Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Syfy

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  • 200 Episodes? A Milestone! And one of the funniest episodes of the series!

    200 is GREAT. It's funny. After the dreary Ori storyline, Stargate steps into the lighter side with this fabulous reunion/send up of in-jokes that TO THIS DAY, we have only scratched the surface...

    For example, Daniel Jackson as "The Cowardly Lion" in the "Wizard of Oz" sequence is a flashback to Michael Shanks' own appearance as the Cowardly Lion in a school play.

    200 is the kind of episode that divides some Stargate fans. If you see anyone voting this episode any lower than an "8," you know that you don't want to watch an episode with those killjoys.
  • Hilarious. A perfect tribute.

    WOW, I never thought I would ever laugh that much during a Stargate episode. This episode is awesome. It was so silly and clever at the same time. The parodies, references and any other jokes were pure pleasure, I enjoyed every single second of that. Of course it was a pleasure to have Richard Dean Anderson (O`Neill) back for this episode, a 200th episode without him would have been pointless. The invisible Jack scenes were hilarious.
    So that got to be one of my favorite and possibly along with Windows of opportunity the funniest Stargate episode ever. The way the mocking was done makes me think of South Park.

    So 200 episodes of Stargate sg1. That`s big for a sci-fi, that`s big for any show. They did commemorate that with an memorable episode.
  • 200 is the 200th episode of Stargate SG-1 and very comedic. Colonel Cameron Mitchell's 2ooth trip across the event horizon (not mission) is delayed when Martin Lloyd wants to go over his script, for the Wormhole Extreme Movie, with SG-1.


    I am a huge Stargate SG-1 fan so I love every episode, but 200 is in my top 10. Every part is funny. There are lots of refrences and running gags involved in this episode so people don't get it if they haven't watched every other episode or other scifi shows (Farscape and Star Trek) or Wizard of Oz. I didn't even get the fishing joke at first because we were missing the disk with the Moebius part 1 and 2 episode on it so I never got to watch it until after watching 200. Glad that Jack came!
  • GREATEST!!!!!!!!! episode of Stagate SG1 ever made :D YAY!!!

    This episode was perfect for the 200th episode of SG1. IT is the funniest so far in the eries and will stay that way forever. I can't hardly believe that people gave this episode a 1.0 WHAT THE HELL! You people aren't stargate fans at ALL!!!! This is a perfect comedy episode funnier then "Window of Opportunity" which is a funny episode the story lines and the wizard of Oz, the puppets and they had to bring Richard Dean Anderson back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That guy is the best. After ten years and all the comedy episodes they save the best till last. Love it
  • the characters are great and believable

    I loved it would watch it again & again they used the line well and they played their parts well I loved to see them play around and not take themselves seriously every once and a while I do miss the Jack O'Neil character as he in my opinion made the series (but I also love the others as well Chris Judge has the best straight face I have ever seen.
    General Landry seem to be settling in and so is Vala but the need to tone Vala down a bit she seems to get into a fair bit of trouble.
  • Yet another masterpiece from Cheyenne Mountain

    This is truely a celebration episode, not only a celebration of the 200th episode but allsow a celebration dedicated the fans and the hole Sci-Fi community.

    Martin Lloyd (Willie Garson) is back at the SGC seaking help with his sci-fi serie "Wormhole Xtreme" by asking the SG-1 for advice on the plot. The viewer gets presented with different kinds of solutions on how the show and plot should be. The comments by the SG-1 and Martin are priceless! There are a ton of references to other sci-fi series in this episode. Furthermore the irony over the serie itself is wonderfully executed.

    I, beeing a Farscape fan, loved when I saw first Ben and then later on Claudia on the screen again in a quality sci-fi serie. And then when they, in this episode, brought up the Farscape theme on SG-1 I allmost laughed myself to death.

    If you are a true Sci-Fi fan then you MUST see this episode and you WILL love it...
  • One of the best episodes of Stargate SG-1

    The 200th episode of Stargate SG-1 was a Series Classic and a very special episode. The episode was full of laughs. The music in the episode was awesome, especially during the Zombie scene. “200” was brilliantly written, and it was everything I expected to be. I think that the best parodies were the Team America parody and the Star Trek parody. The last part of the episode, the 10 years later part, was cool because of the “Fake” swearing. It was cool that RDA returned in the episode, without him, this episode would’ve sucked. I think very few episodes of Stargate SG-1 can be as good as this one. In my opinion, I think this episode will get some Emmy nomination for: Writing and Directing for a Comedy Series, Music for a Television Series, and Outstanding Visual Effects for a Television Series.
  • Irreverent but heartfelt homage to the Sci-fi genre.

    The 100 sequel takes place in the form of a movie whose script must be approved by the original SG-1 team before they would go on a mission that would mark Col Mitchell 200 time …to cross through the gate. Shout outs to “Firefly”, “Resident Evil” and “Stargate” itself are made as the crew suggests their ideas, but the gag of the evening belongs to Vala who keeps pitching ideas stolen from “The wizard of Oz”, “Gilligan’s Island” and an obscure little show known as “Farscape” featuring Daniel Jackson as a rather intense Crichton who can’t keep his eyes off of her as Sun, Cameron Mitchell in Durell custom with an Asgard as domineer Rygel the third and both Teal’c as K’Dargo & Carter as a lovely Shiana.

    High points are the younger, edgier version of their characters with Teal’c cell phone, Mitchell’s big guns and of course Vala & Daniel matching sun glasses as well as Jack appearance on a romantic Carter/O’Neal wedding and although the thunderbirds parody got tiresome at times, the team has already submitted some valuable input before they’d go back to business, this time in its entire glory along with Walter and General Landry as well. Only the thing is: the movie is now off but the producers decided to renew the series instead and so, we jump 10 years later with a parody of what the actors and crew would say on different interviews as we close the episode with a most touching quote from Isaac Asimov.
  • This is why I watch SG-1! The great writing, excellent screen play, and excellent characters all made this one one of the best SG-1 episodes around!

    This episode is about how the Airforce needed to allow the \"ailen\" producer Martil Lloyd to go ahead with plans to create a feature film based on the Stargate Program for plausible deniability. The producer is somewhat of an oddball even as far as ailens are concerned. He pitched his script idea and was reluctant to really work with any of SG-1\'s ideas.
    This episode paralled the Stargate Series itself. The main points being the film to tv series idea. Stargate itself was recently cancelled by SciFi and it was later announced that several feature films would be made. Womhole Xtreme in the episode is the perfect opposite of this as it was planned for a movie to be made with the series being renewed (previous work nonwithstanding)
    Another good parallelism between the episode and the series itself was when Jack O\'neill, longtime leader of SG-1 later general, reappeared and it is commented that it\'d be in the commercials.
  • stargate\'s 200th episode was pure great entertainment. 200 represents in my mind one of the best qualities of stargate sg-1, it never took itself too seriously, making the series great fun to watch.

    for me, what made me a huge fan of the show, was their ability to keep a lighter feel to the show and to occasionally laugh at themselves and the genre throughout the years. thus giving a one of a kind exprience not usually found in sci-fi or anywhere else for that matter, yet this is what makes it the best sci-fi shows ever, and one of the best period.

    i just loved the 100th episode and i\'m glad they decided to take that concept up a notch. there are so many in-jokes, stabs and just a general let\'s make and have fun in this episode.i think this is the best kind of tribute to the fans. the concept of the episode was beautifully crafted for its satirical purpose. sg1 has to advise Martin Lloyd (great tie-in to 100) on his movie of wormhole xtreme that is based on knowledge of the sgc, just brilliant.
    this way sg1 can ask questions and poke holes at the script, a subtle way to critic their own exploits on the show. all the while the scenes discussed by them are portrayed by sg1, again another great writing tool.
    i don\'t understand how any fan can watch this episode and not laugh his ass off. all the \"painful to watch\" reviews are beyond me. i guess the fan base watches the show for diffirent reasons. i mean teal\'c asking why everyhing has to explode, siler\'s \"rant\", the opening credits, the lead left problem bit and many more great stuff. sure some bits were less than others but on a whole this episode was just great.
    not many productions could make such an episode, if at all. i think it\'s a great credit to the production and the fans that it was made.

    stargate 200th has only one purpose and that to entertain. a thing that the show has been doing for 10 great years. for this fan i could think of no better to celebrate those years than how they did it here.

    sadly stargate as a tv series will be no more, so my thanks goes out to everyone on the production for all the great entertainment over the years.
  • 200...

    As everyone should know this is the 200th episode of stargate Sg1. And it is a very funny episode at that. For this they did a lot of funny things like they made fun of star trek and farscape and the wizard of oz. For any series to make it to 200 episodes is just amazing. Not very many shows get to do that I think I would have liked to see what they would have done if they made it to 300 episodes. Of course you can't have the 200 episdoe without Richard dean anderson, he didn't play a very big role but he was still funny. i wished though that they would have had more of Don S. Davis because he only appeared as a puppet. I thought it was funny when they sent Sylar into the gate room and he touches something and flys half way across the room and says "Why is it always me?" Along with being funny they also had alot of in jokes. I don't really care what any body else says because this was one of the best episodes of the series. For any series to make it to 200 is amazing.
  • The Hilarious landmark episode that few other series' are able to achieve...

    i watched this episode with much anticipation, hoping that it was as good as i expected, usually when i think an episode is going to be really good, it turns out that it isn't. But this episode was just fantastic!. i liked how they had Gen. O'Neill in this episode a lot, although i was hoping to see more of him. it was funny when the characters dress up as other tv characters like Star Trek, Farscape, and Wizard of Oz. i think that after all the hard work that the crew and cast has put into this show that it's about time to have some fun. It's too bad that there won't be another landmark episode like 250, or 300 even, but we have to give credit for all the hours of Stargate SG1 that have been made. And as this review is my 100th review, it is also my longest, and i felt that i should make it important.200 will definatly be remembered by all SG1 fans forever. Congradulations cast and crew of Stargate SG1!
  • While I'm not usually a fan of episodes that part from the root story line, I aboslutely loved this!

    This was simply an amazing episode. Sometimes only having a few jokes in an episode isn't really enough to keep you entertained (especially if you're not a huge sci-fi fan, but simply enjoy the drama and stories). Firefly was a good example of this, where almost every seen had some sort of comedic value to it, and this episode of Sg-1 was PERFECT in accomplishing this.

    While it clearly didn't have any direct reference to the actual storyline (except maybe the O'Neil being Mitchell's father?? part), the comedy throughout was brilliant, especially making fun of the show that Mitchell and Vala are originally from (what was that called again?)

    Absolutely amazing in my eyes.
  • Great celebration of longevity.

    First off I would like to congratulate the cast and crew on this milestone and while some people say that this episode “Jumps the Shark” I think they don’t realize that that was the point. It was meant to be so over the top and that’s what made it the funniest thing that I have ever seen. From the constant inside jokes to the Sci-Fi references I was laughing for an hour straight. The Farscape and the Puppets were my favorites with my only complaint being that the puppets part was a bit long. Overall this was the funniest thing I have seen on TV.
  • This episode was exactly the reason that a person loves to be a long time watcher of a show. It is filled with inside jokes and amazing references to shows that all true Sci-Fi fans would know and love.

    I loved this episode, and I loved that they did something special for the 200th episode, I love that they even created a reason to call the 200th episode 200. I love that they even made references back to Wormhole X-treme, and even real life references, like the save Daniel Jackson site. This episode references to Back to the Future, Alias, 24, Doctor Who, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Happy Days, Firefly, Star Wars, as well tons of inside jokes for long time watchers of the series. Even though this episode had nothing to do with what was going on at the time, it was great comic relief, like the perfect filler episode but in the best way possible. I was bursting out laughing at so many scenes. I couldn’t help but love this episode, for all of its cheesiness; it was completely great in every way possible.
  • Before you say "this has nothing to do with the story" or "this is a filler ep" THINK twice what a huge accomplishment it is for a scifi show to reach 200 episodes!!! They deserve taking a day off and just celebrate!

    I think that what they did wrong was making the previous ep so filler. I mean, I understand, They're were saving budget for this one, but there always are some intolerants TOO involved in this universe and they tend to forget that this is a TV show. Always asking "get on with the story!!" and missing the whole point of reaching "the big two o o".

    I loved what they did for this ep. From the first second they mock each other, the fans, the network. Everyone guessing about how the furling would look like, if they would be like ewoks or lizards and they laughing at that. The whole "main character" act was just incredible! Not to mention the part in which Daniel and Sam talk about spoilers and commercial... hahhaha. I loved how the made fun of Firefly/Serenity, Farscape, Startrek, The Thunderbirds, 24.

    Well, I could go on and on but long story short, if you watched (and remember of course) all of the previous season, you have to love this ep. If you started to see the show from s9 or you don't have any idea how important is a 200 ep in scifi, well, you obviously missed 90% of the jokes and I'm sure you felt like you were wasting your time. All I can say is, WE'RE SORRY!! but we only had one chance of a 200 ep! you (as well as the rest of us) will have the old storyline back in the 201!

    Well done ppl, this ep was memorable!
  • Martin Lloyd returns to discuss a movie deal for "Wormhole X-Treme!"

    I loved this episode! It was hilarious! I liked the way they incorporated all the storylines. However, I wish Richard Dean Anderson was in it more. Unfortunately, it didn't stop the show from getting cancelled. I'm disappointed but I knew it would happen sooner or later. But it gave it a good ratings boost. And for good reason! I loved this episode. My favorite spoof was the Star Trek one and the Farscape one and the Wizard of Oz one and the Furlings one and the wedding one and the zombie's one and all the rest. I especially liked the Wormhole x-Treme "10 years later" thing at the end. That was awesome!!!!!
  • The show celebrates its 200th episode by showing, in case anyone hadn't noticed, just how seriously it doesn't take itself.

    There's obviously a lot of disagreement about this episode; it seems to be like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. And just like marmite, I love it.

    Okay, so it's not exactly dissimilar to Wormhole X-Treme. That doesn't matter, originality isn't everything. It also doesn't matter that the arc story line of the series doesn't feature even in passing. It's just funny. The show shamelessly pokes fun at itself, "hanging a lantern" on many of the things that fans have been talking about for years. Okay, so some of the gags could be seen coming a mile off (like the issue with the puppet strings and the wormhole). Doesn't mean I didn't get 45 minutes of the best entertainment I've had in a while.

    I'll admit it was a bit allusion-heavy, but for the type of people this episode was aimed at, that doesn't matter, because those people are the sort who'd get the references; the sci-fi spoofs, the Gerry Anderson/Team America, the flux capacitator, and the absolutely brilliant Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference (which is probably as close to the arc plot as the episode got, worryingly enough).

    The only problem I had with this episode was the Wormhole X-Treme part at the end, almost identical to the segment at the end of the 100th episode and a complete waste of time; had it been slightly shorter it wouldn't have been too bad, but as it was it was long enough to be annoying, and took time away from the far superior regular characters.

    This episode was pure genius, and it was fitting, I think, that it aired when it did, with the news that SG-1's been cancelled. A real treat for the fans, to cheer us up and take our minds off the fact that we won't be getting much more of this stuff. We should enjoy it while it lasts.
  • SG-1 spends most of their time in the breifing room helping Marty out with his new move, "Wormhole X-treme". They all have comical memories of what they think should be in the movie.

    I thought it was a nice change from how SG-1 is normally written. A first time viewer probably wouldn't know what was going on throughout the entire episode, but it was a wonderful treat for the seasoned viewer. Most everything they did on this episode was out of character, but I think that's what made it such a great episode. I can't wait till season 10 comes out on DBD so I can listen to the commentary, which I'm sure will be just as funny. This has got to be one of my favorites as far as SG-1 comedies go.
  • This is the 200th episode of Stargate. SG-1 is ordered by General Jack O Neill to provide advice and support to the Wormhole Xtreme MOVIE being produced by Martin and thats where the fun begins.

    In my humble opinion this is a filler episode but one of the thing that make this show so great is the fact that the filler episodes are so good. Apart from this episode, Window of oppertunity was the best example of the quality of this type of episode, and for those of you out there moaning that this episode is weak, or that it doesn\\\'t advance the main story arc of the season really need to lighten up and stop trying to get noticed by writing a poor review of such a fantasic episode and enjoy the episode for what it is a light hearted look at the show and the characters.The furlings the joke about Cam\'s father and the references to farscape, Star trek, Team Americia world police, Micheal Shanks leaving the show and then returning as well as Richard Dean Anderson being replaed by Ben Browder are exceptionally funny and only prove the greating writhing skills of the staff involved. They are having some fun and in fairness they deserve it for producing such a great science fiction show.
  • Wow, People seem to be split with this episode. This episode is dedicated to the fans and for me, I got exactly what I wanted.

    I came into this episode expecting a hilarious 42 mins with lots of different sketches and self mockery.

    And this is what I got. I laughed at most of the them. I dont watch Farscape so I didnt really get that one but it still looked funny.

    My personel favourite is the Tealc Private Investigator sketch, with Isaac Hayles in the background, So So So FUNNY.

    Also the puppets one was very good, when Daniel was scribbling all over the place I cracked up.

    The furlings bit at the beginning was proper good. They looked so comical.

    As you can see I loved this episode and I have never laughed so much in a sci-fi episode ever.

    I cant wait for the plot arcs to begin again, this season has not let me down so far. 2 classic episodes already! (this and Pegasus Project).
  • Absolutely Hilarious. How could you not have enjoyed this?

    If anyone had done any reading up on episode 200 you would have known that the producers had planned to do it this wacky on purpose, and that they could have gone wackier (Try

    All the little references to their own show when talking about Martin's movie were priceless. The 'scenes' that all the cast acted out were hilarious. Especially the Star Trek and puppet ones. Not to mention when Jack appeared and they talked about going to commercial right after his appearance.

    Any die hard fan of Stargate would have really enjoyed this. I have been looking forward to this episode since the start of the season.

  • Don't expect a "real" episode, 'cause that's NOT what anniversaries should be for....

    I LOVE the fact that they didn't try to make this a HUGE PIVOTAL episode, but decided to give the hard-core fans some fun! There are many epical episodes out there, but in this episode they actually laughed WITH the fans! There are so many inside jokes, and only if you've watched EVERY episode and kept up to date with all the chatter on the internet and behind the scenes (like on magazines and stuff) could you get them all. And you have to know other shows too. And I'm sure there are still some things that the fans will never get, 'cause they are too "inside". I love the special effects, things blowing up and all the action and adventure, but this episode was a cool "day off" for the fans AND the team (even though THEY didn't want it!). So I agree with the people who say this episode was useless with regards to the storyline, but it's obvious they didn't get the point of it!
    And for those people who say that it was just a clip-show... you either haven't seen the episode, or you haven't seen the show, 'cause there wasn't a single flash back in the whole episode (that actually happened), other than the initial 100th episode sequences.
    And for other people who didn't catch it... I think that YES, the furlings have always been thought to be furry, Ewok-looking. Some of the writers/producers said it long ago. That's why we never saw them!
    I can't wait for episode 300!
  • Let wait for the next 200 eps...

    I love this show, and I follow it since the begging... I\\\'m sure that all real 200 episodes fans loved this episode.

    Starget SG-1 has been serious and funny all those years, but not this one, after 200 episodes they deserve to do everything they want, and they did it, did it all.

    It was a great enterteinament to see on the screen all jokes that we talked all those years, scenes like Star Trek, the marriage, the puppets, or when all of them cross the ring are priceless, the production crew there was a big highlight such as Peter DeLouise.

    All the conversations about the film story and how storywritters deal with impossible situation, are funny and I supose should be pretty near of real life. \\\"Never underestimate your audience...\\\" is my favorite line, and the production really believes in this statement.

    As a fan I trully loved everything, was a perfect episode.
  • Any show that reaches 200 episodes deserves praise.

    This episode, while not to everyone\'s taste, brings to the forefront the humor which has always been an underlying current in the show. The ability to parodie onesself really shows a mastery of your subject and of your audience. Although some will call it silly and a break from character, the humerous elements infused in the \"normal\" episodes are truly present just as much as the sci-fi elements. After ten years SG-1 is still alive and one of MGM\'s strongest properties. I feel it is because of the humor not in spite of it that the show florishes. A hearty \"Well Done\' to the writing staff, cast and crew; This is why SG-1 is truly loved by it\'s die hard fans and has the ability to attract new ones. We know this show so well and follow the off screen series developments just as well as the plot twists and turns so that all of the jokes in this episode were truly funny. It msy not be why everyone watches; however, it\'s one of the major reasons I love this show and come back week after week to spend time in its universe. A truly special episode, much anticipated by its fans. I hope they never lose their sense of humor and I\'ll be here watching and waiting for their 300th episode.
  • This is why it lasted 10 years.

    This time we got a great show, full of humour, excitement and sarcasm.
    I can say that lots of money, care and love went into this 200 episode, and it gave us all the works, indeed.
    To recreate so many sets for a 40 minutes show must have been a pain, but it was worthy, trust me.
    The special appearance of Richard Dean Anderson was also great, he couldn\\\'t miss this one and he delivered. The ode to all other shows was also great, I couldn\\\'t stop laughing in the Star Trek or in the Farscape parts.
    Would we get a 300 episode special in the future, well, I sure hope so.
    Well done guys, from a SG-1 fan...


  • An Ode to Sci-fi and it's fans. 200!

    Wow! I LOVED this episode. It kept me laughing the whole time. I loved the cracks about the Furlings, Star trek, the Wizard of Oz, and Farscape. The puppets were a little creepy, but they kept me laughing.

    Basiclly, Landry asks SG-1 to help Matin (from the 100the episode "Wormhole X-treme") with his movie that is based on the Stargate, to make sure that the public will just see it as a Sci-Fi movie and not think that the Stargate is actually real. But this day also marks MItchell's 200th step through the gate. The team is held up to help Martin out with his movie.

    Some jokes in paticular that I liked were the 1969 mission joke, the crack about the 10 second title sequence, the furlings, the part where Jack comes in, how many times Teal'c says "Indeed", how Sam always talks in her scienc babble, the WEDDING, the puppets, Teal'c P.I., the end sequence with the fictional series "Wormhole X-treme" completing it's 200th episode, and SO much more about all of the characters and a lot of different cliche's(sp?). The show has always been funny, but not like this. (Oh and I also like the joke about how Siler gets zapped by the electricity coming from the gate! )

    I really like Jack's entrance. Marty wants something they'll never expect and wise ol' Jack says "something like this?" To which they reply- (Daniel) That'll be in the spoilers. (Sam) Are you kidding? It'll be in the comercial." (Which it was.)

    In the end, we get to see Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c walk first into the gate together (just how it used to be...the original team) followed by Mitchell, Valla, Gen. Landry, and Walter. And what was that I heard about cake on the other side of the gate? :D

    It really was an episode that was "for the fans." All of the inside jokes made me think- I bet any non sci-fi fans and people who are unfamilier with the SG-1 series who were watching were thinking "what the heck is this?" There were SO many inside jokes. This show will definatley get a lot of people chatting...there are just so many hilarious references to other Sci-Fi favorites and it really just pokes a lot of fun at the series. It was really fun and full of jokes about Sci-Fi cliches(sp?). I loved it!

    A BIG congrats to Stargate Sg-1 for 10 succesful years and 200 WONDERFUL episodes. I hope to see a 300th, 400th, ect. The possibilities are endless. This has always been and will always be my favorite show!
  • Stargate is one of those rare shows that never fails to give us a special episode

    Im having trouble finding the words to begin!... I consider myself a huge science fiction fan, so when I heard that Stargate SG-1 made it to 200 episodes of course I freaked out! Again the show is record demolishing, and even though we're into season 10 the cast and writers have not lost what made the show fantstic since the pilot. This special occation also marks the return of Richard Dean Anderson (who left to raise his daughter) as Major General Jack O'Neill and one other former cast member which was a spendid surprise although I wouldve liked to have seen more of him since its been a while. That a side the plot was just an ingenious way for the cast to celebrate the monumentous achievment. Martin comes back to the SGC and asks SG-1 to look over the script for "Wormhole X: The Movie", and the idea's pitched by the team were nothing short of hilarious. The writers even gave a nod to other fan fav's like Star Trek, Farscape, and Firefly (am I the only one that caught the Firefly reference?). Without a doubt this episode was just fun to watch.
  • I have never laughed so hard in a long time.

    People who say this episode jumped the shark - they intentionally made it this screwball and off for a reason: to have FUN. This episode held no punches whatsoever when it came to making parodies of anything and everything, and when Vala pitched to Martin "something obscure" and totally made a rip of "Farscape (which bothClaudia Black and Ben Browder both starred in) made me howl in laughter, so bad it hurt.

    It makes me wonder what they will do when episode 250 and 300 hit. None of the other Sci-Fi shows that I am a fan of has done anything like this, which puts Stargate right up there.
  • The 200th episode of the show!! I would give it an 11 if I could!!

    In the 200th episode of the hit Sci-Fi show, SG-1, I just could not stop laughing! This is the BEST episode out of the entire series. 2nd would be Urgo and 3rd would be Wormhole X-Treme. But this would of course be the 1st. Even my friend who hasn\'t even watched the show before though that it was hilarious. I loved all of the different stories that the members of SG-1 made up.
    Mitchell - Zombies
    Teal\'C - \"Teal\'C P.I.\"
    Vala - Wizard of Oz
    And then all of the stories that Marty came up with.
    # 1 - Replicaters
    # 2 - Star Trek
    # 3 - Teenage SG-1
    # 4 - Puppet Version
    And then the ending of the episode was just like Wormhole X-Treme. In all it was just the funniest episode ever.
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