Stargate SG-1

Season 4 Episode 17

Absolute Power

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Dreams teach, or in this case entertain!

    Very interesting episode that shows the potential for dark side Daniel. I, for one thought, it was very strange to see the team shattered in the way they are in this episode. The best part of this whole episode is how the dream is so plausible that at first I believed that it was real, at least until they did the one year later caption and Daniel really went dark side. The episode is surprisingly well paced for having almost zero action. The most frightening thing was how believable Daniel's gradual progression into evil was. And it thoroughly demonstrates once and for all how the goa'uld are born evil. Definitely a good and entertaining episode.
  • And good episodes come in row...

    After last episode I was little sure.. this episode have to be little less good but I cannot say that - another alternate future was offered to us - and quite funny one. I had never thought Daniel would be something like that what was shown. And I think even Daniel learned that there is somethings better not to know. It was somehow frightening to see what was Daniel's future, even thought he had great house and the rings instead elivators.. that was fun. And saying that Carter is insane... oh.. it was really revealing and eye opening episode. Enjoyed wathcing it.
  • I love the idea, but some parts of the episode were annoying...

    SG-1 finds the harcesis on Abydos and bring him back to earth. Then Daniel halucinates, or something like that, and dreams of taking over the world. I love that part of the story. He was completely out of character and it was great. The story was just awesome and they really delivered on the idea. The episode would have been great if it was just him in the future, but it wasn't. Every time there were scenes with the harcesis I got incredably bored. It also took a long time to get into the story at the beginning of the episode, which made it more boring. The ending was kind of stupid too. Daniel just walked in when the harcesis was being questioned and said some Oma mumbo jumbo and then the kid goes home; it was stupid. So, the episode idea was great, but they added too many pointless parts along the way.
  • Just imagine Daniel taking over the world, how crazy is that? But that is exactly what is happening. Daniel our loveable passivist. Who'da thunk it?

    This whole episode was full of surprises. Actually from beginning to end.
    I loved how the whole story ran. Daniel is summoned by Shefu, Shefu is Appophis's son, Sharia's son. And now Shefu has decided that he would like to know more baout his mother. So that is why he contacts Daniel. The rest of the Sgc realize that he has all the knowlege that Apposphis had when he was conceived, and they feel that he should tell them what they need to know to beat Appophis. Shefu's memory has basicaly been erased by Oma, the assended being the met at Keb. She didn't actually erase his memory, she taught him how to forget, to get the images out of his head and live life in peace.
    They talked Daniel into talking to Shefu and if there he will try and recall his lost memories. Daniel is concerned about the effects it will have on the boy. General Hammond feels that shefu would beable to overcome this problem once again.
    So Daniel talks to Daniel and they were discussing how Sharia spoke to daniel through the ribbon devise, and Daniel said that it felt like a dream, Shefu points out that sometimes dreams teach.
    Daniel then talks to him about how they could really use his help against Appophis. Shefu points out basicaly that this knowlege copuld do nothing that would not change him for having the knowlege. Denying the battel is the advise that shefu gives him. So he gives him what he wants, sorta.
    Daniel gets this knowlege and and begins leading the project of thos knowlege he is given.
    He ends up throwing Sam in Jail, taking Jack off the project, sending Teal'c on a dangerous mission that apparently gets him killed.
    With this weapon he builds he is mad with power. Jack goes to him to talk to him and try and see if he can't talk him down.
    Daniel ends up bombing Russia and of course wich would mean a world war.
    Then we see him laying in a hospital bed andhe realizes that it it was all a dream. While he waking up Shefu is being put in the chair that the Tok'ra have that can tell if you are lieing. Shefu is answering questons and Daniel walks in and begins to explain what is going on. Shefu then assends into a bright light and leaves the base by way of stargate.
    This episode was very good. Daniel went to the opposite end of what he actually is. it showed a whole new was very well done.
  • Daniel decides to take over the world... what could be more fun than that.

    I definately found this to be an interesting episode. It had a variety of elements that both developed the plot and gave some interesting dimentions to the characters, especially Daniel. It was also fun to see the overly intelligent Shi'fu because brilliant little kids are always fun.

    One of the biggest things of this episode was the plot development with the idea that knowing all the secrets of the Goa'uld could potentially be a very bad thing. In many previous episodes Stargate Command has put a lot at stake in order to try to gain the illusive secrets of the Goa'uld only to fail in one way or another. This episode created an interesting twist on this premise by having the information at their finger tips only to prove that it may not be as good as it has been thought to be.

    Also, I found it really fun to see Daniel trying to take over the world. In most episodes Daniel is seen as the logical one who is always looking out for humankind (or alienkind as it often turned out to be). He has always been the one to side for people's rights instead of military ideals. This made it very interesting to see him portrayed on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as he recieves all of the knowledge of the Goa'uld and uses it to try to conquer the world. Overall, I thought that this was a fun episode. It helped develop Daniel as a character and added a new conundrum with the quest to defeat the Goa'uld for good.
  • My personal favourite so far!

    I've only seen up to the end of season 7 as of now, but 'Absolute Power' is without a doubt my favourite so far.
    The story may not be terribly original (it's the age old 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' story), but I enjoyed it mostly because of the characterisation.

    First of all is the fact that they used Daniel to be the one to get all the power. Daniel is usually the 'moral centre' of the team, the one always wanting to do what is right, rather than what may be necessary. The result was interesting, even a bit chilling at times, and all the more memorable for it.

    And then there's the reactions of the rest of the team. They realise very quickly that Daniel has changed, but deep down they try to cling to the illusion of the Daniel they knew; something that ended up blowing up in their faces.

    An excellent episode all round.
  • I write revealing because this episode is resolved by the principle \"This can only be won by not battling\". If this was true, the way it\'s interpreted here, I think we might have to cut off our fist because we might strike someone down here.

    Another instance of strange Buddhist philosophy. (Robert C. Coooper writes very effectively from some dramatically interested viewpoint, but philosophically it\'s sometimes been crap. I\'m continuing my summary here, sorry.)
    I wanna stick with a JPII-ish \"Technology can\'t be over people, even unborn. People must be over tech.\"
    I think that\'s a good guidance for everything, like usually everything from him.
    It\'s for us to find ways to do that, I think, not nip it in the bud here.
    I think he showed that there are ways to do that.
    Thank God :-)
  • A different side of danial

    I thought this episode was intresting becouse of the fact that the bad guy in it is usally the one that holds the moral high ground on most of the things that happen in the show. It really did a good job of showing how the human mind can become corrupted when it is given to much power. I also like how it showed that he found his freinds unworthy of his attention. This was really well displayed when he put Sam in a mental institution and didnt trust Jack and used the force feild. It really showed how far gone he was when he blew up the city up at the end.
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