Stargate SG-1

Season 2 Episode 16

A Matter of Time

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 29, 1999 on Syfy



  • Quotes

    • Cromwell: We used to be friends, Jack.
      Jack: Yep.
      Cromwell: I was sick to my stomach when I found out you were still alive. I wanted to go back for you.
      Jack: Why don't we just do this and get the hell out of here, all right?
      Cromwell: Somebody dropped a dime on the incursion. You got hit, you went down. I made a judgment call to save the rest of the team.
      Jack: And I saw you take off. And then I saw four months of my life disappear in some stinking Iraqi prison.
      Cromwell: I thought you were dead!
      Jack: You thought wrong! What do you want? You want me to forgive you, is that it?
      Cromwell: Yeah, I guess I do.
      Jack: Well, that's tough. What happened to "nobody gets left behind"?