Stargate SG-1

Season 10 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 18, 2006 on Syfy



  • Quotes

    • Young Teal'c: Yo, dawg, why'd you do that for? Young Mitchell: Dude, that hot chick was so totally a Goa'uld. Young Teal'c: Duh, I was still going to tap that. Young Mitchell: You don't appreciate me, do you? Young Sam: I think you're so totally awesome (kisses young Mitchell) Young Mitchell: That's what I'm talking about. Young Teal'c: (on cell phone) Yo, wonder bread, you got that address figured out yet? Young Daniel: Chill, T. I'm like translating as fast as I can. Young Vala: I'm so sick of being treated like some kind of object to be worshipped. I'm a real person with real feelings. Young Daniel: You know, I don't think Mitchell likes me any more. Young Vala: I'm pregnant.