Stargate SG-1

Season 3 Episode 17

A Hundred Days

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2000 on Syfy

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  • Heart Touching!

    There are many episodes of Stargate SG-1, which are not linked to the main story arc, the Gould etc. But they are so well made and most of the time the stories touch your heart somewhere.

    'A Hundred Days' is one such episode.

    The music that is played throughout the episode is haunting. The catchy tune is upbeat at the beginning before the 'fire rain'. And then when jack is stranded for 3 months - the tune highlights the melancholy. When Jack and Laira are together its romantic. And finally when Jack and Laira part, the music is poignant...

    Yeah the science of creating a particle beam generator is terrific, the concept of a solar system where a planet orbits dangerously close to an asteroid belt is great, when one tends to think bout it.

    But ultimately the story is about Jack's feelings as he is left stranded for 100 days and his feelings for Laira (Michele Greene has got such a beautiful smile)

    Episodes like this that make Stargate SG1 so special. Original, unique, and distinctive. It is a show that can make you feel as if you have an emotional attachment to the characters, characters that you greatly care for.
  • What is the music played in this episode?

    As some others, I find the music in "A hundred days" extremely good. Does anyone know where this can be found?
  • Meteor shower results in Jack getting stuck off-world...

    The best part of this episode in my opinion was the music, it fit Jack's initial melancholy and later how he came to terms with his situation. That said, Jack's performance in this episode could have been a little better, as it was it was a little too predictable, however I did like his outburst towards the idiots who stayed behind and didn't go through to earth. It was really kind of a slow episode with the high point, for me, being when Teal'c finally breaks through the cavern created by the gate and Jack calls him a stubborn S.O.B. I also liked the line Jack said about how he will never truly be able to leave behind his life on earth, that seemed to be a pretty realistic thing to say. All in all an average, or maybe slightly below average episode, no harm in skipping this one if you want.
  • Three months away...

    I do not know.. I liked this episode, is the first feeling I am coming across. Then the next thing I think is - it was not too special. It tried to be more that kind of emotional episode, but it was not that too. The start was visually impressive - those asteroids. That really caught me. I also loved the idea - to be away from Earth for three months.. get a new life.. and then being pulled back.. great emotional dilemma on that part.

    Anyway, it was good and catching episode, a great thought provoking one.. and the idea was great.
  • Good Jack episode

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. First off the visual effects are terrific especially the meteor striking the gate which is one of my favorite moments in the season. This story had a nice twist with Jack being stranded. It made the episode more interesting then a planet being hit by meteor. The highlight of this episode for me is the performance of Richard Dean Anderson who as always steals the show. My biggest complaint about this episode is the relationship part but I do think that Rick and Michele Greene had great chemistry. This episode had a bit of a pacing problem after the fast start it really slows down after the gate gets hit. Overall a decent episode that has it's moments.
  • Not as great as I seem to remember, but it's not bad either.

    I remember when I watched this episode when I was younger I had rather fond memories of it. However, when I watch it now it doesn't seem as great, but it does have plenty of things going for it.

    It has a pretty interesting story. What could've been a rather boring story about a planet being bombarded with meteors is turned into a far more interesting story when O'Neill is left stranded. The romantic element of the story doesn't really work for me (maybe because I'm a guy), but I've heard some of the female fans like it, so maybe it's just me.

    I also have to say the falling meteors are quite effective. They're very realistic and spectacular (especially that near-miss at the beginning), and the added effect of the ground shaking really helps make them that much more realistic. But of course, the standout moment (arguably the most memorable moment from this episode, and one of the most from season 3) is when Carter and Teal'c see a meteor pierce through a cloud and come toward them, forcing them to dive through the Stargate.

    There is a bit of humour in here, but not as much as I'm used to from this show (and it doesn't really help putting this episode after "Urgo", or maybe it does as a change of approach). There are some pretty good gags such as "There's always one like you in a crowd", "Well, first I had to make the nails...” and my favourite "Teal'c, you are one stubborn son of a..." (Well, you know the word). That is such a great line and a great moment, as well as great acting on the part of Richard Dean Anderson.

    In summary, this is a pretty good episode. It may not be as good as I remember, nor one of my favourites, but it has a lot of good points and some spectacular sequences.
  • Probably not the best episode, but it's cxertainly in my top 5.

    I loved this episode. Jack is stranded on a distant planet after the gate gets buried by a meteor shower. We get to see him settling in and trying to make his place among the people of this world, many of whom don't like him. However, one of the people falls in love with him and we assume he falls for her. Jack must then decided whether or not to give up any hope of getting back to Earth as he becomes more involved inhis relationship. A part of him will always long for his own world. I thought this was well written and performed smashingly. A marvelous episode.
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