Stargate SG-1

Season 6 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 19, 2002 on Syfy

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  • This episode was a very powerful one, especially between the friendship of Jack and Daniel

    Watching this episode, it was painful to watch one of our heros being tortued for information, killed, brought back to life, and killed again. Thankfully Daniel comes to visit him after he was ascended but is unable to do anything to help him, only to offer assension. It was a very good episode between the relationship of Daniel and Jack, and how it hurt Daniel that he couldnt do anything physical to save his friend, and Jack's frustration that despite DAniel being his friend he wasnt helping him escape.
    It was a very powerful episode i thought. The scene in the end where Daniel says goodbye to Jack and tells him he'll be okay, Jack asks if he'll be okay and if he'd stay longer. The last scene was the best when Jack says thanks to Daniel as the camera pans out to an empty room.
  • One of the top episodes in the series - beautifully shot, fantastic writing, wonderful acting. Can't miss this episode!

    One of the highlights of Season 6!

    Where to begin...the writing. Brad Wright pens great character driven scripts, and this one is a perfect combination of despair, triumph, humor, friendship. The scenes between Jack and Daniel are moving, and one of the highlights of their friendship shown across the series.

    The acting is phenomenal. Richard Dean Anderson particularly stands out as O'Neill struggles to cope with his desperate situation. Playing across from him, Michael Shanks as Daniel attempts to help him and make his friend understand what he can and can't do, and save him before he's lost. Their scenes are the highlights of the show - followed closely by O'Neill's interactions with his torturer, Ba'al. Cliff Simon (Ba'al) creates a refreshing, believable villain.

    The music also stands out in this episode, particularly the beautiful ascension theme, a haunting piano melody, heard when Daniel first shows up, and when he departs. The short melody when Jack escapes is also lovely. Often the complete absence of music or any other sound in the Jack-Daniel scenes proves just as effective, letting the two actors carry the scene and really driving the words across.

    Lastly, I LOVE the look of this episode. The sets are wonderful - the colors, textures. The yellow stained glass in Ba'al's room, the warm warms in the cell, the wrought iron surface Jack is interrogated against, the lights in cell - they all tie in and create an amazing atmosphere. The subtle yet beautiful costumes, particularly the detail on Ba'al's; but also the simple brightness of Daniel's clothes against the darkness of those around him which presents him as something of a shining light. Some of the angles they shoot from really bring a nice edge to it as well - Jack looking up at Daniel from the floor; Jack's profile with Daniel behind; Ba'al facing Jack who lays against the wall/floor. Finally, the way they use the concept of artificial gravity to create appearances where one character's wall is another one's floor. What's so amazing is this effect blends into the story, episode so remarkably well that I never really questioned it the first watching; it just was. In subsequent viewings I came to appreciate the angles this created among the characters. As one person stated elsewhere, it was like a living MC Escher painting.

    I have yet to see the director/writer/crew commentary for this, and am curious what elements might have escaped me as well. But overall, I adore this episode, in which so many elements come together most effectively. I would watch it for one of any of it's elements - the script, the actors, the music/silence, the sets, the angles. Together, it will rank as an all time favorite.
  • phenominal episode...

    Abyss is one of the best episodes of SG-1 that I have ever seen. Jack is captured by Ba'al and SG-1 tries to find him and save him. The episode is amazing, that simple. Micheal Shanks comes back to paly Daniel and comes to Jack while Jack is imprisoned. The acting was amazing. The two actors really played off each other well and their scenes were compelling. Daniel said he was "ascended" and wanted to help Jack to do so, but Jack just wanted to be rescued, or dead for good. The amazing this is that Richard Dean Anderson was there to film this episode for only four days. They had four days to film all of his parts, wow. Anyways, the other actors were great too. Ba'al is such a sophisticated, smart, collective bad guy and he is my favorite evil gou'ld. In the end, of course, Jack gets away with the help of SG-1. The episode was phenomial. The writing was fresh and interesting and the acting was top notch. What more can you ask? The best I have seen to date.
  • Jack and Daniel together again!

    This is one of my top 5 all-time favorite episodes of SG-1. The friendship between Jack and Daniel has always been one of my favorite relationships of the show because it goes all the way back to the movie, when these two met, and Daniel helped Jack realize his life was worth living.

    The scene where Daniel is trying to convince Jack he should ascend, he says Jack is deserving enough. Jack yells back "That's where you're wrong!" It's one of the most powerful scenes of the entire series. I also love Cliff Simon as Ba'al; he does a great job portraying the villian. Kudos also to the rest of SG-1 for working together to figure out where Jack is, and mount a rescue whether the Tok'ra like it or not.
  • Illusions and realities

    Oh.. it was stunning episode - After the previous episodes I was like... no O'Neill? What have happened? Do we ever learn about his doings? And this episode then comes and we see it all - the beginning, then on that cage and Daniel.. so great to see him. Just so good. And the idea - to make Jack accent too.. I laught a little but.. and Baal and the torture - stylish. All the play with gravity, the illusion of that girl. I really think it was a great episode. A different and great written but I do not know.. I saw the thing with O'Neill Tok'ra from the beginning.. So, I did not had the ooo moment when everyone realized what happened. Sad.