Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 20, 2004 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Teal'c has taken up residence in a city neighborhood and aids his grateful neighbors in dealing with crime. Kendricks of the Office of Special Investigations is not happy, however, and Jack sends Daniel to warn Teal'c. They are interrupted by the arrival of Krista, Teal'c's neighbor. He helps her out and gets involved in a purse snatching, unaware that someone has him under surveillance.

Meanwhile Pete transfers to the Colorado Springs PD and asks Sam to marry him – she wants to think about it. Teal'c intervenes when Krista's drunk boyfriend Doug shows up, and the Jaffa sends him off. Over the next several days Krista links up with Teal'c repeatedly but then Doug returns and has been manhandling Krista. Teal'c threatens to kill him if Doug hurts her again, as a neighbor lady listens in. Later Teal'c finds Krista outside his door and she asks him to help her leave and that it's over with Doug. Jack then gets a call from Kendrick saying that Teal'c killed Doug and has gone missing, and issues an APB.

As they drive off, Teal'c notices cars following them and believes it is SGC. They ditch the pursuit and hide out in a motel, where they become involved. The next morning, Krista disappears and the OSI show up at his hotel to arrest him and take him back to SGC. Jack wonders how Kendricks found Teal'c, and the OSI officer claims he received an anonymous tip and has no idea who was following Teal'c. Daniel receives a phone call from an unidentified caller who offers a videotape clearing Teal'c in return for Daniel translating a series of Ancient symbols into Goa'uld.

Sam gets Pete to investigate the crime scene and he determines the evidence that someone of Teal'c's build killed Doug was faked, and that the apartment was under surveillance. Daniel meets with his contact in a park – it's Jennings, an ex-agent of the NID. He is now working with others as part of a new group, "The Trust." Jennings takes Daniels to a warehouse where they're holding Krista. Jennings tells Daniel that the Trust is working to protect Earth against alien threats, and Teal'c in the public sector qualified. He claims Teal'c is responsible – he taught Krista how to kill and she killed Doug, then the Trust set up the crime scene to implicate Teal'c.

The Trust threaten to kill Krista, forcing Daniel to finish the translation. He does so and then they knock out Daniel and Krista and leave via a teleportation effect just as Pete, Sam, SGC troopers, and the OSI show up. They have the tape and Teal's is cleared – Krista is cleared based on the evidence on the tape showing she defended herself. Teal'c reluctantly decides to move to the base. And Sam agrees to marry Pete.