Stargate SG-1

Season 9 Episode 18

Arthur's Mantle

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Lots of fun science, humor, and tragic events make for another great SG-1!

    Of course they come up with new scientific discoveries each week to thrill the audiences, but this week they did so and made it seem fresh, exciting, yet classic at the same time. The agitated 'yes' & 'no' typing scenes, "miniaturized", Cameron's attempt at nailing the SG-1 Trifecta, and Teal'c reaction to Cameron's appearance off planet all made this show funny and vital.
    The tragic fate of their new allies, as well as the discovery of the existence of an ancient-killing device makes this is a really edge-of-your-seat adventure.
    This was a real treat--a great romp before the end of the season!
  • good episode

    It was good, maybe had been done before a bit, but they learned a lot. the weapon that merlin made will have a huge impact against the Ori if it can be found.. liked a lot of the lines.. good repore between the cast, Ben Browder is doing a great job
  • The SG1 colonels become trapped when Merlin's device sends them to an alternate dimension.

    I must say this episode was far better than the last episode "The Scourge." It contained plenty of special effects, action, and more information on the Ancients.
    The storyline behind Merlin retaking human form after ascending is quite intriguing, but the weapon that he supposedly has created that, can destroy ascended beings is a bit out there. Of course SG1 needs a means of protecting Earth and galaxy, but such a weapon seems impossible.
    It was most unfortunate for the Sodan to be wipped out, but that was inevitable. Looking at Volnek, we can clearly see that the Orii have bestowed their Priors with the same advanced abilites as the Ancient technology as SG1 has encountered in the past. Now Earth will have to battle the new Orii superships and the return of Vala. Good luck SG1!
  • Great episode

    I really enjoyed it - reminded me good old times filled with action, mysteries, experiments gone wrong and excitement. It had fun, shocking moments and happy ending - is it all we want? The only thing I think may be said bad to this episode is, that there was nothing too original. We have seen bad guys cloaked to invisible and making a lot of destruction (like the on in alpha site).. or people disappearing to other dimension (like the all noticed: Cristal skull)... so, in so many ways it felt for me that they wanted good and little funny, positive episode with all the things we used to love, so they took little from everywhere and put together it.

    I cannot say it was bad.. :)
  • good episode...

    They did an episode like this one before (Crystal Skull) but this one was better than Crystal Skull. Sam and Mitchell accidentally set off Merlin's device and get stuck in another demension and no one can hear or see them but each other. Dr. Lee accidentally sets off the device later and Daniel then gets stuck in the demension as well. Meanwhile, a crazy guy is killing all of the people of some world (I forgot what they were called). Teal'c and Mitchell work together to kill him. Anyways, it was an idea that was used before, but it as done well. This episode had a lot of funny moments, which made it good. The whole Teal'c crazy guy killing people story line was a little annoying though. Overall, it was a good funny episode, not a very good story, and a good episode overall.
  • Good episode...

    They may have used the idea of being out of phase in Crystal Skull but this was still a very good episode. They even mentioned some stuff that happend in Crystal Skull. Carter, Mitchell, and Daniel go out of phase due to an ancient device found in the Avalon Cave. I found it pretty funny how Dr. lee thought they were shrunk down to size. The sodan were wiped out due to something a prior did to one of them. I wish they had lasted longer it would have been nice to see them in future battles. I don't think all the Sodan were wiped out there was something like 2 or 3 of them left, I think. Later...
  • Carter and Mitchell inadvertantly set off Merlin's device, shifting them into a parallel dimension, unable to touch or interact with any of their colleagues. Meanwhile, Teal'c investigates the destruction of the Sodan.

    Maybe creators should only do episodes focusing on the Big Bads and related storylines. Again they focus on the Ori and the ways of dealing with that threat and again they deliver. It's a story that has been done in many areas of sci-fi before, even Stargate (loved the mention of that, BTW). It's done again here, and it's done quite well. The dilemma of this week and Cam's and Sam's (and eventually Daniel's) altered states lead to some classic comedic moments, including the interactions between the dimensionally shifted, Dr. Lee's increasingly wild attempts to find a solution and his ever grander failures, their futile attempts to interact with their colleagues unable to see or hear them, and the final ten minutes with Teal'c and Mitchell, unexpectedly able to interact. Speaking of those two, between the last episode and this one, I've really come to enjoy the straight man and straight straight man rapport that's developed between the two. Kind of makes the comment by Mitchell about that very thing earlier in the year that much more interesting. Hopefully, that's continued into the future.

    I'm disappointed to see the Sodan wiped out as I rather liked them, but it's a good way to show just how bad our bad guy is. Overall, with the balance between the drama and comedy and the continuation of the Merlin storyline, this one gets high marks.
  • Yes, they may have done it already, but that doesn't make it any less amusing...

    Carter and Mitchell are accidentally shifted into another dimention after activating an ancient device, much like Daniel was in the episode 'Crystal Skull'.
    While Carter tries to fix it, Mitchell goes to the planet of the Sodan to help extract Teal'c.

    Yes, it's been done before, but I still enjoyed it immensely nonetheless. The interaction (via the device) between the cast members in the different dimentions was amusing, especially the part where Dr. Lee accidentally shifted Daniel over too...

    The fact that Teaql'c could see Mitchell when he used thew Sodan cloaking device was a bit predictable (after all, there had to actually be a reason for him to go there, rather than just be an observer).

    It's a shame to see the end of the Sodan, because some of the characters had been quite interesting.
  • An exciting episode. Cant wait til next week.

    This was an exciting episode and I cant wait til next week when Vala returns. The alternate reality was quite exciting, although it had been done before with Daniel. Mitchell going to help Teal'c although not knowing what might help was great. Landry did a good job and the assistant trying to get Carter and Mitchell back was funny.
  • Very alternate reality... :-)

    Carter and Mitchel get transported to an alternate reality and find out that there is a weapon against the OrI, which they discover only when Jackson is accidentally also sent to the alternate reality. Quite a fun episode. Keeps me watching the series...I really cant' wait to see how the team use the weapon against the ascended!

  • Episodes of this show are too short.

    Lol, on the tapped off warning area for testing, just a good shot, miniaturization.. hey why not, they haven’t done it .. yet. Ooh.. ooh… a weapon that is capable of killing ascended beings, wow, just in time… JUST IN TIME, golly that’s just peachy, heh. Sounds interesting. Is why I love this show, many back storylines, and that they keep TRUE unlike most other shows, and they’re constantly bringing in new ones. Thank you and looking forward to next episode, as always.

    p.s. Teal'c and Mitchell stuff was fun.
  • A repetative plot device becomes a source of exposition, and zombies attack!

    Despite the fact that this is not advertised or officially designated as the first part of a three-part arc ending the season, this is an episode with number of lingering plot threads. The ending is especially annoying, because the episode doesn’t so much end as stop because it was time to stop. Granted, one doesn’t expect a secret weapon that could be used against ascended beings to come into play until the season finale.

    Actually, I have to wonder if the writers would take things in a very different direction. After all, the Priors are supposed to be in the Milky Way for the purposes of wiping out the Ancients so the Ori can step in and take control. Finding the weapon that Merlin created to take down the Ancients himself would be useful against the Ori, but it would also be useful to the Priors.

    One nice touch is the tie-in to the first few episodes of the season. Previously, the allusions to Arthurian mythology seemed out of place and somewhat gratuitous. It still feels that way, frankly, but at least it’s going somewhere. I didn’t catch any explanation for how Arthurian mythology fit into the story as it stands, but perhaps that will be pulled together before long.

    While the “alternate universe” plot thread was mostly a means of slipping in the exposition regarding the Merlin/Arthur’s Mantle concept, I liked that it was interwoven into the Sodan plot thread. Unfortunately, the Sodan plot thread annoyed me to no end. The Sodan were a nice way to riff on the Jaffa while tying them directly into the Ori arc. Now, that’s not possible, because the Sodan are dead. And they were killed by a Sodan warrior turned into an Ori Zombie, which was just a bit lame.

    That’s not to say that the episode was lacking in redeeming qualities. The interplay between Mitchell and Teal’c is becoming one of the best features of the show, which will serve as a nice complement, I’m sure, to future Daniel/Vala banter. And though Sam is often the odd one out in such cases, she has a great rapport with Daniel in this episode. I was also amused by Dr. Lee and his usual antics, which could have been a lot more tiresome.

    This episode continues to bring the season back in the direction of the arc that dominated the first half of the ninth season, and presumably, the seeds for the tenth season are also being planted. While the producers and writers still talk about loosening the arc structure even more (thus returning to a format that I found tiresome by the fifth season), there’s still enough question about the future of the series to force plot threads to be more prominent and connective.