Stargate SG-1

Season 8 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 20, 2004 on Syfy

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  • Great episode...

    In this episode we see Teal'c and he is living off the SGC base. He meets the Girl next door and when her boyfriend dies everyone suspects Teal'c. Daniel was kidnapped by some group calling themselves the trust and they wanted him to decifer something or they would kill Teal'c's Friend. What I dont get is that they said they would know if the translation was wrong, Then why did they need him to translate it? was some kind of test or what? But you know all in all this is the best well my favorite episode of season 8 so far. Later...
  • Inventive use of an avocado


    I heartilly enjoyed this episode of Stargate pitching the seriousness of Aliens among us with the light hearted humor that makes this show so enjoyable.

    Teal'c's attempts to make this neighbourhood a better place are wonderful filled with the confusion of a person in a strange environment but with the desire to help. The scene where he threw an avocado at the mugger was very funny and I can't help but wonder that if after this episode vegetable realted incidents went up.

    The actions of Teal'c with his neighbour was very well done as well as his worry about her being abused by her boyfriend. The conclusion to this thread seemed sad but realistic.

    Pete's proposal to Sam was another good storyline as she attempts to work out whether to settle or continue holding out for the one she really wants. I can't hgelp but think that when she said yes she still had all sorts of doubts and unresolved issues.

    Brilliantly done.
  • Teal'c and Major Samantha Carter form close relationships.

    Teal'c, bridling at being confined to the SG-1 base all the time, gets permission to live in an apartment in the city.

    While there he meets a beautiful young woman and does things that are most atypical for him. However, he still acts most Teal'c-like throughout it all.

    Samantha, is distracted by what should be the perfect romance.

    A really good exploration of what the SG-1 team members lives would have been like, perhaps, if they had committed themselves more deeply to personal relationships with civilians.

    There are way more scenes of Teal'c and Samantha off-duty than usual.

    This episode breaks up the usual routine of show show's action with a little boy-girl action.
  • Teal'c just keeps on delivering as an interesting character. He shows strength as well as compassion.

    This is another episode I really liked. Even though it takes place on Earth, I like it when episodes sometimes take a break and show us about the person lives of the characters we normally seeing zipping around the universe and fighting the big bad guys. In this one, Teal'c desire to have a normal life and his inability to blend his heroic nature with that normal life is well contrasted. Carter's dilemma about marriage however drag.

    Teal'c and his relationship with Krista was very good. Mr. Judge played it well that I could never be sure whether Teal'c recognized Krista coming on to him or thought it innocent. The fear that the Trust felt at having Teal'c loose on the streets was understandable (though wrong) and I liked they way that they became involved in Teal'c arrest. The actions of the Trust made good sense to the facts and really helped the story along.

    Carter on the other hand seemed weak. They keep flirting with the whole concept that Carter and Oneal would have been a couple if they were not both air force officers. I am glad that the air force kept pressure on the producers to NOT allow them to become a couple because the whole sexual tension thing just does not work and when they attempt to showcase it, it just harms the show, in my opinion. I wish they would have a plot for Carter (whether the A or B story) that does not involve her love-life. Sometimes it seems that writers just stick female characters in love-life issues because they are not sure what to do with them and that is what I feels like here as they continue yet another Samantha Carter love-life plot line arc. Boring.

    My opinion, and season 10 is a great time to do this, is that the writers should have Krista return after having given birth to Teal'c child (a daughter). Having Teal'c have a daughter could be interesting, especially if the daughter spends some time on a world where time moves very fast and grows to be a teenager that he has to deal with.
  • Teal'c outside SGC

    This was one of those episodes on which you have mixed feelings. First, it was out of the original action, quite stand alone as nothing major was developed, maybe that those rouge elements have very very powerful technology.

    Teal'c moves to his new place, makes new friends because he has no problems of standing up for others. This leads him into troubles - first there are some people who feel he is threat for national security, then he is followed and in the end, he almost gets used as his neighbor kills her boyfriend and escapes with Teal'c. She did it for the self defense but Teal'c did teach her how to do that.. and.. she (with Daniel) are kidnapped.

    But this is not about Teal'c only. Sam gets proposed and she is trouble to decide. But she makes up her mind.
  • ok episode...

    Teal'c gets an apartment off base and meets a girl, Pete asks Sam to marry her, and the Trust kidnaps Daniel. So, basically, it was a pretty full episode. However, I didn't like the story very much. I was interesting in seeing Teal'c actually live off base and it was pretty funny seeing him in the community. Sam actually accepting Pete's invitation for marriage was kind of a shock. I just want her to go with O'Neill; they have something together...oh well. When Teal'c got framed for murder and Daniel got captured, I started to get annoyed. The story just wasn't interesting. It's all been done before. Overall, ok episode, nothing special, nothing too bad.
  • Teal'c is on the loose...

    Teal'c has moved into his own appartment, and strikes up a friendship with the girl next door. When the girl's abusive boyfriend is found dead, teal'c is the chief suspect.

    Daniel receives a message from a group of rogue NID agents - who now call themselves 'The Trust' - and they want him to decipher some ancient text. in return they say they have proof Teal'c was not responsible for the murder.

    Like most episodes taking place in neither the SGC or offworld, this one was interesting, but ultimately missing something. personally I think the show works best when the main characters all work as a team and can play off each other.
    still, this wasn't bad.
  • Teal'c moves to an apartment in the real world, meets a girl, and problems ensue.

    Teal\\\'c moves to an apartment in the real world, gets involved with a neighbour, and problems ensue. Oh, yeah, Sam is getting married.
    Aww, this has to be one of my favourite episodes of Stargate SG-1. Mainly because of the cute girl, but the episode itself was pretty decent, too.

    It\'s different from the average episode. \"Hey guys! Lets go offworld to explore!\" followed by an \"Oh no! Something went wrong!\" and a \"Phew! I\'m glad we survived!\". No, this episode is different.

    Teal\'c, despite his alien-like looks, actually has humanoid traits. I wouldn\'t call it love, but affinity sounds good. Look, what a coincidence! Affinity also serves as the title of this episode.

    But that\'s about it, variation. Variation is all that\'s good about this episode, it\'s another half decent episode with an enjoyable twist.

    I liked the girl.
    I liked the rock thrown at the thief.
    I disliked Teal\'c\'s (Weird name.) hair.
  • You call that a knife...

    Teal\'c has Croc Dundee - one of my all time favourite episodes - the man is a god (no pun intended) - plus men in black style good guys and bad guys. The first 5 minutes had me in stitches - plus we get Lois Lane making a guest appearance. Quite pivotal for a "filler" episode too
  • Funny and lively

    I loved this eposode. Ecspeacial when Teal'c Chucked the can at the thief but it wasn't orininal. Kirsta? Why didn't she go to jail. my eyes were stuck to the TV, and who were those people who disapered (Me thinks Ga'ould) and why and what was that ancient writting and what did they mean.