like the chemistry between Claudia Black and Ben Browder in farscape and to see the sketch from farscape was hilarious even if it only lasted about 15 seconds. Amanda Tapping looked awesome as Giana or whatever her name was. It was very well done and I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was nice to see the gate guy actually go through the gate!!!
    However, I would have given this 10 if not for three small things.
    1)Not enough of Richard Dean Anderson.
    2) No actual onscreen showing of Don S. Davis only his voice.
    3) Teryl Rothery not reprising her role as Dr. Frasier.

    I know she was killed off and I was gutted when I found out cos I really liked her but it would have been great to see her back again.
  • Some serious belly-laugh'n

    I loved it. I thought it was great ... although I do know what people mean when they roll their eyes at episodes like this ... but I couldn't help but belly laugh through the whole thing. The puppets ... I mean ... come on ... puppets?!?! Hilarious! And the witty writing was ... exactly why I love Stargate.

    OHHHHH .... and I can't believe they did the FarScape reference ... it made me pee in my pants!!!

    The wedding scene I could have done without.

    The last scene, with the Extreme Wormhole Alien quoting issac asimov - wonderful. it was the best way to end an episode like that.
  • I would have to kill my self before I could watch this episode to it's end! My hope is you will use this episode as a guide of how never to make a movie,show,or episode again! This episode is a brain killer! This is the answer to kill your a

    I can only say if you want to kill your audience this episode will
    do it! Brains , to watch this episode one would have to have a brain
    like a rock! Episodes like this will make your audience want to kill
    there self! I hope you know there are people that watch this show
    and can think. I am only saying this to help you, Stargate SG1 is
    a great show,the language,the cast,fabulous! My hope is you will get Mr.R.D.Anderson and Mr. Don.S.Davis to come back to the show,
    They are a big part of the show! I hope episode 200 will never be
    seeing again! This episode is a paradox, one will say to one self
    this can not be, but it is the episode from hell! I need to say
    you have disrespected your audience with this episode! I give this episode a score of -0 !
  • Mitchell's 200th trip through the gate (not mission, just the 200th time is he's stepped through it) is cut short by a malfunction, forcing the team to wait and consult on a possible movie continuation of "Wormhole X-treme" Homages are abound.

    I'm not what one would call a long time Stargate fan. I started watching at the beginning of Season 8 and have only seen before that year Season 1 and part of 7 (Oh, and "Window of Opportunity", but who hasn't seen that one?). I must say, though, I really really enjoyed this one. From the start with the Furlings to each and every little cutaway, from Star Trek to zombies to Wizard of Oz and Farscape, to Teal'c P.I. and the alternate version of the fishing scene, this one kept me entertained. And, of course, the highly pulicized return of RDA in more forms than one: invisible, as a puppet, even as himself. When creators say that they're giving a gift to the fans, this is what I would expect. Bravo creators, on a job well done. And congratulations on 200 episodes. That is quite a feat.
  • A complete waste of time!

    Beyond a doubt, the worst episode of SG-1 I've ever seen. What a joke! The 200th episode, and they choose to make a complete farce out of it. The pre-episode special was more entertaining! Another reviewer called it "cheesy" - that's putting it kindly.

    And they wasted an appearance by Richard Dean Anderson on this crud? What were the writers and producers thinking? It seems they have little or no respect for their audience. They could have (and should have) done something truly special to commemorate such a special occasion, but instead they give us an utter farce.

    A "Best-Of" episode would have been far more entertaining!
  • The worst episode i have ever seen

    I mean, i have watched every episode from StarGate, Startrek and 5000 more series, but this was defenetly one of the worst. Actualy every time when Marty appers in the show, that episode was a disaster.
    The stupid animation with the pupets was increadably stupid.
    Even the comming from Major General Jack O\'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson), which was actualy the only positive thing in the episode, didn\'t help.
    There was also the stupid weding from Jack and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping). She even calls him sir during the whole weding ceremony and he calls her Carter. Although Daniel as the best man, you could have sean that comming a mile away.

    And wenn they all go together through the Stargate, i mean come on, that was lame. I realy realy dislike this episode.
  • One of the best

    One of the best episodes ever. Best part was O 'Neills invisible scene, snoring while Daniel was talking or waiting for Sam to get out of the shower. It 's the classic O 'Neill humour that I have been missing since he left. Mitchells not bad, but not as good. The whole episode was great, except for the end, which was a bit lame. I saw no point in hearing the actors of Wormhole extreme talk about stuff. But i would have liked it better if we saw more of the real staff, making commnets about Martys script. Overall one of the best episodes ever.
  • This episode was exactly the reason that a person loves to be a long time watcher of a show. It is filled with inside jokes and amazing references to shows that all true Sci-Fi fans would know and love.

    I loved this episode, and I loved that they did something special for the 200th episode, I love that they even created a reason to call the 200th episode 200. I love that they even made references back to Wormhole X-treme, and even real life references, like the save Daniel Jackson site. This episode references to Back to the Future, Alias, 24, Doctor Who, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Happy Days, Firefly, Star Wars, as well tons of inside jokes for long time watchers of the series. Even though this episode had nothing to do with what was going on at the time, it was great comic relief, like the perfect filler episode but in the best way possible. I was bursting out laughing at so many scenes. I couldn’t help but love this episode, for all of its cheesiness; it was completely great in every way possible.
  • Totally not needed episode what so ever, ugh really get me going >:-/

    Cant really say anything positive about this episode, why really it has to be 200th episode of the series and its gonna be like this !?1?! Doesnt really make any sense, seen these kind of eps before and can tell you that the show didnt get its international awards from episodes like this one. Should just write those storylines with the Ori and that stuff than doing these useless ones. Well anyways a good glimbse of Jack O´Neill and thats always a good thing, even tho guy did give 8 seasons of his life to this serie, and of course macgyver series, so gotta give a guy serious probs of acting, one of a kind :)

    But in the end as conclusion, this episode really sucks to be really plain.
  • Take a day off from Sci-Fi and laugh until your sides hurt...

    Laugh, I nearly wet myself! I wasn't expecting much and the thought of "Martin" coming back actually generated a sigh out of me.
    The low point of SG-1 for me was when they beamed the building into outer space... I kinda lost interest in the series after that, but after seeing this episode I realised how much fun they have had.
    Even more scary than that, I realised I have been watching this for 10 years and I have bought every single DVD!

    This episode has everything. The "Furlings", the wedding of Jack & Sam, parodies of "The Wizard of Oz" and "Lexx" even an episode done in Supermarionation (which I still giggle at now thinking off) and of course the constant poking fun at itself.
    I'm not a writer but I can imaging the people who are that have watched this and peeing in thier pants.

    I have to say that there is no baseline plot in this episode, some may even call it a filler but when you reach your 10th season and 200th episode, have a day off guys you truly deserve it.

    I thank you for such a wonderfully crafted episode and making light of Sci-Fi. Well done.
  • Before you say "this has nothing to do with the story" or "this is a filler ep" THINK twice what a huge accomplishment it is for a scifi show to reach 200 episodes!!! They deserve taking a day off and just celebrate!

    I think that what they did wrong was making the previous ep so filler. I mean, I understand, They're were saving budget for this one, but there always are some intolerants TOO involved in this universe and they tend to forget that this is a TV show. Always asking "get on with the story!!" and missing the whole point of reaching "the big two o o".

    I loved what they did for this ep. From the first second they mock each other, the fans, the network. Everyone guessing about how the furling would look like, if they would be like ewoks or lizards and they laughing at that. The whole "main character" act was just incredible! Not to mention the part in which Daniel and Sam talk about spoilers and commercial... hahhaha. I loved how the made fun of Firefly/Serenity, Farscape, Startrek, The Thunderbirds, 24.

    Well, I could go on and on but long story short, if you watched (and remember of course) all of the previous season, you have to love this ep. If you started to see the show from s9 or you don't have any idea how important is a 200 ep in scifi, well, you obviously missed 90% of the jokes and I'm sure you felt like you were wasting your time. All I can say is, WE'RE SORRY!! but we only had one chance of a 200 ep! you (as well as the rest of us) will have the old storyline back in the 201!

    Well done ppl, this ep was memorable!
  • This is one of the funniest science fiction epsiodes I have ever seen.

    For those of you who have rated this episode below 9, I can only imagine that you have not watched much Stargate SG1 or in fact much science fiction at all. I know a filler episode when I see one and this one defintely was NOT a filler. The writers must have had the time of their lives as they wrote it.

    This episode, in case you didn't realise it, is a complete lampoon on the Stargate series, all the actors in the series and of the science fiction genre in general. They stood up and laughed at themselves and I laughed along with them. Nobody was spared and you have to admire a program which has so much maturity that is can do this. It did take me a few minutes to get the "jist" of the episode but there was some very clever moments. The way Marty says "nobody has a big intro scene, just throw up the title" then the episode cuts straight to the title. Or when he says, "where just going to finish the scene" and the scene finishes. But it is lampooning humour which will mark this episode as a classic. In fact I fell off the couch laughing when that Farscape scene came on and both my 16 year old son and I roared with laughter when the puppets strings broke in the Thunderbirds scene. This has got to be one of the best episodes ever. I have watched very few Stargate epsiodes twice, but I have watched this one twice in less than a week.
  • Martin Lloyd returns to discuss a movie deal for "Wormhole X-Treme!"

    I loved this episode! It was hilarious! I liked the way they incorporated all the storylines. However, I wish Richard Dean Anderson was in it more. Unfortunately, it didn't stop the show from getting cancelled. I'm disappointed but I knew it would happen sooner or later. But it gave it a good ratings boost. And for good reason! I loved this episode. My favorite spoof was the Star Trek one and the Farscape one and the Wizard of Oz one and the Furlings one and the wedding one and the zombie's one and all the rest. I especially liked the Wormhole x-Treme "10 years later" thing at the end. That was awesome!!!!!
  • The producers lost a chance to win back the original series plots, humor and acting. Year ten and sliding.

    Oh yea, there were some funny and clever scenes in "200" but I came away not caring. Maybe I am over-StarGated or maybe the show is fading. The writers tried to do too much and failed to celebrate the best. The plot jumped from one thing to the next and if you got bored, you easily missed something. It was a terrible was to finally introduce the Ferlings but it was funny that they were giant Star Wars Ewaks (don't know if I have the spelling right).

    The show is just not the same since Richard Dean Anderson retired. It is more than his acting that is missing. It is the producing that is missing. I find that I do not care about the characters anymore and am very tired of nothing but evil. Please, I ask the writers, producers and directors to go back and view older episodes and see what a good series can be.
  • I LAUGHT MY ASS OFF!!! Thor you never have looked as good.

    I Laught My Ass Off!!! Thor you never have looked as good.

    I dont know if i liked Mitchell better as Captain Kurk or Stark, Daniels as Bones or Criton or Thor as Reigel. The Farscape dity was so very cool and then comes from Martin come the line "OK youve got me I have no idea what that is"

    I dont no if it is just me but did this one come out of the blue...? It was so much better then the Worm Whole Extream by like a 1000% loved it to bits i have now watched it 4 times and its better each time i watch it. And the valadation for us long time watchers came in the form of a line Mitchell says after Martin destroys Startrek "Never under estermate your audience they are general sensative intelligent people who respond posativly to guality entertainment"

    All in all a very excellent experance thank you to the writers and the actors a pleasure to watch.
  • Indulgence! Indulgence! Indulgence!

    As somebody already said it, you either love it or hate it! I love it for the commedy and the numberless allusions to other series. I hate it because RDA's return is wasted on an inrelevant episode. Come on, its the man himself after such a long absence (in the same token, applies to Atlantis). One walk away feeling that this one is first and foremost for the producers, the writers and the actors themselves, the satisfaction of having done or enroute to doing 10 seasons. The audience is left out in the cold here because this is purely family affair. So it's like going to this SG-1 family party and being just a guest, watching the family members enjoying (indulging) themselves.

    This is not to say the episode is bad. In fact, it is classic SG-1, daring to be irrelevant. The comedy flows flawlessly from scene to scene. The characters interact wonderfully. With the exception that RDA presnece was merely token, I enjoyed the comedic part of it, chuckling as the show went on. But the feeling is ... it could have been something more memorable.
  • I truelly hope that those Ewocks aren't the real Furlings, hence Ewocks are qute and nothing more - hillarious to think that Ewock'a'like creatures are intelligent

    This episode is hillarious to the extend of being part of the series, some ideas that the writers havent put into the story are, placed in the episode to get rid of wasted ideas.

    As a long term Stargate fan, i feel that this episode is funny - but in the same time stupid, because the story of SG-1 is halted. as long as O'neal has been a part of SG-1 (excluding the movie) i've disliked his very NON-military attitude - its hillarious to have a person in the millitary with such high rank - being so stupid and inpolite

    The character of o'neal is then carried on by Mitchel who apparently is o'neals son (maybe?) - and just as stupid being an officer... good thing that everyone else is closer to the real world of people...

    anyway - this episode gave me mixed feelings...

    i hope that the furlings will re'enter as non-Ewocks
  • Episode “200” was a rehash of old sci-fi in a demeaning manner.

    It is obvious to me that this was obligatory episode. That is to say, Stargate SG1 has no intention to go for an 11th season and they are throwing anything out just to complete season 10. This was absolute garbage. I've seen better high school projects than this episode. Please someone tell me this is not what to expect from now on. This show was fantastic and innovative until the episode "200" that may have killed the entire series. I feel it was painful and sad to see the writers and actors sink to this level of incompetency. Oh frelling hell.
  • The show celebrates its 200th episode by showing, in case anyone hadn't noticed, just how seriously it doesn't take itself.

    There's obviously a lot of disagreement about this episode; it seems to be like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. And just like marmite, I love it.

    Okay, so it's not exactly dissimilar to Wormhole X-Treme. That doesn't matter, originality isn't everything. It also doesn't matter that the arc story line of the series doesn't feature even in passing. It's just funny. The show shamelessly pokes fun at itself, "hanging a lantern" on many of the things that fans have been talking about for years. Okay, so some of the gags could be seen coming a mile off (like the issue with the puppet strings and the wormhole). Doesn't mean I didn't get 45 minutes of the best entertainment I've had in a while.

    I'll admit it was a bit allusion-heavy, but for the type of people this episode was aimed at, that doesn't matter, because those people are the sort who'd get the references; the sci-fi spoofs, the Gerry Anderson/Team America, the flux capacitator, and the absolutely brilliant Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference (which is probably as close to the arc plot as the episode got, worryingly enough).

    The only problem I had with this episode was the Wormhole X-Treme part at the end, almost identical to the segment at the end of the 100th episode and a complete waste of time; had it been slightly shorter it wouldn't have been too bad, but as it was it was long enough to be annoying, and took time away from the far superior regular characters.

    This episode was pure genius, and it was fitting, I think, that it aired when it did, with the news that SG-1's been cancelled. A real treat for the fans, to cheer us up and take our minds off the fact that we won't be getting much more of this stuff. We should enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Very amusing to watch as a tribute to the fans.

    I didn't like it all that much the first time through, since I managed to actually avoid spoilers except for the fact that Richard Dean Anderson was back, and was expecting a more normal episode. The second time through, I watched it as a tribute to the fans, and found it much funnier; I was on the verge of falling off my chair laughing at all the inside jokes, and all of the allusions to just about everything else.The furlings part was slightly confusing since for a second I wondered where I had missed an episode. It would have been nice to see the party, though I love that Walter finally got to go through the gate.It was great to see the original team walking up the ramp together at the end.
  • SG-1 spends most of their time in the breifing room helping Marty out with his new move, "Wormhole X-treme". They all have comical memories of what they think should be in the movie.

    I thought it was a nice change from how SG-1 is normally written. A first time viewer probably wouldn't know what was going on throughout the entire episode, but it was a wonderful treat for the seasoned viewer. Most everything they did on this episode was out of character, but I think that's what made it such a great episode. I can't wait till season 10 comes out on DBD so I can listen to the commentary, which I'm sure will be just as funny. This has got to be one of my favorites as far as SG-1 comedies go.
  • Not the originality of n°100 but a very fine episode

    When I heard Martin Lloyd was returning, I knew we were on for a good laugh, and it sure was.
    I had a lot of fun watching this episode, although it did not have the originality and the novelty of n°100, Wormhole X-Treme. I liked the use of Peter DeLuise as the replacement for Michael DeLuise and I can bet that was an inside joke between the brothers.
    I liked all the allusions to others shows, from Stargate-The Movie to Star Trek, colliding with Farscape, Gilligan's Island, Star Wars, and probably some others I haven't figured out yet.
    I was very happy to see Walter finally going through the Gate, he's not stuck in the control room anymore ;-)
    Vala is always fun to watch, she adds the "feminine touch", sorry Sam, but you're mostly "one of the guys"
    I'm looking forward to see episode 250 now :-)
  • This is the 200th episode of Stargate. SG-1 is ordered by General Jack O Neill to provide advice and support to the Wormhole Xtreme MOVIE being produced by Martin and thats where the fun begins.

    In my humble opinion this is a filler episode but one of the thing that make this show so great is the fact that the filler episodes are so good. Apart from this episode, Window of oppertunity was the best example of the quality of this type of episode, and for those of you out there moaning that this episode is weak, or that it doesn\\\'t advance the main story arc of the season really need to lighten up and stop trying to get noticed by writing a poor review of such a fantasic episode and enjoy the episode for what it is a light hearted look at the show and the characters.The furlings the joke about Cam\'s father and the references to farscape, Star trek, Team Americia world police, Micheal Shanks leaving the show and then returning as well as Richard Dean Anderson being replaed by Ben Browder are exceptionally funny and only prove the greating writhing skills of the staff involved. They are having some fun and in fairness they deserve it for producing such a great science fiction show.
  • Wow, People seem to be split with this episode. This episode is dedicated to the fans and for me, I got exactly what I wanted.

    I came into this episode expecting a hilarious 42 mins with lots of different sketches and self mockery.

    And this is what I got. I laughed at most of the them. I dont watch Farscape so I didnt really get that one but it still looked funny.

    My personel favourite is the Tealc Private Investigator sketch, with Isaac Hayles in the background, So So So FUNNY.

    Also the puppets one was very good, when Daniel was scribbling all over the place I cracked up.

    The furlings bit at the beginning was proper good. They looked so comical.

    As you can see I loved this episode and I have never laughed so much in a sci-fi episode ever.

    I cant wait for the plot arcs to begin again, this season has not let me down so far. 2 classic episodes already! (this and Pegasus Project).
  • Wow I feel cheated out of my time spent watching this episode. As much as I like the show this was a real pain to watch. Plus this is not the first time they do an episode like this one ( more or less ).

    I am a real fan of Sci-Fi but this was a great disappointment as far as the show goes. Did they send the writing staff on vacation or something? ( and yes I know I'll get slammed for saying this ) The references to older episodes and other Sci-Fi shows were a lot of fun but all this has absolutely nothing to do with plot of the show. For crying out loud there is an eminent danger of destruction by the Ori and the Air Force send over some crummy director ... come on guys! This isn't even remotely believable. I do appreciate the reference to Fargo and the way the episode has a story about a made up show that much resembles the real TV show. Only this is the kind of plot that a student script writer would be expected to come up with and this would hardly get a "B" as a grade. Well anyway the twist in the scrip and the weird story line + lack of originality = 4 out of 10 in my book. Sorry guys ... Can't wait until the regular script writers get back ...
  • Absolutely Hilarious. How could you not have enjoyed this?

    If anyone had done any reading up on episode 200 you would have known that the producers had planned to do it this wacky on purpose, and that they could have gone wackier (Try

    All the little references to their own show when talking about Martin's movie were priceless. The 'scenes' that all the cast acted out were hilarious. Especially the Star Trek and puppet ones. Not to mention when Jack appeared and they talked about going to commercial right after his appearance.

    Any die hard fan of Stargate would have really enjoyed this. I have been looking forward to this episode since the start of the season.

  • Monumental waste of time

    There was just no plot in this episode and it was completely disjointed from the rest of the series. For the much anticipated 200th episode is was just a huge disappointment. The so called humor was totally sub par, I would go so far as to call it abysmal. The character of Jack O\\\'Neil makes an appearance but fails to save this episode from being a total waste of time. Essentially a bunch of characters get together and have a jolly old time goofing off while the viewer hopelessly waits for some so called entertainment breadcrumbs to fall off the screen and at the end of the episode goes off hungry. Thanks for nothing.
  • Please try harder.

    What was this? I have to wait for about 3 days so there\'s enough users on Limewire to download this, 1 week since the last episode and I get this boring, un-eventful plot that doesn\'t contribute to anything but a filler episode so they can take a breahter.

    The worst part is the stupid rip-off wormhole xtreme...sure it\'s in good fun but this isn\'t a stupid show.

    Please don\'t give us another boring, pointless episode.
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