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Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Syfy

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  • An in-joke filled episode with off the charts humor, unfortunately it may be over the heads of a lot of viewers. But fans of sci-fi (geeks -myself included) will count this as one of the best episodes ever.

    This episode is the 200th episode (by some calculation) and the writers of stargate did a terrific job in creating a funny memorable tounge in cheek look at the stargate universe and allusions to most of the major events (on and off screen) that took place during stargates 10 year run.
    This episode is definately one that can be watched over and over again, as the sheer number of in-jokes are more than likely impossible to get from one viewing. The down side is that if you haven\\\'t seen most of the series (and perhaps Farscape) this probably won\\\'t seem funny but more than likely just a confusing mess.
    So in the end this is an episode for fans of the show, and it\\\'s nice to see somthing like that once in a while.
  • Hilarious. A perfect tribute.

    WOW, I never thought I would ever laugh that much during a Stargate episode. This episode is awesome. It was so silly and clever at the same time. The parodies, references and any other jokes were pure pleasure, I enjoyed every single second of that. Of course it was a pleasure to have Richard Dean Anderson (O`Neill) back for this episode, a 200th episode without him would have been pointless. The invisible Jack scenes were hilarious.
    So that got to be one of my favorite and possibly along with Windows of opportunity the funniest Stargate episode ever. The way the mocking was done makes me think of South Park.

    So 200 episodes of Stargate sg1. That`s big for a sci-fi, that`s big for any show. They did commemorate that with an memorable episode.
  • GREATEST!!!!!!!!! episode of Stagate SG1 ever made :D YAY!!!

    This episode was perfect for the 200th episode of SG1. IT is the funniest so far in the eries and will stay that way forever. I can't hardly believe that people gave this episode a 1.0 WHAT THE HELL! You people aren't stargate fans at ALL!!!! This is a perfect comedy episode funnier then "Window of Opportunity" which is a funny episode the story lines and the wizard of Oz, the puppets and they had to bring Richard Dean Anderson back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That guy is the best. After ten years and all the comedy episodes they save the best till last. Love it
  • stargate\'s 200th episode was pure great entertainment. 200 represents in my mind one of the best qualities of stargate sg-1, it never took itself too seriously, making the series great fun to watch.

    for me, what made me a huge fan of the show, was their ability to keep a lighter feel to the show and to occasionally laugh at themselves and the genre throughout the years. thus giving a one of a kind exprience not usually found in sci-fi or anywhere else for that matter, yet this is what makes it the best sci-fi shows ever, and one of the best period.

    i just loved the 100th episode and i\'m glad they decided to take that concept up a notch. there are so many in-jokes, stabs and just a general let\'s make and have fun in this episode.i think this is the best kind of tribute to the fans. the concept of the episode was beautifully crafted for its satirical purpose. sg1 has to advise Martin Lloyd (great tie-in to 100) on his movie of wormhole xtreme that is based on knowledge of the sgc, just brilliant.
    this way sg1 can ask questions and poke holes at the script, a subtle way to critic their own exploits on the show. all the while the scenes discussed by them are portrayed by sg1, again another great writing tool.
    i don\'t understand how any fan can watch this episode and not laugh his ass off. all the \"painful to watch\" reviews are beyond me. i guess the fan base watches the show for diffirent reasons. i mean teal\'c asking why everyhing has to explode, siler\'s \"rant\", the opening credits, the lead left problem bit and many more great stuff. sure some bits were less than others but on a whole this episode was just great.
    not many productions could make such an episode, if at all. i think it\'s a great credit to the production and the fans that it was made.

    stargate 200th has only one purpose and that to entertain. a thing that the show has been doing for 10 great years. for this fan i could think of no better to celebrate those years than how they did it here.

    sadly stargate as a tv series will be no more, so my thanks goes out to everyone on the production for all the great entertainment over the years.
  • Before you say "this has nothing to do with the story" or "this is a filler ep" THINK twice what a huge accomplishment it is for a scifi show to reach 200 episodes!!! They deserve taking a day off and just celebrate!

    I think that what they did wrong was making the previous ep so filler. I mean, I understand, They're were saving budget for this one, but there always are some intolerants TOO involved in this universe and they tend to forget that this is a TV show. Always asking "get on with the story!!" and missing the whole point of reaching "the big two o o".

    I loved what they did for this ep. From the first second they mock each other, the fans, the network. Everyone guessing about how the furling would look like, if they would be like ewoks or lizards and they laughing at that. The whole "main character" act was just incredible! Not to mention the part in which Daniel and Sam talk about spoilers and commercial... hahhaha. I loved how the made fun of Firefly/Serenity, Farscape, Startrek, The Thunderbirds, 24.

    Well, I could go on and on but long story short, if you watched (and remember of course) all of the previous season, you have to love this ep. If you started to see the show from s9 or you don't have any idea how important is a 200 ep in scifi, well, you obviously missed 90% of the jokes and I'm sure you felt like you were wasting your time. All I can say is, WE'RE SORRY!! but we only had one chance of a 200 ep! you (as well as the rest of us) will have the old storyline back in the 201!

    Well done ppl, this ep was memorable!
  • This is one of the funniest science fiction epsiodes I have ever seen.

    For those of you who have rated this episode below 9, I can only imagine that you have not watched much Stargate SG1 or in fact much science fiction at all. I know a filler episode when I see one and this one defintely was NOT a filler. The writers must have had the time of their lives as they wrote it.

    This episode, in case you didn't realise it, is a complete lampoon on the Stargate series, all the actors in the series and of the science fiction genre in general. They stood up and laughed at themselves and I laughed along with them. Nobody was spared and you have to admire a program which has so much maturity that is can do this. It did take me a few minutes to get the "jist" of the episode but there was some very clever moments. The way Marty says "nobody has a big intro scene, just throw up the title" then the episode cuts straight to the title. Or when he says, "where just going to finish the scene" and the scene finishes. But it is lampooning humour which will mark this episode as a classic. In fact I fell off the couch laughing when that Farscape scene came on and both my 16 year old son and I roared with laughter when the puppets strings broke in the Thunderbirds scene. This has got to be one of the best episodes ever. I have watched very few Stargate epsiodes twice, but I have watched this one twice in less than a week.
  • The 200th episode, what a way to celebrate by racking up the humor that's been a little bit missing of late. REally enjoyed this show!

    I really liked the 100th episode... I can still see them trying to justify the way she can phase through walls but not through the floor and heaps of other stuff. This episode really went out of its way to ramp the humor up with obvious references to many iconic shows. It was a laugh a minute - There were so many memorable moments and being an absolute Far Scape fan it was such a cool tribute. I love the way the show doesn't take itself seriously without knocking the seriousness with which lots of fans take the show. It was a great episode and well worth the cake and balloons waiting on the other side of the gate. It's also good news that the second instalment of the movie is coming out (???).
  • hahaha, Very funny episode....deffinately worth the wait, don\'t expect a pivitol episode. Sit back and enjoy the fun.

    At the beggining I was slightly worried about if it would live up to the hype of \"200\" I wasn\'t sure if it would be funny or very serious. It just goes to show that after 10 series the writers still know how to keep the viewers interested, I don\'t think that this episode ruins the whole thing, because I know that next week it\'ll go strait back to being serious, and if it doesn\'t....all the better, because a few episode of fun help to relate to the charachters and is a bit of fun for the viewers.

    Nice Work.
  • 200...

    As everyone should know this is the 200th episode of stargate Sg1. And it is a very funny episode at that. For this they did a lot of funny things like they made fun of star trek and farscape and the wizard of oz. For any series to make it to 200 episodes is just amazing. Not very many shows get to do that I think I would have liked to see what they would have done if they made it to 300 episodes. Of course you can't have the 200 episdoe without Richard dean anderson, he didn't play a very big role but he was still funny. i wished though that they would have had more of Don S. Davis because he only appeared as a puppet. I thought it was funny when they sent Sylar into the gate room and he touches something and flys half way across the room and says "Why is it always me?" Along with being funny they also had alot of in jokes. I don't really care what any body else says because this was one of the best episodes of the series. For any series to make it to 200 is amazing.
  • Great celebration of longevity.

    First off I would like to congratulate the cast and crew on this milestone and while some people say that this episode “Jumps the Shark” I think they don’t realize that that was the point. It was meant to be so over the top and that’s what made it the funniest thing that I have ever seen. From the constant inside jokes to the Sci-Fi references I was laughing for an hour straight. The Farscape and the Puppets were my favorites with my only complaint being that the puppets part was a bit long. Overall this was the funniest thing I have seen on TV.
  • Don't expect a "real" episode, 'cause that's NOT what anniversaries should be for....

    I LOVE the fact that they didn't try to make this a HUGE PIVOTAL episode, but decided to give the hard-core fans some fun! There are many epical episodes out there, but in this episode they actually laughed WITH the fans! There are so many inside jokes, and only if you've watched EVERY episode and kept up to date with all the chatter on the internet and behind the scenes (like on magazines and stuff) could you get them all. And you have to know other shows too. And I'm sure there are still some things that the fans will never get, 'cause they are too "inside". I love the special effects, things blowing up and all the action and adventure, but this episode was a cool "day off" for the fans AND the team (even though THEY didn't want it!). So I agree with the people who say this episode was useless with regards to the storyline, but it's obvious they didn't get the point of it!
    And for those people who say that it was just a clip-show... you either haven't seen the episode, or you haven't seen the show, 'cause there wasn't a single flash back in the whole episode (that actually happened), other than the initial 100th episode sequences.
    And for other people who didn't catch it... I think that YES, the furlings have always been thought to be furry, Ewok-looking. Some of the writers/producers said it long ago. That's why we never saw them!
    I can't wait for episode 300!
  • Stargate is one of those rare shows that never fails to give us a special episode

    Im having trouble finding the words to begin!... I consider myself a huge science fiction fan, so when I heard that Stargate SG-1 made it to 200 episodes of course I freaked out! Again the show is record demolishing, and even though we're into season 10 the cast and writers have not lost what made the show fantstic since the pilot. This special occation also marks the return of Richard Dean Anderson (who left to raise his daughter) as Major General Jack O'Neill and one other former cast member which was a spendid surprise although I wouldve liked to have seen more of him since its been a while. That a side the plot was just an ingenious way for the cast to celebrate the monumentous achievment. Martin comes back to the SGC and asks SG-1 to look over the script for "Wormhole X: The Movie", and the idea's pitched by the team were nothing short of hilarious. The writers even gave a nod to other fan fav's like Star Trek, Farscape, and Firefly (am I the only one that caught the Firefly reference?). Without a doubt this episode was just fun to watch.
  • I have never laughed so hard in a long time.

    People who say this episode jumped the shark - they intentionally made it this screwball and off for a reason: to have FUN. This episode held no punches whatsoever when it came to making parodies of anything and everything, and when Vala pitched to Martin "something obscure" and totally made a rip of "Farscape (which bothClaudia Black and Ben Browder both starred in) made me howl in laughter, so bad it hurt.

    It makes me wonder what they will do when episode 250 and 300 hit. None of the other Sci-Fi shows that I am a fan of has done anything like this, which puts Stargate right up there.
  • This, episode 200, is a sequel to the 100th episode. Like 100 this episode is a parody on the show, the sci-fi genre and television/move bussiness itself. It is not considerd to be taken seriously, but great fun for the real fan.

    This piece of Stargate will be a classic episode. It makes fun of the the sci-fi genre and television/move bussiness like Wormhole X-treme does. But it makes a lot of fun of the Stargate show itself.

    So, the episode might not meet the taste of a Stargate newbie or ocasianal Stargate viewer, but it is so much more to all the hardcore fans, who kept the show running for the ten seasons.

    And the the episode finally shows, what so many fans have waited so long for: Walter going through the gate and the Sam/O\'Niel Wedding.

    I get that many of this might not be seen as of value by those who just started to watch Stargate or want to see the plotline unfold, but this episode is so much bigger than that.

    So, for me it was great, and if you are about to view this episode, then be aware, that it is a present to the fans and not an ordinary stargate episode. It\'s episode 200, and by watching it, you might get a glimpse of what it means to run a show for 10 years.
  • '200' gives the writers, producers, the cast and crew some time to muck about and celebrate a milestone before the serious business begins again.

    I only saw '200' a few minutes ago. (We've currently just started airing Season 9 over here, and the box set for it is already available in stores!)

    That's beside the point. Anyway, '200' marks the 200th episode milestone for this awesome series, and to be honest, I was hoping for huge gun battles, explosions and stuff. But after reading up about what the producers and co. had planned, I became weary of what they had done.

    The plot is about Martin Lloyd, who returns to the SGC as he seeks help from SG-1 to help him formulate a script for his new tele-move. Which is based around the Stargate program. The team want out, but The Pentagon thinks otherwise, as it would help provide a good cover story for the Stargate program itself.

    Then begins the wacky, sometimes hilarious, sketches thought up by the SG team. Ripping off ideas from 'Thunderbirds' 'The Wizard of Oz' and even 'Farscape' the episode really is just a muck around.

    In the end, serious 'hardcore' viewers might take this as just a plain stupid episode that doesn't help the series along. They are right about one thing, it's just a plain stupid episode, but personally I think this is a celebratory and fun episode for the whole cast and crew to kick back and have some fun.

    And the viewers should be doing that too!
  • Not the originality of n°100 but a very fine episode

    When I heard Martin Lloyd was returning, I knew we were on for a good laugh, and it sure was.
    I had a lot of fun watching this episode, although it did not have the originality and the novelty of n°100, Wormhole X-Treme. I liked the use of Peter DeLuise as the replacement for Michael DeLuise and I can bet that was an inside joke between the brothers.
    I liked all the allusions to others shows, from Stargate-The Movie to Star Trek, colliding with Farscape, Gilligan's Island, Star Wars, and probably some others I haven't figured out yet.
    I was very happy to see Walter finally going through the Gate, he's not stuck in the control room anymore ;-)
    Vala is always fun to watch, she adds the "feminine touch", sorry Sam, but you're mostly "one of the guys"
    I'm looking forward to see episode 250 now :-)
  • The movie within the movie

    An interesting episode totally off the original tracking of the storyline. A little r&r in this episode in which they clearly explain the evolution with all it's ups and downs of sg1 so far. This is the episode 200 and being the last season such a number deserves a little celebration. This episode does just that in a very clever way actually. The issues they had with replacing the lead male role, canceling and renewing, not to mention FINALLY some footage of the hilarious and totally useless furlings :)), plus a special guest...General Jack O'Neill finally stars after such a long absence in this 200th episode.
  • Funny but not useful

    I dont like these off storyline shows. I realize it was a special 200th episode but it was not good enough to justify derailing the season and wasting an episode on this clip/fake clip show. I liked the "Jack likes being invisible" part, that was pure hilarity, when the dog is honking the horn and wanting the security guards to hurry up or when he was in the shower with Samantha, great stuff. The awkward Star Trek, Wizard of Oz and other parodies were not that funny or original. I liked the suggestion that Jack fathered the new guy when he time traveled to 1969, hope they expand on that in a later episode. Stick to the storyline, make special and air it on the same night if you want to be silly.
  • Martin, creater of Wormhole Extreme, gets to use SG1's knowledge to improve his movie script!

    Wow! After I finished laughing, which I'd have to say was pretty consistent throughout the entire episode, my first thoughts were 'What the'?

    We all know that this episode is just a bit of fun - I like the fact that RDA returned and I loved all the flashes to other shows/storylines - especially the Farscape tag (a show which should never have been axed!!!!!).

    I also loved the punked scene linking back to the episode 1969.

    All in all, I didn't discover anything important but I did get to laugh a hell of a lot & I'm sure the cast did as well.

  • They're going on their 200th trip through the Stargate and Martin Lloyd from Wormhole Extreme returns and seeks help with a movie script. SG-1 have to help him as a cover story for the Stargate program.

    I was excited when I heard that the show had reached it's 200th episode (Stargate SG1 is the longest running Sci-Fi series in the whole wide world!! Awesome!), but was a bit sad to read that they decided to take up episode 100; Wormhole Extreme.. To be honest, that's one of the few episodes in the Stargte Series I didn't like that much.. Hopefully, a guest-starring by Richard Dean Anderson will make my day! And it sounds like they're doing something slightly different now, that it's a movie the Pentagon orders the SG1 to assist with. Looking forward to see it, but I'm also a bit nervous, but I hope for the best.. The team behind the show has delivered awesome stuff throughout X seasons, so I guess there's nothing to worry about.

    Go stargate!
  • A tongue in cheek variant of "Wormhole Xtreme!"

    Okay, this was a rather silly episode, but if you are a longtime Stargate fan its targeted at you. For those in the Sci-Fi know, the references will be familiar. The ending pretty much wraps it up cleanly and unexpectedly at least to me. I pretty much figured Wormhole Xtreme wasn't going to make it past the pilot episode!
    Sure its an indulgence, but there's always episode 201. Back to fighting a enemies so powerful its dizzying. One needs a small humor break sometime.
  • A bit boring, sometimes funny, but they could have made more out of this.

    This was not my favorite. I like the thing with the puppets and had a laugh but I think the end was not good and I don't like the thing with the alternate show. I think they could have made this episode a bit more special by really going on a mission but still make the mission a bit funny and not so serious as normal.
    I would have liked to see some aliens involved arranging some kind of party for the humans. Like the movie "The Game". Go on a mission, everything seems bad and normal episode, then they end up partying with all the aliens who pre-organised their mission. Also explaining how they made that mission.

    Ah well, I can go on for ages with this...

    In the end there are two camps, one who really like it and one who are a bit disappointed.
  • Irreverent but heartfelt homage to the Sci-fi genre.

    The 100 sequel takes place in the form of a movie whose script must be approved by the original SG-1 team before they would go on a mission that would mark Col Mitchell 200 time …to cross through the gate. Shout outs to “Firefly”, “Resident Evil” and “Stargate” itself are made as the crew suggests their ideas, but the gag of the evening belongs to Vala who keeps pitching ideas stolen from “The wizard of Oz”, “Gilligan’s Island” and an obscure little show known as “Farscape” featuring Daniel Jackson as a rather intense Crichton who can’t keep his eyes off of her as Sun, Cameron Mitchell in Durell custom with an Asgard as domineer Rygel the third and both Teal’c as K’Dargo & Carter as a lovely Shiana.

    High points are the younger, edgier version of their characters with Teal’c cell phone, Mitchell’s big guns and of course Vala & Daniel matching sun glasses as well as Jack appearance on a romantic Carter/O’Neal wedding and although the thunderbirds parody got tiresome at times, the team has already submitted some valuable input before they’d go back to business, this time in its entire glory along with Walter and General Landry as well. Only the thing is: the movie is now off but the producers decided to renew the series instead and so, we jump 10 years later with a parody of what the actors and crew would say on different interviews as we close the episode with a most touching quote from Isaac Asimov.
  • This is why I watch SG-1! The great writing, excellent screen play, and excellent characters all made this one one of the best SG-1 episodes around!

    This episode is about how the Airforce needed to allow the \"ailen\" producer Martil Lloyd to go ahead with plans to create a feature film based on the Stargate Program for plausible deniability. The producer is somewhat of an oddball even as far as ailens are concerned. He pitched his script idea and was reluctant to really work with any of SG-1\'s ideas.
    This episode paralled the Stargate Series itself. The main points being the film to tv series idea. Stargate itself was recently cancelled by SciFi and it was later announced that several feature films would be made. Womhole Xtreme in the episode is the perfect opposite of this as it was planned for a movie to be made with the series being renewed (previous work nonwithstanding)
    Another good parallelism between the episode and the series itself was when Jack O\'neill, longtime leader of SG-1 later general, reappeared and it is commented that it\'d be in the commercials.
  • The Hilarious landmark episode that few other series' are able to achieve...

    i watched this episode with much anticipation, hoping that it was as good as i expected, usually when i think an episode is going to be really good, it turns out that it isn't. But this episode was just fantastic!. i liked how they had Gen. O'Neill in this episode a lot, although i was hoping to see more of him. it was funny when the characters dress up as other tv characters like Star Trek, Farscape, and Wizard of Oz. i think that after all the hard work that the crew and cast has put into this show that it's about time to have some fun. It's too bad that there won't be another landmark episode like 250, or 300 even, but we have to give credit for all the hours of Stargate SG1 that have been made. And as this review is my 100th review, it is also my longest, and i felt that i should make it important.200 will definatly be remembered by all SG1 fans forever. Congradulations cast and crew of Stargate SG1!
  • This episode was exactly the reason that a person loves to be a long time watcher of a show. It is filled with inside jokes and amazing references to shows that all true Sci-Fi fans would know and love.

    I loved this episode, and I loved that they did something special for the 200th episode, I love that they even created a reason to call the 200th episode 200. I love that they even made references back to Wormhole X-treme, and even real life references, like the save Daniel Jackson site. This episode references to Back to the Future, Alias, 24, Doctor Who, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Happy Days, Firefly, Star Wars, as well tons of inside jokes for long time watchers of the series. Even though this episode had nothing to do with what was going on at the time, it was great comic relief, like the perfect filler episode but in the best way possible. I was bursting out laughing at so many scenes. I couldn’t help but love this episode, for all of its cheesiness; it was completely great in every way possible.
  • An Ode to Sci-fi and it's fans. 200!

    Wow! I LOVED this episode. It kept me laughing the whole time. I loved the cracks about the Furlings, Star trek, the Wizard of Oz, and Farscape. The puppets were a little creepy, but they kept me laughing.

    Basiclly, Landry asks SG-1 to help Matin (from the 100the episode "Wormhole X-treme") with his movie that is based on the Stargate, to make sure that the public will just see it as a Sci-Fi movie and not think that the Stargate is actually real. But this day also marks MItchell's 200th step through the gate. The team is held up to help Martin out with his movie.

    Some jokes in paticular that I liked were the 1969 mission joke, the crack about the 10 second title sequence, the furlings, the part where Jack comes in, how many times Teal'c says "Indeed", how Sam always talks in her scienc babble, the WEDDING, the puppets, Teal'c P.I., the end sequence with the fictional series "Wormhole X-treme" completing it's 200th episode, and SO much more about all of the characters and a lot of different cliche's(sp?). The show has always been funny, but not like this. (Oh and I also like the joke about how Siler gets zapped by the electricity coming from the gate! )

    I really like Jack's entrance. Marty wants something they'll never expect and wise ol' Jack says "something like this?" To which they reply- (Daniel) That'll be in the spoilers. (Sam) Are you kidding? It'll be in the comercial." (Which it was.)

    In the end, we get to see Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c walk first into the gate together (just how it used to be...the original team) followed by Mitchell, Valla, Gen. Landry, and Walter. And what was that I heard about cake on the other side of the gate? :D

    It really was an episode that was "for the fans." All of the inside jokes made me think- I bet any non sci-fi fans and people who are unfamilier with the SG-1 series who were watching were thinking "what the heck is this?" There were SO many inside jokes. This show will definatley get a lot of people chatting...there are just so many hilarious references to other Sci-Fi favorites and it really just pokes a lot of fun at the series. It was really fun and full of jokes about Sci-Fi cliches(sp?). I loved it!

    A BIG congrats to Stargate Sg-1 for 10 succesful years and 200 WONDERFUL episodes. I hope to see a 300th, 400th, ect. The possibilities are endless. This has always been and will always be my favorite show!
  • The 200th episode of the show!! I would give it an 11 if I could!!

    In the 200th episode of the hit Sci-Fi show, SG-1, I just could not stop laughing! This is the BEST episode out of the entire series. 2nd would be Urgo and 3rd would be Wormhole X-Treme. But this would of course be the 1st. Even my friend who hasn\'t even watched the show before though that it was hilarious. I loved all of the different stories that the members of SG-1 made up.
    Mitchell - Zombies
    Teal\'C - \"Teal\'C P.I.\"
    Vala - Wizard of Oz
    And then all of the stories that Marty came up with.
    # 1 - Replicaters
    # 2 - Star Trek
    # 3 - Teenage SG-1
    # 4 - Puppet Version
    And then the ending of the episode was just like Wormhole X-Treme. In all it was just the funniest episode ever.
  • Mitchell's 200th trip through the gate (not mission, just the 200th time is he's stepped through it) is cut short by a malfunction, forcing the team to wait and consult on a possible movie continuation of "Wormhole X-treme" Homages are abound.

    I'm not what one would call a long time Stargate fan. I started watching at the beginning of Season 8 and have only seen before that year Season 1 and part of 7 (Oh, and "Window of Opportunity", but who hasn't seen that one?). I must say, though, I really really enjoyed this one. From the start with the Furlings to each and every little cutaway, from Star Trek to zombies to Wizard of Oz and Farscape, to Teal'c P.I. and the alternate version of the fishing scene, this one kept me entertained. And, of course, the highly pulicized return of RDA in more forms than one: invisible, as a puppet, even as himself. When creators say that they're giving a gift to the fans, this is what I would expect. Bravo creators, on a job well done. And congratulations on 200 episodes. That is quite a feat.
  • I LAUGHT MY ASS OFF!!! Thor you never have looked as good.

    I Laught My Ass Off!!! Thor you never have looked as good.

    I dont know if i liked Mitchell better as Captain Kurk or Stark, Daniels as Bones or Criton or Thor as Reigel. The Farscape dity was so very cool and then comes from Martin come the line "OK youve got me I have no idea what that is"

    I dont no if it is just me but did this one come out of the blue...? It was so much better then the Worm Whole Extream by like a 1000% loved it to bits i have now watched it 4 times and its better each time i watch it. And the valadation for us long time watchers came in the form of a line Mitchell says after Martin destroys Startrek "Never under estermate your audience they are general sensative intelligent people who respond posativly to guality entertainment"

    All in all a very excellent experance thank you to the writers and the actors a pleasure to watch.
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