Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Syfy

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  • stargate\'s 200th episode was pure great entertainment. 200 represents in my mind one of the best qualities of stargate sg-1, it never took itself too seriously, making the series great fun to watch.

    for me, what made me a huge fan of the show, was their ability to keep a lighter feel to the show and to occasionally laugh at themselves and the genre throughout the years. thus giving a one of a kind exprience not usually found in sci-fi or anywhere else for that matter, yet this is what makes it the best sci-fi shows ever, and one of the best period.

    i just loved the 100th episode and i\'m glad they decided to take that concept up a notch. there are so many in-jokes, stabs and just a general let\'s make and have fun in this episode.i think this is the best kind of tribute to the fans. the concept of the episode was beautifully crafted for its satirical purpose. sg1 has to advise Martin Lloyd (great tie-in to 100) on his movie of wormhole xtreme that is based on knowledge of the sgc, just brilliant.
    this way sg1 can ask questions and poke holes at the script, a subtle way to critic their own exploits on the show. all the while the scenes discussed by them are portrayed by sg1, again another great writing tool.
    i don\'t understand how any fan can watch this episode and not laugh his ass off. all the \"painful to watch\" reviews are beyond me. i guess the fan base watches the show for diffirent reasons. i mean teal\'c asking why everyhing has to explode, siler\'s \"rant\", the opening credits, the lead left problem bit and many more great stuff. sure some bits were less than others but on a whole this episode was just great.
    not many productions could make such an episode, if at all. i think it\'s a great credit to the production and the fans that it was made.

    stargate 200th has only one purpose and that to entertain. a thing that the show has been doing for 10 great years. for this fan i could think of no better to celebrate those years than how they did it here.

    sadly stargate as a tv series will be no more, so my thanks goes out to everyone on the production for all the great entertainment over the years.