Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 14

48 Hours

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 2002 on Syfy

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  • Great critique of global hegemonism by Daniel

    Great critique of Neocon global hegemonism by Dr. Daniel Jackson, the conscience of SG-1.

    Major Paul Davis: That's not the point.

    Dr. Daniel Jackson: Isn't an economically more stable Russia better for everyone?

    Davis: We don't know who they'll turn around and sell the technology to!

    Daniel: So all this time we've been using the gate to save the world, we've really only been saving the good old US of A?

    This hegemonism was implicit in the years of USAF monopoly over the Stargate.

    More than once, use of the Stargate has nearly led to the extermination of the entire human race, not just Americans. So why is the Stargate under the exclusive control of the US federal government?

    To their credit, the injustice of this situation eventually dawned on the series' writers. Hence the long overdue Daniel Jackson statement.
  • awesome episode...

    Sg1 is being shot at by tannith on some planet. Then daniel and carter and o'neill go through the gate and Teal'c blast tannith's ship and kills him but when Teal'c tries to go through the gate the ship crashes in the gate. this means that teal'c is trapped in the stargate network. Sg1 tries to get him out they had to borrow the russiand DHD. We see the first appearence of Rodney Mackay who will have a few more rolls on sg1 and be a regular on stargate atlantis. Colonel simmons the one who shot O'neill finally gets arrested. This was a good episode it had a great story. Some of my favorite episodes are ones where they don't even go to other planets.
  • Blowing up Russians DHD.. accidentally..

    So, we have quite exciting episode - starts like any other mission where Goa'ulds are presented - trying to blow up SG-1. But to make it even more exciting - it is not about Goa'ulds.. or.. it is.. anyway - Teal'c is lost inside Stargate buffer and Samantha has only 48 hours to get him out. And we meet McKay first time - he is so annoying and tries to make it impossible for Carter.. on the same time everyone else is doing their own part to help Teal'c - Daniel tries to get DHD from russians and he does manages to lend it.. and O'Neill, he teams up with Maybourne and figure it all out in the end.

    So - action and excitement episode.
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