Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Syfy

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  • A completely ridiculous episode... with a minute amount of humor which made it *almost* bearable to watch.

    OK, so Marty from Workhold Extreme comes back for help from members of SG-1 in reviewing and discussing his new movie based loosely on the characters from SG-1.

    The entire premise is just based on flashbacks, possibilities, and dream sequences. This episode is just full of paradies of the show itself (how they re-cast a RDA clone), and so on. They parodied Star Trek: TOS, Thunderbirds and even made fun of Farscape (given two characters in SG-1 were on Farscape, it was mildly amusing).

    Given the Orii threat and everything else going on in the current universe, this is the best they could come up with? This was very disappointing.

    Just like Stargate: Atlantis' recent episode where Dr. Weir wakes up in a mental institution where they're trying to make her believe Atlantis is all in her head. This was already done in an episode of Star Trek: TNG.

    COME ON, people! I love SG-1 and SG:A, but COME ON! I hope this is a sign that bigger and better things are to come and this is a comic interlude before some great episodes to come! Otherwise, Stargate: X will definitely become Stargate: EX!
  • HALARIOUS! i'm still recovering from the athsma attack i had from laughing so hard (joking)

    By far, it certainly wasn't the best episode of the series. but i sure was the funniest! Although half the time you couldn't tell what was cannon and what wasn't. One of my favorite things was Vala's version of the Wizard of Oz, though i would have prefered if her version of Farscape was like the actual show, seeing that Ben and Claudia were both on it, and Daniel as Criton? That just didn't work out for me. Still, it did have it's moments, and the ideas they had really emphisize the comical side of the show. What i really hated is that the director/producer/whoever was in the interview said that we'd see the Furlings... i was hoping he ment actually, and not looking like the Ewoks of Star Wars. Overall, excelent jokes, but a bit of a let down in some parts.
  • A bit boring, sometimes funny, but they could have made more out of this.

    This was not my favorite. I like the thing with the puppets and had a laugh but I think the end was not good and I don't like the thing with the alternate show. I think they could have made this episode a bit more special by really going on a mission but still make the mission a bit funny and not so serious as normal.
    I would have liked to see some aliens involved arranging some kind of party for the humans. Like the movie "The Game". Go on a mission, everything seems bad and normal episode, then they end up partying with all the aliens who pre-organised their mission. Also explaining how they made that mission.

    Ah well, I can go on for ages with this...

    In the end there are two camps, one who really like it and one who are a bit disappointed.
  • This is why it lasted 10 years.

    This time we got a great show, full of humour, excitement and sarcasm.
    I can say that lots of money, care and love went into this 200 episode, and it gave us all the works, indeed.
    To recreate so many sets for a 40 minutes show must have been a pain, but it was worthy, trust me.
    The special appearance of Richard Dean Anderson was also great, he couldn\\\'t miss this one and he delivered. The ode to all other shows was also great, I couldn\\\'t stop laughing in the Star Trek or in the Farscape parts.
    Would we get a 300 episode special in the future, well, I sure hope so.
    Well done guys, from a SG-1 fan...


  • An Ode to Sci-fi and it's fans. 200!

    Wow! I LOVED this episode. It kept me laughing the whole time. I loved the cracks about the Furlings, Star trek, the Wizard of Oz, and Farscape. The puppets were a little creepy, but they kept me laughing.

    Basiclly, Landry asks SG-1 to help Matin (from the 100the episode "Wormhole X-treme") with his movie that is based on the Stargate, to make sure that the public will just see it as a Sci-Fi movie and not think that the Stargate is actually real. But this day also marks MItchell's 200th step through the gate. The team is held up to help Martin out with his movie.

    Some jokes in paticular that I liked were the 1969 mission joke, the crack about the 10 second title sequence, the furlings, the part where Jack comes in, how many times Teal'c says "Indeed", how Sam always talks in her scienc babble, the WEDDING, the puppets, Teal'c P.I., the end sequence with the fictional series "Wormhole X-treme" completing it's 200th episode, and SO much more about all of the characters and a lot of different cliche's(sp?). The show has always been funny, but not like this. (Oh and I also like the joke about how Siler gets zapped by the electricity coming from the gate! )

    I really like Jack's entrance. Marty wants something they'll never expect and wise ol' Jack says "something like this?" To which they reply- (Daniel) That'll be in the spoilers. (Sam) Are you kidding? It'll be in the comercial." (Which it was.)

    In the end, we get to see Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c walk first into the gate together (just how it used to be...the original team) followed by Mitchell, Valla, Gen. Landry, and Walter. And what was that I heard about cake on the other side of the gate? :D

    It really was an episode that was "for the fans." All of the inside jokes made me think- I bet any non sci-fi fans and people who are unfamilier with the SG-1 series who were watching were thinking "what the heck is this?" There were SO many inside jokes. This show will definatley get a lot of people chatting...there are just so many hilarious references to other Sci-Fi favorites and it really just pokes a lot of fun at the series. It was really fun and full of jokes about Sci-Fi cliches(sp?). I loved it!

    A BIG congrats to Stargate Sg-1 for 10 succesful years and 200 WONDERFUL episodes. I hope to see a 300th, 400th, ect. The possibilities are endless. This has always been and will always be my favorite show!
  • Stargate is one of those rare shows that never fails to give us a special episode

    Im having trouble finding the words to begin!... I consider myself a huge science fiction fan, so when I heard that Stargate SG-1 made it to 200 episodes of course I freaked out! Again the show is record demolishing, and even though we're into season 10 the cast and writers have not lost what made the show fantstic since the pilot. This special occation also marks the return of Richard Dean Anderson (who left to raise his daughter) as Major General Jack O'Neill and one other former cast member which was a spendid surprise although I wouldve liked to have seen more of him since its been a while. That a side the plot was just an ingenious way for the cast to celebrate the monumentous achievment. Martin comes back to the SGC and asks SG-1 to look over the script for "Wormhole X: The Movie", and the idea's pitched by the team were nothing short of hilarious. The writers even gave a nod to other fan fav's like Star Trek, Farscape, and Firefly (am I the only one that caught the Firefly reference?). Without a doubt this episode was just fun to watch.
  • I have never laughed so hard in a long time.

    People who say this episode jumped the shark - they intentionally made it this screwball and off for a reason: to have FUN. This episode held no punches whatsoever when it came to making parodies of anything and everything, and when Vala pitched to Martin "something obscure" and totally made a rip of "Farscape (which bothClaudia Black and Ben Browder both starred in) made me howl in laughter, so bad it hurt.

    It makes me wonder what they will do when episode 250 and 300 hit. None of the other Sci-Fi shows that I am a fan of has done anything like this, which puts Stargate right up there.
  • The 200th episode of the show!! I would give it an 11 if I could!!

    In the 200th episode of the hit Sci-Fi show, SG-1, I just could not stop laughing! This is the BEST episode out of the entire series. 2nd would be Urgo and 3rd would be Wormhole X-Treme. But this would of course be the 1st. Even my friend who hasn\'t even watched the show before though that it was hilarious. I loved all of the different stories that the members of SG-1 made up.
    Mitchell - Zombies
    Teal\'C - \"Teal\'C P.I.\"
    Vala - Wizard of Oz
    And then all of the stories that Marty came up with.
    # 1 - Replicaters
    # 2 - Star Trek
    # 3 - Teenage SG-1
    # 4 - Puppet Version
    And then the ending of the episode was just like Wormhole X-Treme. In all it was just the funniest episode ever.
  • Martin Lloyd from Wormhole X-Treme uses SG1 to help him create his movie.

    What else can I say? I'm speechless from the humor and the acting. I love everything about this episode.

    Wizard of Oz: Just seeing Beau Bridges play the wizard had me rolling. Although what is the point of having Daniel as the lion?

    Star Trek spoof: I can see each of whose characters they were trying to be. Mitchell was Kirk, Teal'c was Worf, Daniel was Bones/Spock (weird!), and Carter was Data in an even weirder way.

    Dawson's Gate: Loved it. I never realized until it was spoofed by SG1 how silly these Fox/WB teen melodramas can be.

    The best was Farscape. I knew it was coming but where it was in the story was perfect, especially with Vala (or Aeryn!) introducing it.

    But, overall, I know they wanted to do something funny and off the wall. They did that. They've had plenty of serious shows the whole 10 years to allow them this ONE of TWO episodes to let loose. It was great. I really hope they make it to 300!

  • Some of it was good, some OK, and some was just plain painful to watch

    I suppose I should have expected something like this when the SciFi Inside special immediately preceding the original showing had one of the head honchos saying that this episode would end the debate about when Stargate: SG-1 jumped the shark, implying that when they made this episode, they were TRYING to jump the shark! The Wizard of Oz bit was bleah, the puppet show had me rubbing my forehead trying to soothe away the pain(I can't believe it didn't end with the commercial break but kept going a bit longer) and I think I've completely blocked out some other sequences in order to retain my sanity.

    At least we finally got to see the Furlings, although it was rather sad their planet got blown up almost immediately. Fortunately it was just an imaginary sequence, though with a name like the Furlings I guess we should've expected them to look like Ewoks.
  • They rest firmly in the reality of there mind for the majority of this episode. honestly I love this sub storyline and I can not wait for the 300th episode to see what they will do next with it.

    They continued WormHole Xtream, the spoof of Stargate. honestly I do not understand how people can not like this episode, or this type of expisode. By this I mean alot of series take themselves so seriously they selfdistruct, it happened to Star Trek and Andromida. This type of expisode needs to be encuraged, not shuned, and honestly these fun spells have gotta be the best episodes you can find for none streamline storeline episodes. anyways, the problems i have with this is that I personally feel they should have made more jokes about Teal'c's hair... i mean comeon its gotta be made fun of more in these type of episodes.
  • Sight Unseen - my review of all the reviews!

    While this is indeed a special episode - 200 episodes of any show is special enough in this day and age of quickly cancelled tv series, but for a sci-fi show to maintain this long is almost rare!

    Doctor Who is, was, and will be, the longest running sci-fi show in the world for years to come - even with different actors playing The Dcotor, the show ran from 1963 until the mid 1990\'s! So SG1 has a long way to go to beat The Doctor!

    Shame on the reviewer who hasn\'t seen the episode but is blasting it beforehand - wait and see - it will be a silly episode, but it beats the Ori storyllines of lately.

    Any chance of seeing Ben and Claudia interact on the Enterprise is going to be a laugh riot!
  • They're going on their 200th trip through the Stargate and Martin Lloyd from Wormhole Extreme returns and seeks help with a movie script. SG-1 have to help him as a cover story for the Stargate program.

    I was excited when I heard that the show had reached it's 200th episode (Stargate SG1 is the longest running Sci-Fi series in the whole wide world!! Awesome!), but was a bit sad to read that they decided to take up episode 100; Wormhole Extreme.. To be honest, that's one of the few episodes in the Stargte Series I didn't like that much.. Hopefully, a guest-starring by Richard Dean Anderson will make my day! And it sounds like they're doing something slightly different now, that it's a movie the Pentagon orders the SG1 to assist with. Looking forward to see it, but I'm also a bit nervous, but I hope for the best.. The team behind the show has delivered awesome stuff throughout X seasons, so I guess there's nothing to worry about.

    Go stargate!
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