Stargate SG-1

Season 5 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 13, 2001 on Syfy

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  • Friendly advanced alien builds a homemade Stargate

    Friendly advanced alien builds a homemade Stargate.

    This episode dragged a bit -- until the friendly advanced alien built a ghetto-rigged Stargate in Sam's basement.

    Now that was great!

    Orlin: This one [stargate] won't dial multiple addresses. It'll only create a wormhole once and then probably burn out.

    Sam: And you ordered the materials online?

    Orlin: Mostly. Sorry, but you're going to have a pretty big credit card bill this month. Oh, and you're going to need a new toaster.
  • bad episode...

    An alien follows Carter home and takes an interest in her. Everyone at the SGC thinks she is going crazy when she says an alien contacted her and was named Orlin. In the end, Orlin ascends after being shot when he disabled a weapon. This episode was really really boreing. Orlin was just annoying and all they did was talk about really boreing stuff. The whole weapon story line was unorginal and didn't capture my attention. The whole love thing with Orlin and Sam was pretty annoying also. They've done a lot of love stories with Daniel and it's just annoying to see more pointless love stories. Basically, it was just one big boreing episode that, overall, was bad.
  • I would like to Stick up for this Episode

    I have recently been going through from start to finish the Stargate series on DVD once again and I noticed the low score for this episode which shocked me....

    Spoilers for the episodes ahead from this (Stop reading if you care)

    This is one of my favorite episodes. I generally like anything to do with ascended ancients but I especially like the fact, this whole episode was devoted to Carter doing something other than work. A look into her outside life.

    The ancient actor was very good and I find the love story quite a nice touch. I felt the need to give this episode a boost because episodes like this are refreshing intervals between all the action and this one was done very well.

    I agree with another reviewer that the whole building a Stargate was quite cool. My only gripe with this episode which is more a gripe with an inconsistent fact in the Stargate series.

    Why can some ascended ancients touch things and others can't?. Orlin, Daniel and I think Morgan couldn't. Yet Oma could hold the child in an episode before this and Chaya could touch things....

    The episode was a good break from all the fighting, on a side written well and well worth a watch.
  • Home made Stargate, good looking alien

    This was a well written episode, Orlin was a cool character, I like the way that he had the hots for Carter from the moment he saw her. It was good character development and showed there was more to Carter than her work. What was silly was how the SGC thought she was crazy, when she is clearly the brightest spark of the bunch and they've believed crazier things before immediately. Loved how ONeil stuck up for herand pretended she was under orders to keep a secret alien in her house!
    The best bit was when Tealc and ONeil showed up at her door with pizza AND sTAR wARS, that was hilarious, "I don't like Sci Fi"
    The whole, "and then we made a weapon and they destoryed their planet with it" has been done before, but overall this was a swell episode, certainly not boring and well executed. I just hope Orlin got away......
  • Building home version of Stargate...

    Mmm.. if leave out little bit weird storyline on the side of that alien who without any good reason just started to hit on Carter, it was quite funny episode and after all the "save the world" (or Teal'c) episode, it was quite funny. First O'Neill - he is just always funny. He and Teal'c behind Carter door... and he had not seen Star Wars? How that happened..

    Anyway, the home made version of stargate was the pearl of this episode I think and saved a little. And I think Carter finally realized there is good to have something else than work. It was all her episode, so...