Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 31, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Even better than 2010.

    This was a very cool episode. First of all, I did not expect them to mention the Ashen again, but the way did it made it worth it. The way they did not know who they were or what planet they were from. And of course, Daniel almost figured it out on his own. The whole underground civilization was awesome. They often find ruins, but not usually ruins from a civilization as advanced as that one was. And Kinsey is an idiot, but hopefully everyone knew that already. The Ashen try to send a chemical warhead through our gate and he yells at SG-1! Well, at least we know that SG-1 saved the planet again. And it was very exciting, since we knew the Ashen were bad, but none of the characters did, and we just had to wait and see what would happen and how they would find out. Lol, the word 'sterility' will forever remind me of Stargate.
  • A Perfect Pair of Episodes

    The Stargate SG-1 episodes "2001" and "2010" make for a perfect pair of bookends.

    In terms of story structure, 2010 is the setup. 2001 is the payoff.

    What makes these two episodes so perfect, is the stakes. The fate of the human race quite literally hangs in the balance.

    Will the protagonists discover the Aschen's genocidal conspiracy in time?

    The answer to this question propels the story relentlessly forward to its shattering conclusion.

    Superb writing. The writers of these two episodes can be justly proud.
  • 2001...

    This episode is the sequel episode to 2010. It takes place in 2001. Sg1 meets these aliens who intrduces them to this other race known as the Ashen, sound familier? Well it should. Carter meets the ambassitor who is going to help them make an agreement with the ashen. Technology for gate coordinates. daniel and teal'c discover this cavern on the planet and find a newspaper article, but they can't translate this one word. Carter and the ambassitor give them the gate coordinates and find out what the word means-sterilize. This means they know that the ashen will attempt to decrease the worlds population. carter gets back to the SGC and tells them but the ambassitor has been left on the planet and presumibly dead. This was a great episode you have to watch 2010 then this episode to kinda know what's going on. Later...
  • Past of 2010 happening in 2001

    Loved that previous storyline with those aliens in 2010 and the whole episode then, this one continued the same storyline from a totally different perspective. Now, Earth has countered those aliens again and it looks like things are going the same way - Carter mets her ambassador, O'Neill is against the treaty and.. earth is falling into the same trap. And Kinsley is there again and it looks like despite the note and warning things are going bad.

    So, I think this episode really had the intense motion - because we knew what the result will be and we know the measure it will happen. It was really exciting, really good episode.
  • good episode....

    I really liked the episode 2010 and, when I heard that they were making this episode, I was really excited. The idea was great. SG-1 meets the Ashen on a different planet and race to see if an alliance is worth it. In the end, they find out these people were from the planet that Jack told them never to go to in a note. Anyways, the episode was pretty good. I was expecting more though. It was awesome to see the coralation between 2010 and 2001, like the ambassador and stuff. It was a well written episode that was just good overall. There's no one moment that stands out to me, just the episode as a whole.