Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Syfy

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  • The bicenteniel episode of Star Gate SG1 (and the 200th time mitchel pass through the gate) is disapointing, even more so as Dean Anderson is finally making a gust appearance.

    Stargate SG1 "200" takes as back to alien Joe and his failing TV show "wormhole extreme" (a ridiculous, mocking version of stargate). Also, aparently ts Mitchels 200th travel through tha this point i'd like to addres stargate dirctor, writers, and producers: How could you do this to us!!!???? We (by we i mean all stargat fans) have been waiting since the begining of season 9 for Jack to make an appearance, and there was no better time than the bicenteniel episode, which in any other show would have been a fenomenal, crusial to the plot and keeping us on the edge of our seat!! I was disapointed, discourged and mainlly pissed that you literally wasted jack and the 200 episode wich is a milestone in the life of a tv series, on a stupid non importand and not remotly funny pile of nonsense!!! The story was juvenal and foolish (and even obcene: Jack is peeping on Sam?? what the hell??!!). The dialog was forced and unnatural and the plot was boring and unrealistic both through the "unaird memories" of the team and the end when suddenlly half the base is going through the gate!! To me this was the worst episode ever of Stargate and the fact that it was aird as the 200 episode and that Jack was included is simply insulting. I pray the people aforementioned to apply better judgement in the future if they want the show to reach it's 11th season, and I advise any stargate fan who missed this episode to spare himself this masochistic event and wait for Dean Anderson's next appearance.