Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 2001 on Syfy

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  • What the future could hold...

    I always enjoyed the alternate takes on how the Stargate universe could turn out and this episode does not disappoint. The action is good and the concept of an alien race who conquers races as the Aschen do is entirely new to me and it was pretty well done. I really liked the sparks between Jack and Sam at Jack's cabin. It was also kind of cool to get a glimpse of what the team members would do after their work at the SGC. The writing was good and the sets while limited is scope, were very believable, I especially liked the gate terminal. Another season 4 classic.
  • This has always been one of my favorite episodes.

    My husband and I have seen this episode at least 5 times already and we've always enjoyed it and have always been in there rooting for the former SG-1 team (while hissing at President Kinsey) to win out over the evil Aschen.

    The first time around we were a bit confused by the beginning of course (I wanted to know who the heck this guy was with Sam and why it wasn't Jack) but our questions were soon answered and we really got into it.

    It was good to see that despite the old team going their separate ways after 10 years they still were all willing to come together (even a reluctant Jack) to once more "Save The World".

    A few nights ago we watched this episode again and this time around I turned to my husband and asked, "What's so bad about a 91% drop in the fertility rate? They're going to live safe from the Goa'uld and at peace for 200 healthy years. So what if they can't have as many (or even any) kids anymore? Look at all the problems we're having in the 'real' world right now? Wouldn't it be worth it?"

    OK I do know it's just fiction, didn't really happen (maybe), and that I need to get a life LOL. But that's just the way it hit me.

    And of course having seen the episode 2001 at least 5 times too, I know more about the Aschen and that it did all work out for the best.
  • Other ways to conquer Earth...

    This was really exciting episode and somehow little alternative reality again, but in a totally different perspective. To see all the chars we know and see now what has happened with them 10 years later (and quite fascinating to see it as year at the moment for me is 2008).. So, we learn much what has happened, get little hints how some things have turned out and the answer is - not too fine. The Earth now looks very futuristic and it is hard to believe only so few years have passed. And the truth they find on the future.. and finding a way how to keep it from happening.. really charming episode. Such kind of great story and the emotions.. we do have them..

  • The Earth's aliance with a group of Aliens called the Ashin has been deceiving the Earth;s population. Now over 90% of the Earth's populaion is now sterile. Even tho' they have give3n them longer life span but they are unable to reproduce.

    Sam find out that she is unable to have children and Dr. Frasier have decided to try and find out why this is goin on. They discover that all the medications that they have been giving the Earth's population has rendered almost all sterile so in a few years giveor take human population will be extinct.
    Now they need a plan to undo this, they know that if they could send a message back in time to stop this from ever happening. This can be done by predicting a solar flare so that they can do this.
    They need Jack's help. Who, however, is very upset with them fro not listening to his warnings about the Ashin.
    Sam is now married to joe the Ambassador who helped the alaiance with the ashin. So now Jack is needed and Sam is going to have to go talk to him.
    He is not willing at the time to even discuss this issue cause he already warned everyone.
    The come up with a plan to send a message back each member will each write a message incase they don't make it. They need the original gdo so that they can send the message.
    Jack refuses tohelp he has really hard feelings. But he finally decides it's worth looking into.
    Sam has to get the real gdo from the president. Joe is the only chance for this to happen. So she has to tell him what is going on.
    Joe gets the gdo and when he finds out that Jack is involved he tells Jack that he has to promise that Sam will not be involved. He agrees.
    In the end they manage to get the note through but they are all terminated.
    The old sg1 get the note and they mark the planet where they met the Ashin off the list of planets to visit, which is all they can really do.
  • Kind of an alternate reality...

    This episode if you haven't guessed it takes place in the year 2010. The G'ould are defeated and the whole world knows about the stargate. This is all possible thanks to a race of beings known as the ashen. carter is married to an ambassitor. but when it turns out they can't have children she goes to doctor frasier for a second opinion. then they get acess to the ashen computers and it turns out that the ashen have decreased the worlds population by 90% in the last 2 years. With the help of O'neill daniel and Teal'c the send a message back to the year 2001 to warn them not to go to the ashen homeworld but they all die in the process but the note does get sent and they get it on the other end and they can't make heads or tauls of it so hammond orders the coordinates locked ouy of the computer. Later...
  • An episode that takes place in the future was a great way to go, however it would have benefitted greatly from a 2-part treatment.

    Although this was one of the best stand alone episodes to this point in the series, it really would have benefitted from being a 2 part episode. The acting, suspense, and intrigue was great, and the "futuristic" world of 2010 was pulled off spectacularly. my main problem with this episode which kept it from getting a perfect 10 was the end - everything was amazing UNTIL the final scene in the past. It was resolved far too easily, with little question. More should have been done to show potential for using that stargate location in a future episode. However, that aside, this was by far one of the best and most creative episodes to date. Any quibbles with the technicalities of sending messages through the stargate to a specific time and place could have (and should have) been dealt with by mentioning the precision of the advanced computers that were used to calculate the timing of the stargate and the solar flares. Minor things that don't ruin the episode. Worth a look for all fans of stargate who missed this one.
  • A very cool episode.

    I thought that this episode was very cool. I really like the way that it was done, made it more interesting. The way that it started in the future and then explained what had happened as the episode when along. I also really like how Sam discovered the secret, and got all the old friends together. After all those years Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, and Janet were still friends, and still willing to save the world. The plan was cool, and of course only Sam would think of it and figure it out, with the help of the Ashen computers. And I love how the paper just fell through the gate, lol. They were all like, "WTF". But, like Jack said, he never would have wrote that note if he didnt really mean it. Plus they went through all the effort of figuring out the time travel problem, and there was blood on the note, so clearly they had trouble. So I am really glad that they believed the note. It was super cool.
  • Intresting Episode

    This episode was one of the most intresting possible future shows of any show I have ever seen. I thought it was intresting that they actually used a planet that they would later find even though it is was taken off the list of gate adresses. I think that they way we accepted their help without any questions asked would most likely not happen and the way that we entrusted all medicall care to docters from another planet and didnt check on ourselves is a bit of a strech but other than that it was a good episode. SO all in all I would have to say that it was good but could have used some fine tuning.