Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Horrible episode

    The producers stated that they made this episode as a treat to the fans. Yeah, great treat! The episode had me cringing, looking through my fingers and thinking "this can't be an episode of Stargate" throughout the whole thing. I hated the idea behind it. "What if there was a zombie apocalypse in the SGC!" and "What if the Furlings are Ewoks!" What the hell were the writers thinking?! That they want to torture us?

    I hated everything about this episode. EVERYTHING! Even the appearance of Jack didn't make it any better. The Thunderbirds parody is the one part which truly sealed it for me. Made it the worst episode of Stargate ever made.

    If the producers really wanted to make a treat to the fans, they would have made something with a lot of action, some comedy and reintroducing a major character or something. They did one of those, but not the rest.

    To put this episode into perspective, I would rather watch Infinity than this crap. Worst Episode Ever.
  • No wonder they're finally cancelling this series!

    This episode really jumped the guppy. I mean; I really don't what I was expecting. Perhaps, a knee-slapper, based on the "TV Guide" article I read. Perhaps, a reconciliation between O'Neill and his ex-wife, resulting in the marriage scene hyped by SciFi Channel. But, I was disappointed in both regards. Maybe, if they had done this as a two-hour special, adding in good-natured jibes at "X-Files." I might have found it hysterical laughing at Vala as Scully and Daniel as Mulder. Or, they could have even poked fun at the "Star Wars" movies Teal'c loves so much. With Ben Browder as Luke Skywalker and an uncredited cameo by Kent McCord as Darth Vader!* The only reason I don't give this land-fill episode an absolute zero? I loved the tribute to Gerry Anderson's old puppet shows! Those marionettes really had their voice-overs well-synchronized. *He played John Crichton's father on FARSCAPE.
  • Episode is TERRIBLE. Why are people giving this 10's?

    I turned it off midway through. Come on, why would they put this garbage on when we all want to learn more about Ori. And who in the world gave this 10s? Terrible, completely terrible. Don't waste your time watching this episode.

    I would have rather cut the grass in my front yard with scissors than watch that again. Completely pointless and I cannot stand that alien that invented Worm Hole Xtreme. Whoever thought of this idea should be fired. No wonder this show got canceled with the writers thinking that we'll like garbage like this. I want the 40something minutes of my life back that I wasted watching this episode.
  • The worst episode of Stargate ever made!!! What were they thinking?

    The show had already lost a bit of its high quality when O’Neil, Hammond, Jacob, & Dr.Frasier left the show... Now we have occasional great episodes and an overall that is lower. The beginning of the season led us to believe that the overall quality was increasing again... and then they had to do episode 1005 (definitely weird and without interest). After this I was expecting a good one to follow making up for it ... and then I discovered 1006...

    In a nutshell my feeling for this episode is: What the Hell is this ----? Are the producers out of money? Do they actually think this was good? (In which case we are in trouble) Are they not ashamed? Have they actually screened it before? Are they doing this so that we better appreciate the next one? Anyway this episode is making the show look very bad and I will add that if its to do that Please I beg you make the season have less episodes if you can't handle it but make them at least all watchable !

    I had already gotten used to the episodes with the science geeks that are lets face it very light entertainment but this is a new low... the worst we have seen so far and I hope the last cause I wouldn't want my favorite TV show end miserably with such poor quality of script writing !
  • Like seasons nine and ten, a real waist of time.

    The 200th episode of Stargate SG1 fell short of my expectations. First season nine was such a disapointment that I only bothered watching this episode because I heard that some people thought it was funny. Well, when I saw it I realized that most of the jokes were on the fans called the Antis. People who felt that even though they love the show, it really should have ended in season eight. I also did not like how Sam went from being Dorathy to Vala taking over that role. I could nit pick forever, but I won't. Overall I just did not like the episode, but then again this came from people who ended the show without wrapping up a storyline so that they could sell to DVD movies. It has become painfully obvious that motivations behind the actions of tPTB come from the use of money. Oh and way to go on canciling the series the day of the permire of this episode.
  • absolute rubbish, if this was the best they could come up with for the 200th episode perhaps it\\\\\\\'s just as well they are cancelling this once fantastic show.

    absolute rubbish, if this was the best they could come up with for the 200th episode perhaps it\\\\\\\'s just as well they are cancelling this once fantastic show. How can they justify what was basically a clip show ? How am I going to come up with 100 words to write about this purile mess that should never have see the light of day ?

    filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler 100
  • A complete waste of time!

    Beyond a doubt, the worst episode of SG-1 I've ever seen. What a joke! The 200th episode, and they choose to make a complete farce out of it. The pre-episode special was more entertaining! Another reviewer called it "cheesy" - that's putting it kindly.

    And they wasted an appearance by Richard Dean Anderson on this crud? What were the writers and producers thinking? It seems they have little or no respect for their audience. They could have (and should have) done something truly special to commemorate such a special occasion, but instead they give us an utter farce.

    A "Best-Of" episode would have been far more entertaining!
  • Episode “200” was a rehash of old sci-fi in a demeaning manner.

    It is obvious to me that this was obligatory episode. That is to say, Stargate SG1 has no intention to go for an 11th season and they are throwing anything out just to complete season 10. This was absolute garbage. I've seen better high school projects than this episode. Please someone tell me this is not what to expect from now on. This show was fantastic and innovative until the episode "200" that may have killed the entire series. I feel it was painful and sad to see the writers and actors sink to this level of incompetency. Oh frelling hell.
  • Monumental waste of time

    There was just no plot in this episode and it was completely disjointed from the rest of the series. For the much anticipated 200th episode is was just a huge disappointment. The so called humor was totally sub par, I would go so far as to call it abysmal. The character of Jack O\\\'Neil makes an appearance but fails to save this episode from being a total waste of time. Essentially a bunch of characters get together and have a jolly old time goofing off while the viewer hopelessly waits for some so called entertainment breadcrumbs to fall off the screen and at the end of the episode goes off hungry. Thanks for nothing.
  • Kinda Dumb... must be a real SciFi Fan to understand everything... not just a SG1 fan... Spoofs were ok... but lines needed polish...

    Kinda Dumb... must be a real SciFi Fan to understand everything... not just a SG1 fan...

    Spoofs were ok... but lines needed polish...


    Finally fans get the Sam-O\'Neil wedding...

    I guess the teaser for Season X with Mitchel holding the replicator gun was this episode...

    The Wormhole extreme interviews felt like a filler... they were trying to kill time... (which is why I rated this episode only a \"ONE\")

    Other than that... Martin Loyd... is just annoying...

    O\'Neil is stiff...

    when ever did O\'Neil ever get to sire a child in the Time Travel episode ?

    Was that a joke or a more serious hint as to Kam\'s parentiage ?

    Guess we\'ll have to watch more to find out...

    NOW please bring us quality episodes... last one SUCKED bad.
  • A disappointing slack-off. Was it the 200th episode? Nothing made sense and the humor was so horrible that my toenails rolled up.

    Though nery nice to see "Jack O'Neill" again - with two L - nothing in this episode was appealing.
    No story, no sense, no fun - and if it was
    an hommage to 200 episodes - everyone did
    conceal it very good.
    Already the last episode was somewhat weird
    as if the writers were on crack - and this one
    does seem to prove it.
    As Stargate has been entertaining for such a long
    time - this episode had NOTHING to offer for
    a fan.
    As it were not bad enough that Jack's replacement
    is not able to fill his shoes, teasing us with
    him is cruel.
    It were to be nice having him back - as a member
    of the team - but it looks more like the
    series is preparing to fade into oblivion.
    It's just good that the friends in the Pegasus
    Galaxy still go strong...
  • This episode is not worth seeing, it add nothing to the great picture, and hint that this season will be the last one.

    I have watch all 10 season of SG-1, and all Atlantis, this is one of the worst episode ever, it try to be funny, and it is not, the story does not advance, and with episode like this one, we can smell this is the last season, bring Jack and Thor (Asgard) back !

    I like episode that add to the story arc, I hate episode on earth with mundane events, or the travel back in time.

    I can live with the occasional stand a lone episode on planet X, but with some action and adventure, stop trying to do comedy TV episodes, there not funny and that not what we are looking for in stargate sg-1.

  • Mitchell eagerly awaits the next off-world mission. However, Martin Lloyd returns and seeks help with his movie script.

    Well what can i say... This episoide was a SHOCKER!!! (meaning \"Nasty\") I realise that the writers cannot keep pushing the Ori story and must add a few fillers here and there.
    Even if there is a viewer that has not followed the sequence of episodes, watching a filler might help ease them into the series but this episode \"200\" did not do that in my mind.

    If i was tuning into Stargate as a non ongoing viewer i would most likely judge the whole series on what i see in that episode and see it as amateur sci fi with weak characters, costumes etc and never watch it again.

    I would never normally write a review on the episodes but this one was soooooo bad i just had to say something. I waited all week to see this and what an abysmal dissapointment.

    I feel that the writers have let down the fans but mostly the actors and actresses as it damages their reputation by having to act out such a dim witted script. I know they did their best and actors of their calibre should not get retarded \"B\" grade script like this. Full credit to the crews (Light, sound etc) that worked with the actors and actresses but shame on the writers. These are the kind of episodes that KILL a series.

    I really PRAY that there are NO MORE episodes like this ever again as it will reflect badly on the BRILLIANT series that STARGATE (SG1 and Atlantis) is.
  • This episode was worse then the one before it.

    I never seen an episode so badly made.What was that all about?Is the next episode going to be called \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Let`s be friends?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". I don`t understad what did the other guys who have seen the show are so exicited about...
    Bad this episode was really bad.What was it to laugh about i just don`t understand.I think the writers might have cellabrated sommething before they wrote this episode, or maybe smoked sommething. just hope this does not get worse and turns into Friends.Well nevermind good job for the rest of the show and i hope you will forgive me for my comment.
  • Just awful, spare yourself please, has nothing to do with the plot and is not good anyway

    What a waste, absolutely nothing happened in this episode. It could have been good if this episode had an actual plot or was part of the storyline, but no not one thing. Apart from jack returning absolutely not one thing of interest happened here. Could nt even finish watching, especially at the end, when interview people did not know or care who they were. This could have been good, first time ever watched an episode of stargate, although love the show, I was not able to continue watching it all. Painful to the extreme, the guy marty just annoyed the life out of me, hopefully back to normal again next week
  • A disappointing show that was scraping the barrel.

    Oh dear, what can one say. I was disappointed at the announcement that Stargate was being terminated after the 10th season. Now I can see why. Being a long time fan of the show & the movie, what were the writers thinking. This is as bad as Plan 9 from outer space. What happened to the content from the previous seasons? It's like the writers totally lost interest in what they were doing and left everyone viewing absolute drivel. The whole parody thing left a bad taste in my mouth and it was extremely painful to watch. It's a shame that one of my favourite shows degenerated into something so poor on it's 200th episode. R.I.P. Stargate SG1
  • I would have to kill my self before I could watch this episode to it's end! My hope is you will use this episode as a guide of how never to make a movie,show,or episode again! This episode is a brain killer! This is the answer to kill your a

    I can only say if you want to kill your audience this episode will
    do it! Brains , to watch this episode one would have to have a brain
    like a rock! Episodes like this will make your audience want to kill
    there self! I hope you know there are people that watch this show
    and can think. I am only saying this to help you, Stargate SG1 is
    a great show,the language,the cast,fabulous! My hope is you will get Mr.R.D.Anderson and Mr. Don.S.Davis to come back to the show,
    They are a big part of the show! I hope episode 200 will never be
    seeing again! This episode is a paradox, one will say to one self
    this can not be, but it is the episode from hell! I need to say
    you have disrespected your audience with this episode! I give this episode a score of -0 !
  • Please try harder.

    What was this? I have to wait for about 3 days so there\'s enough users on Limewire to download this, 1 week since the last episode and I get this boring, un-eventful plot that doesn\'t contribute to anything but a filler episode so they can take a breahter.

    The worst part is the stupid rip-off wormhole xtreme...sure it\'s in good fun but this isn\'t a stupid show.

    Please don\'t give us another boring, pointless episode.
  • Disapointing... what was that all about? It was so boring, I couldnt focus or anything. If they continue like this, i dont think people will watch Stargate Sg1...

    Ive been watching Stargate since the beginning. Never missed any episodes. All the episodes were excitting and very interesting. This was the most silly episode i ever watched. Waited for it for 1 week and it was a shame. I do not think I will be able to watch again if the next episode is silly as this one.
    Im better off with stargate atlantis from now on... more interesting, better quality and FUN.
  • Self indulgent drivel. If the cast and crew want to do something to celebrate a milestone - fine, but don\'t inflict it on the viewers. I kept waiting for it to actually go somewhere, but it never did.

    I guess these days with the cut-throat approach to ratings and the like, for a show to hit 10 seasons / 200 episodes it is quite a milestone, and that is basically what this episode is all about. Everyone giving themselves a big pat on the back. As far as I was concerned, this episode was a total non-event. By all means give the actors, writers, crew, etc some sort of industry award, party, bonus, whatever, but keep it in house, or perhaps consign it to some \'between season\' special. This episode just annoyed me and wasted my time. Grrrrr.
  • This episode was pointless - it wasn't interesting, it didn't advance anything of the current season's storyline and it was also cringefully self-aware, trying to make fun of itself and missing the target. Ultimately, it should never have been made.

    I don't normally review Stargate episodes, but this one in particular just annoyed me quite substantially. Firstly, they bring back the dubious "Wormhole Xtreme" TV show, which is going to be made into a movie (yes, the reverse of real life, we get it) and we get an endless sequence of cringeful ideas for the TV show and not very clever spoofs of other sci-fi shows/movies.

    They even end the episode with a load of inane "interviews" with the Wormhole Xtreme show cast and a load of beeped/blacked out swearing (what's the point of that - why shoot stuff like that when you know it has to be censored [I feel the same about The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - either he shouldn't swear or his swearing should be uncensored - not some half-way house that makes you think 'why bother?'].

    To be honest, I think this is just the producers/writers so-called "smart" way of doing what's essentially a pointless filler show. In older days, they'd have a tiny thread of a "new" plot of an episode and then pad it with multiple clips of old episodes. Now, we get an unfunny attempt for SG-1 to send itself up and the horrible thing is that they did actually spend money on this (the "old clips" were actually new material!) and didn't have the excuse of saving money on the budget to fall back on.

    Shame on Stargate SG-1 for this episode - one of the weakest in several years, IMHO.
  • The horror

    OMG! What is the deal with episode? The worst episode ever, among several series. SG-1 Is an amazing show that lost the bright after 8th season, but this is too much. Hallowed be the Ori, afterall.
  • The bicenteniel episode of Star Gate SG1 (and the 200th time mitchel pass through the gate) is disapointing, even more so as Dean Anderson is finally making a gust appearance.

    Stargate SG1 "200" takes as back to alien Joe and his failing TV show "wormhole extreme" (a ridiculous, mocking version of stargate). Also, aparently ts Mitchels 200th travel through tha this point i'd like to addres stargate dirctor, writers, and producers: How could you do this to us!!!???? We (by we i mean all stargat fans) have been waiting since the begining of season 9 for Jack to make an appearance, and there was no better time than the bicenteniel episode, which in any other show would have been a fenomenal, crusial to the plot and keeping us on the edge of our seat!! I was disapointed, discourged and mainlly pissed that you literally wasted jack and the 200 episode wich is a milestone in the life of a tv series, on a stupid non importand and not remotly funny pile of nonsense!!! The story was juvenal and foolish (and even obcene: Jack is peeping on Sam?? what the hell??!!). The dialog was forced and unnatural and the plot was boring and unrealistic both through the "unaird memories" of the team and the end when suddenlly half the base is going through the gate!! To me this was the worst episode ever of Stargate and the fact that it was aird as the 200 episode and that Jack was included is simply insulting. I pray the people aforementioned to apply better judgement in the future if they want the show to reach it's 11th season, and I advise any stargate fan who missed this episode to spare himself this masochistic event and wait for Dean Anderson's next appearance.
  • Well they hit the 200 and it went down in flames! "Does anyone else get the impression that the writers can't figure out what to do with the current story arc, Or are they saving the budget for a big end of season CG extravaganza?". A travesty!

    Well they hit the 200 and it went down in flames!

    There were only 2 good points in this episode,
    1. The first 20-30 seconds when I thought I'd missed an episode with the Furlings! Yeah I know d'oh
    2. The puppets, funny to see the characters and the marker.
    The rest of the show was SO self-indulgent I found myself shaking my head in disbelief.

    Does anyone else get the impression that the writers can't figure out what to do with the current story arc, or are they saving the budget for a big end of season CG extravaganza?
    The last couple of episodes have been poor filler eps nothing more, with little or no mention of the War.

    It is such a shame, they seemed to chicken out from writing a good episode for 200th B'day and instead turn it into a pantomime!

    Your strongest character is gone (Jack) but the new guys are working, but this was a travesty.

  • A completely ridiculous episode... with a minute amount of humor which made it *almost* bearable to watch.

    OK, so Marty from Workhold Extreme comes back for help from members of SG-1 in reviewing and discussing his new movie based loosely on the characters from SG-1.

    The entire premise is just based on flashbacks, possibilities, and dream sequences. This episode is just full of paradies of the show itself (how they re-cast a RDA clone), and so on. They parodied Star Trek: TOS, Thunderbirds and even made fun of Farscape (given two characters in SG-1 were on Farscape, it was mildly amusing).

    Given the Orii threat and everything else going on in the current universe, this is the best they could come up with? This was very disappointing.

    Just like Stargate: Atlantis' recent episode where Dr. Weir wakes up in a mental institution where they're trying to make her believe Atlantis is all in her head. This was already done in an episode of Star Trek: TNG.

    COME ON, people! I love SG-1 and SG:A, but COME ON! I hope this is a sign that bigger and better things are to come and this is a comic interlude before some great episodes to come! Otherwise, Stargate: X will definitely become Stargate: EX!
  • A typical filler type episode with no real function other than to see some old clips and get some good humour into the episode. the clip of the furlings was curious (giant koalas) and we all know that the furlings will be far from furry!

    A typical filler type episode with no real function other than to see some old clips and get some good humour into the episode. the clip of the furlings was curious (giant koalas) and we all know that the furlings will be far from furry! Great to see Jack O\'neil again if only for a few minutes. The episode was trying to show that the tv company makeing the fictitous show about the stargate was kind of helping the government hide the fact that there really was a stargate in order to create plausable deniabillity with conspiricy theories thrown open to a tv audience to make a big mockery of it all, If that has not confused you then it doesnt work!!!
  • come on is this a sci fi show or comedy central

    sure some of the jokes were fun, the farscape and startrek pieces were oke, but it felt like a comedy clip show, a waste of a weeks work, jack o\'neall should return at a moment where everything is on the line, not in a acid trip by the writers

    the puppet part was fun, hope next week we get sg 1 back
  • The worst episode i have ever seen

    I mean, i have watched every episode from StarGate, Startrek and 5000 more series, but this was defenetly one of the worst. Actualy every time when Marty appers in the show, that episode was a disaster.
    The stupid animation with the pupets was increadably stupid.
    Even the comming from Major General Jack O\'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson), which was actualy the only positive thing in the episode, didn\'t help.
    There was also the stupid weding from Jack and Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping). She even calls him sir during the whole weding ceremony and he calls her Carter. Although Daniel as the best man, you could have sean that comming a mile away.

    And wenn they all go together through the Stargate, i mean come on, that was lame. I realy realy dislike this episode.
  • Wasted episode!

    With the Stargate SG-1 cancellation announcement, the decision by the writers and producers to use Wormhole Extreme in the 200th episode wasted an episode. Instead the episode should have been a pivotal point in the history of SG-1 and wrapping up the story lines.

    Yes, fun and silly episodes are great, but only when there is time to play. If next season was the last this episode would be OK (not great but OK). Unless the writers and producers plan either not to wrap up the story lines or wrap them up hap-hazard, each episode now matters to the story line of this epic story and show.
  • Totally not needed episode what so ever, ugh really get me going >:-/

    Cant really say anything positive about this episode, why really it has to be 200th episode of the series and its gonna be like this !?1?! Doesnt really make any sense, seen these kind of eps before and can tell you that the show didnt get its international awards from episodes like this one. Should just write those storylines with the Ori and that stuff than doing these useless ones. Well anyways a good glimbse of Jack O´Neill and thats always a good thing, even tho guy did give 8 seasons of his life to this serie, and of course macgyver series, so gotta give a guy serious probs of acting, one of a kind :)

    But in the end as conclusion, this episode really sucks to be really plain.
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